Use Your Words Or Abuse Your Words

| Colorado Springs, CO, USA | Friendly | February 24, 2016

(I approach the register at a popular retailer; it’s almost Christmas so I understand there is a lot of pressure and stress that comes with the season. I smile at the cashier as I place my items on the belt.)

Me: “Hello! How are you today?”

Cashier: “…”

(I wait about 30 seconds and decide she isn’t going to answer me. She doesn’t acknowledge that I had spoken to her at all.)

Me: “No answer; guess you’re good!”

Cashier: *speaking very clearly* “Oh, I’m sorry. I just thought I might be losing my voice, so I was trying to speak as little as possible. I had to talk a lot earlier, and I was afraid too much talking would make me lose my voice, and I can’t lose my voice at work as I have to talk to customers and all. I don’t want to lose my voice is all!”

Me: “I get it, but just saying, ‘I’m fine, thanks,’ would have been a lot less words!”

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