What Used To Be Jarring Neglect Is Now Normal

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(I’ve received a jar of chocolate biscuits as a gift from my sister. The chocolate seems to have melted, so some of the biscuits are stuck together, and some have lost half of the chocolate. I try a couple and find that they taste awful and stale.)

Me: *to my son* “Could you tip these into the bin, please?”

Son: “Why are you throwing them out? It’s just a waste.”

([Son] hates wasting food, and will eat just about anything.)

Me: “They’re awful.”

Son: “They can’t be that bad; I’ll eat them.” *takes a bite of one and immediately spits in the bin* “What was that? Where did you get those from? You need to take them back.”

Me: “[My Sister] gave them to me as a gift.”

Son: “Well, that figures. Why am I not surprised?”

Me: “Save the jar; I can use that.”

Son: *looking in jar* “Umm, there are crumbs in here that don’t match the chocolate biscuits; she used a dirty jar.”

Me: “Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me either.”

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