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Unseasonable Unreasonable

| Working | March 11, 2016

(It is May. Tomorrow is predicted to be the first 90+ degree day of the year and I’m trying to get prepared for the heat. I can’t imagine I’m alone in this venture.)

Me: “Excuse me, would you happen to know where the air conditioner filters are?”

Employee: “Well… like… do you have central or window?”

Me: “Window. Like the cut-to-size filters. They’re usually green?”

Employee: “Hmm… they would be in seasonal, but they’re seasonal and I think they’re out of season, so we probably don’t have them in stock this time of year.”

Me: *dumbfounded pause* “Um, okay. Thanks anyway, I guess?”

(They were indeed in the seasonal section, along with other warm weather goods. I’m still not sure what season that employee thinks we’re in right now.)