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This Valentine’s, I Will Give You The Moon

, , | Learning | March 15, 2018

(I’m tutoring a third grader with hearing and speech impairment. Because of his condition, he’s shy about making conversation. Thus, when he finds a topic he’s interested in, I let him go on unrelated tangents a bit more often than I would normally, to encourage him to speak up more often. He just got several questions right in a row.)

Student: “Oh, my God. I’m so smart. I know everything!”

Me: “Oh, everything? Hmm… Do you know why the sky is blue?”

Student: “Because the space is blue, so when you see it far away it looks lighter blue, and that’s why the sky is blue.”

Me: “Oh.” *smiles* “Why do seas have waves?”

Student: “Because sometimes there are strong winds and they make waves.”

Me: “Ah. Why does the moon circle the Earth?”

Student: “I don’t know why, but I think I know why. I think it’s because every year, on Valentine’s Day, they get married!”

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