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Uwabaki Crazy

, , , | Learning | March 31, 2018

(When I still lived in the US, our teacher said a new student from Japan was going to join our class. Several days later, I’m a bit late coming to school — actually, I am often late — and I notice a pair of shoes sitting right outside the classroom door. Sure enough, the new student is inside, being introduced and answering any questions other classmates have about her.)

Me: “Are your shoes outside the classroom?”

Student: “Yeah.”

Teacher: “Why would her shoes be outside? But aren’t those shoes?” *points at her feet*

Student: “They’re classroom shoes.”

Teacher: “Classroom shoes?”

Me: “That’s what they wear in Japan.”

Student: “Yes, that is true. You know it?”

Me: “Yeah. We don’t do it here; we just wear shoes.”

Teacher: “Well, this is interesting.”

(In the end, sometimes she followed our ways and sometimes she still wore classroom shoes. The teacher had her put her outdoor shoes just inside the classroom instead of outside, though.)

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