Valentine’s Day Roundup

| General | February 14, 2018

Cupid has come to visit. Love is in the air.  Valentine’s Day is a day of romance… or it is supposed to be.

Here are some of our favorite stories of the good and the bad of Valentine’s Day.

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His Valentine Is Going To Be Pissed – Sometimes holidays come (too) close together.

He Should Have Bought Her A Shrubbery – Monty Python and the Happy Valentine.

Give The Beneficent The Benefit Of The Doubt – A kind gesture, a jerk, and the people who made everything right.

What A Supersplendidiferous Valentine – Nothing like a romantic prank!

A Deadly Mistake – American Valentine’s Day traditions don’t always translate to other cultures.

There Is No Key To Valentine Success – You know what they say about when you assume?

Valentine’s Daze – Even the best plans can run amuck.

The First Is The Worst – First love, worst Valentine’s Day.

A Dog Is For Life, Not Just Valentine’s Day – She may be barking mad.

Their Happy Marriage Is A Bitter Pill To Swallow – Not all couples care about celebrating the holiday…

Not Quite Screaming For Valentine’s Day – …and some care even less…

Love Is In The Air(line) – …while others who must be apart take it with humor.

The Cake Was Not A Lie – At a bakery, even love can rise.

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