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Unwrapping Christmas

| Related | December 28, 2016

(Two days before Christmas, I arrive home. My mum immediately tells me about how much stress she’s had wrapping up my and my brother’s gifts from the whole family, since my grandparents are too old to do it.)

Me: “Oh, god, I can imagine. And [Brother] is so hard to shop for! I finally found some fancy coffee cups from his favourite brand; I hope he doesn’t have them yet.”

Mum: “Oh, dear. Grandma got him some kind of coffee cup that he specifically asked for. I hope they’re not the same?”

Me: “Even if they are, he’ll just have a larger set.”

Mum: “We should check. Let me get his presents.”

Me: “But I thought you wrapped them already?”

Mum: “I’ll just unwrap them. Here, I think it’s this one.” *she gets a package that is sized completely different than the coffee cup one I got*

Me: “It can’t be that; the package is a different size.”

Mum: “No, no, I’m sure it’s this one. Let me unwrap it.” *she begins to carefully open it, having a lot of trouble with the sticky tape*

Me: “Mum, do not unwrap it! You just told me how much trouble you had wrapping everything! We don’t need to check!”

Mum: “It’s fine. I almost have it.” *she slightly rips the wrapping paper, muttering under her breath, and unpacks… a completely different gift* “Oh, I guess it wasn’t the cups. Let me get another one to check.”

Me: “MUM, NO. We don’t need to check! Even if they’re the same, [Brother] won’t care to have eight cups instead of four! Good lord!”

(My mum then tries to wrap the gift in the old wrapping paper, ripping it some more, and putting it back together quite wonky.)

Mum: “Oh, man, it looks so horrible now. I worked so hard wrapping all this. Now you made me unwrap it!”

(I gave up. On Christmas, when my brother got his gifts, she apologised for the one wonky gift saying it was my idea to check. The coffee cups were completely different from the ones I got.)

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