Valentine’s Daze

, , | Romantic | February 15, 2013

(We have only been dating for about two months when our first Valentine’s Day rolls around. We’ve made plans to eat out and go bowling.)

Boyfriend: *at the restaurant* “You don’t like Italian?”

Me: *poking at food* “I do, but… not chain restaurant style apparently. I’m sorry!”

Boyfriend: “It’s okay. The bowling alley is right around the corner. They’ll have something to eat there.”

(Later, at the bowling alley…)

Attendant: “You should have made a reservation. There’s a three hour wait.”

Boyfriend: “Dangit.”

Me: “Let’s catch a movie. Isn’t that gamer movie out?”

(Later, after the movie…)

Me: “Well.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah.”

Me: “Why did I think that would be good? When are gamer movies ever good?! I am so sorry you spent money on that!”

Boyfriend: “It’s okay. We both had our hopes up.”

(Later, on the subway back to my dorm…)

Me: *panicking* “We need to get off. Now.”

Boyfriend: “But we’re nowhere near your stop…”

(I get off the train, run to the nearest trashcan, and thankfully get there in time to vomit into it.)

Boyfriend: “Oh.”

(Later, at my dorm…)

Me: “So…”

Boyfriend: “Yup…”

Me: “You know, despite absolutely everything today, I really enjoyed myself!”

Boyfriend: “I did too. We’re brain-damaged, aren’t we?”

Me: “I love you, too!”

(We never made plans beyond ‘see each other in person’ for a Valentine’s Day since.)

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