Unreasonable Dim-ands Can Lead To Power Trips

| Working | May 9, 2013

(I work third shift as help desk at a hospital. Power has just completely went out, and we are calling everyone apologizing and getting them on “down time” procedures.)

Me: “Hi this is [name] from IS Help Desk.”

Customer: “My computer stopped working. It won’t connect to anything.”

Me: “I understand. We just lost power, ma’am. I’m very sorry.”

Customer: “I need more warning then that. My job is important. I need to give patients medications!”

Me: “Again, I am sorry.”

Customer: “You need to give me more warning!”

Me: “Ma’am—”

Customer: “I can’t do my job. You gave me no warning.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m currently sitting in a dark room with no power, using my personal phone to light up the work phone enough to make calls. Believe me, if I had any warning to give I would have. Now please, switch to down time procedures because I still have half the hospital to inform of the power outage.”

Customer: “Oh, you lost power. Why didn’t you say that?”

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