Valentine’s Swings Round Every Year

, | Romantic | February 6, 2013

(My husband and I are out with some friends, including a girl we’ve been to several concerts with.)

Husband: *to our friend* “Hey, did you hear about the concert at the casino for Styx and Journey? It’s just a tribute band, but it sounds awesome.”

Friend: “That sounds cool.”

Husband: “Yeah, and it’s only $25 for two people; want to go?”

Me: “You’re talking about the one on Valentine’s Day, right? Where it’s 25 bucks per couple? As in, you’re asking a friend to a Valentine’s Day concert instead of your wife?”

Husband: *a little hesitant* “Uh, well…”

(Our friend is cracking up laughing now, and so is her boyfriend.)

Me:I told you about this concert, but you haven’t asked me to go, but now you’re asking someone else to spend Valentine’s evening with?”

Husband: “You can go with [Friend’s Boyfriend]!”

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