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Unwanted Nick Pic?

| Learning | November 19, 2016

(We are in creative writing class, and for a writing exercise are coming up with morally/ethically objectionable actions to write about. The professor is asking for suggestions.)

Student #1: “How about sending an unwanted dick pic?”

(The whole class bursts out laughing, but the professor just looks confused.)

Professor: “A what?”

Student #1: *over the sound of laughter* “Sending an unwanted d**k pic.”

(The professor still looks confused, but then slowly starts writing “sending an unwanted…” on the board, before looking up again.)

Professor: “What is this?”

Me: “You know, when a guy sends you a picture of his d**k—”

Professor: *with a look of revelation* “Oh, a D**K PIC!”

(The entire class bursts out laughing again.)

Professor: “I kept hearing ‘mick nick’ or something, and thought it was some new slang or something…”

Student #2: “Just so you know, I’m posting on Facebook right now that you just shouted ‘dick pic’ in the middle of class.”

Professor: *hiding her face in her hands* “This is how you don’t get tenure…”

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