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Upstairs Downgrade

| Romantic | November 27, 2013

(I am at my friend’s Halloween party. I plan on staying the night because I don’t feel safe driving so late. My friend’s roommate is staggering drunk by the end of the night. I curl up on the couch in the basement outside of my friend’s room after most of the guests have left. Her roommate’s friend comes half-way down the stairs and leans over the railing.)

Roommate’s Friend: “Psst, [Roommate’s Name] wants to know if you wanted to come upstairs with us.”

(I have a boyfriend, but before I can answer, my friend does.)

Friend: “No, she doesn’t!”

(Five minutes later, the roommate comes stumbling down the stairs.)

Friend: “What do you want?”

Roommate: “I am just getting my stereo.”

(He comes by me and pokes me.)

Roommate: “Hey, you wanna come upstairs with me?”

Me: “Nope, I’m good.”

(He goes back upstairs without getting his stereo.)

Me: “You know he asked me right?”

Friend: “Figured… he’s probably too drunk to do anything anyways.”

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