Unquestionable No-ledge

| Working | March 15, 2013

Me: “Hi, I’m starting practice and I believe I need to come in next Monday for—”

Receptionist: “NO!”

Me: “…I’m sorry?”

Receptionist: “NO! The person in charge of that is on leave! She’s only coming back on Monday!”

Me: “So, when do I come in? I have a letter telling me to come on Monday the—”

Receptionist: “NO!”

Me: “I have the letter right here.”

Receptionist: “NO! What’s your surname?”

Me: “It’s [name].”

Receptionist: “You come on Tuesday.”

Me: “Okay. Can you tell me how long the process will take? Is it five minutes, or—”

Receptionist: “NO! She has to explain to you the rules, and you need time for questions. NO! It will not take five minutes.”

Me: “So… maybe fifteen minutes?”

(Suddenly, the receptionist becomes strangely calm.)

Receptionist: “Yes, fifteen minutes should do it!”

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