Use Your Brain, Not Your Grain

| Romantic | May 21, 2017

(I have just entered into a civil partnership. At first my husband was adamant that he wouldn’t take my name, and refused to let me take his. However two days before he changes his mind and takes my name. He is filling out cover letters to change his name with banks, insurance, etc.)

Husband: “How does this look?”

Me: “You’ve spelt my name wrong, for a start.”

Husband: “I have?”

Me: “It’s one S and ‘grave,’ not ‘grain.’”

Husband: “Oh. Lord knows what I was thinking!”

Me: “Lord knows why you even took my name!”

Husband: “Because I love you!”

(I love him too, but he is pretty thick. We’ve been together for 15 years and he still can’t spell my name!)

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