Should Have Used A Flying Ford Anglia

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I was “kidnapped” by a friend for a week-long vacation to a popular Orlando theme park. We drove down in my car, and I was ridiculously excited to do valet parking for the first time in my life. It was an amazing wizarding adventure, and something I’d never have been able to afford myself. (Thanks, [Friend]!)

The day of our departure dawned and we were packed up, checked out, and chatting with the bellhop as we waited for my car to be brought around. After a while, the bellhop went to check what was taking so long. A few minutes later, a valet approached us with a look of dread on his face. He said, “Well, here’s the thing. Your car won’t start.”

My ancient car had never failed to start before. I became increasingly upset as the reality of the situation sank in, and my friend wasn’t much better. It was Sunday, so most car repair places were closed. The valet did some research, and let me use his personal cell phone to call the only open repair place to have my car towed in and checked over.

My friend and I sat in the lobby to wait for my dad, who would arrive in about eight hours. The valet introduced us to a high-up management-level man who bought us each a cup of hot chocolate. A bit later, the valet returned and introduced us to a manager, whom he had briefed on our situation. The manager arranged for us to check back into the hotel for the day, and asked us to let her know if we needed to stay the night. Meanwhile, the valet told us he had arranged for my dad to have free valet parking when he arrived.

I’ve got Asperger’s and anxiety issues, and do not handle unexpected situations well. Getting to wait in a private room, away from other people, was a huge comfort for me. I calmed down, called my dad to discuss “rescue” arrangements, and let the hotel know we’d be staying another night. The manager charged us less than the in-state resident rate (a massive discount for such a nice resort hotel), and arranged for a roll-away bed to be brought in for Dad to sleep on. (It was the nicest roll-away bed I’ve ever seen; it was a real mattress.)

Considering my car trouble was in no way the hotel’s fault, the staff went far above and beyond to help us. I know customer service is a big priority for tourist resorts, but those individuals certainly went the extra mile. They helped turn what started as a disastrous day into one that ended with relaxed smiles. To all of you working at the resort that day, thank you!

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