Use Of Technology Is Undeveloped

| San Antonio, TX, USA | Right | March 15, 2011

(A customer brings in an SD card. He wants to transfer the files onto a CD.)

Customer: “Miss, how many photos can I put on a CD?”

Me: “It depends on the size of the files.”

Customer: “4×6 inches. They’re all the same. I just want to know how many will go on one CD.”

Me: “That’s a print size, not a file size. We can usually fit between 200 and 400 photos onto a single CD.”

Customer: “No. It should always be the same. There’s only one size of picture!”

Me: “No, sir. It can change depending on the camera settings. A high-resolution picture will take up more information space, even if it’s physically the same size.”

Customer: “Don’t you go throwing all that fancy computer talk around. I just want to put these on a CD, as plain old 4×6 pictures. I don’t want any computers involved!”

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  • Katrin Schirmer

    then how do you plan on using the CD sir?

    • KashyaCharsi

      My guess is gluing them onto the CD’s sides.

      • Katrin Schirmer

        in that case, sir, you can fit 1 picture on your CD

        • Dsru Bin

          Two – one on each side. And he can hang it from a string and make a mobile.

    • Dsru Bin

      Don’t be ridiculous: he has a CD player – he even has one in his car!

      • Katrin Schirmer

        wasn’t aware car CD players could open pictures 😛

        • Dsru Bin

          Honestly, I think the intelligence of people here has dropped since we moved from FB comments. It’s not difficult to understand this: the pictures will open on the big glass screen in front of him! It’s big enough to show a whole bunch of 4×6 pictures all at once!

  • EJ Nauls-Poland

    Well sir, if you don’t want computers involved then I’m afraid we have nothing further to discuss. Have a lovely day and come back when you have a few more functioning braincells.