Using Her Outside Voice

, , , , | Right | May 13, 2019

(This happens about two minutes before we close. My coworkers and I are in the back of our department in the garden section discussing the recent World Cup match with Portugal when we hear a customer yelling.)

Customer: “Hello?! HELLO?!”

(A coworker and I walk around to see what is going on. Finally, we find the yelling customer in the middle of the department just standing by the Vincas — a type of flower. She is already very clearly upset about something.)

Me: “Yes, ma’am, did you need any help?”

Customer: “Yes, I want these in white but you don’t have any in here; they are only outside.”

(I don’t realize that the gate is locked.)

Me: “Well, then, you can grab them from outside. They should be on the first table to the right as soon as you walk out the gate.”

Customer: “Well, how am I supposed to get out there?!”

(I now see the gate locked.)

Me: “Oh, I am sorry. They did not tell us that they had locked our gate. We can go around there and see them if you’d like. We can go through our service gate over here.”

Coworker: “How many did you want? I can run out there and get them for you.”

Customer: “Well, I don’t f****** know until I see them! You know what? F*** it! F*** both of you. Obviously, no one wants to help me. I am done shopping at [Company]. You just don’t care about the customers!”

(She stormed off while giving us both the finger, leaving my coworker and me just standing there with our jaws open.)


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