Until Undeath Do Us Part, Part 57

| Romantic | January 11, 2016

(I am reading Not Always Romantic while texting my girlfriend and decide to pop the famous question. I’m into science. Her, not so much.)

Me: “I have a very important question for you.”

Girlfriend: “Yes? I have low expectations of the importance of this question.”

Me: “Fair enough. What would you do if I got bitten by a zombie?”

Girlfriend: “Ah, see, this is difficult because I want to say I’d do the right thing and shoot you, but would I?”

Girlfriend: “I’d probably keep you somewhere safe and secluded and find someone smart to help me cure it, like in I Am Legend… except I’m the dog.”

Me: “What? Why the dog?”

Girlfriend: “Completely and utterly useless except for social interaction, and probably end up dying anyway.”


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