Unsocial Studies

| Learning | December 2, 2015

(In our school, the language arts and social studies classrooms are connected into one big room. Our social studies teacher likes embarrassing his students in front of their classmates and even other parents. He recently got the idea of separating the classroom into a “mature” and “immature” side. Since I was put on the immature side, and I’m mostly respectful to my teachers, this confused me.)

Me: *I raise my hand* “Can you please let me know why I am on this side? I am really confused.”

Teacher: *shouts in front of the whole class* “I’ll see you after class.”

(After class:)

Teacher: “To begin, the people around you in the class were misbehaving, and we thought that it would rub off on you.”

Me: “Just to clarify, I was put on the bad side just for being seated near other bad kids?”

Teacher: “Are you calling me a liar?”

(There is NO way to answer this question.)

Me: “That isn’t what I was trying to say. I just don’t think that is a fair reason to be labeled as ‘immature.’”

Teacher: “You can leave. I’m done talking about this.”

(The teacher didn’t let me talk any further. I walked out confused and frustrated. I later found out that I was given detention and my parents were called for my “rude behavior” and “disrupting the class” for even asking the question. I’m still stuck on this side.)

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