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V For “Vow To Never Ask You Again”

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(My parents are age-appropriate but frank about sex education when I am growing up, and as such, I grow up using the proper names for parts of the reproductive system. Every Monday in kindergarten we focus on a different letter of the alphabet, practice their sounds, and name words that start with the letter in question. The teacher writes the words down to help with basic reading. Naturally, one week we get to the letter V.)

Teacher: “Who can think of a word that begins with V?”

(I raise my hand and she calls on me.)

Five-Year-Old Me: “Vagina!”

Teacher: *after just a second of hesitation, and with hardly a reaction* “Very good, yes. Anyone else?”

(I was a little disappointed when she didn’t write down my word but moved on from it quickly. Kudos to my teacher for handling it as she did. I was told years later, though, that she called my mother later that afternoon and they both had a huge laugh over it.)

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