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Using Flipper To Flip Out

| Related | July 7, 2013

(My family are on a cruise ship. My sister and I have just gotten in a fight about how she thinks I don’t care about her. I follow her into a gift shop, and she purposely wanders away from me. A man approaches my sister.)

Man: “Hello there.”

Sister: “Umm… Hi?”

Man: “Where are you from?”

Sister: *clearly uncomfortable* “New York?”

Man: “Where from New York?”

Sister: *clearly not interested* “Brooklyn.”

(I wander over into the man’s line of sight, pretending to look through the stuffed animals. I pick up a large stuffed dolphin.)

Man: “Oh, well how about after the cruise finishes, you and I go somewhere nice?”

Sister: “Um… no.”

Man: “Why not? I’m a nice guy, and a pretty girl like—”

(As he says this, I glare at the man and make a big show of angrily crushing the dolphin. Thankfully for him, he catches on quickly.)

Man: “Oh… uh… never mind.”

(The man flees from the store. My sister turns around, and realizes what has happened. We made up shortly afterwards!)

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