Should Have Used The “F” Word

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(Even though I’m a sophomore in high school, I like to plan ahead and save for anything — in this instance, college. There is a well-known application high school seniors and college students have to fill out to be eligible for student aid. I’m trying to remember the cost of that application — at 10:30 at night.)

Me: “Hey, Dad? How much does the FAFSA cost?”

Dad: “Eh… I don’t know.”

(I go upstairs to my mom.)

Me: “Hey, Mom? Do you know how much the FAFSA costs?”

Mom: “No, honey. Why?”

Me: “I want to figure it ou– Oh, my gosh.”

Mom: “What?”

Me: “I just remembered what the cost is. FAFSA stands for the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid. Oops.”

Mom: *starts laughing at my “moment”*

Me: “Can you tell I’m tired?”

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