Used To Make Sweet (And Sour) Music

, , , | Learning | May 31, 2017

(Our band teacher periodically checks our band’s instruments to make sure everything is in shape and to make repairs if it isn’t. Sometimes, he points out a certain in instrument and either compliments or calls out people, depending on how well that person takes care of their stuff. Our tuba section can be a bit rowdy sometimes.)

Teacher: “See, trombones? Be like [My Name]. He always keeps his things in gear. Besides the really small dents, which you can’t really blame since his instrument is older than me, it’s in perfect condition.”

Me: *takes back instrument*

Teacher: “On the other hand, tubas. How the h*** did you manage to stuff sweet and sour sauce far enough inside so that every time you blow, it sounds like a really wet sponge being thrown at a wall?”

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