Unmasking The Excuses

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Everyone is tired of the health crisis restrictions in the UK. We have just gone into a second lockdown, largely because idiots do not think the rules apply to them or don’t care that their actions have consequences.

We have lost family members directly due to the crisis and missed big family events, and our children have struggled, both through school and just quality of life.

All of this could have been prevented by just following some basic guidelines, so I don’t have much patience for these idiots.

I am in a popular clothing and home goods shop around mid-morning and am doing my best to keep well away from anyone. I see a guy down an aisle standing next to what I need. He is taking his sweet time, but I wait and wait. Clearly, he takes offence at this.

Man: “If you want to go past, just go!”

Me: “You’re not wearing a mask, so I’ll keep my distance, thanks.”

Man: “I’m exempt!”

Me: “Don’t care. If you’re not wearing a mask, I don’t want you anywhere near me.”

The man goes into a tirade of whiny BS about being persecuted and about how I should be banned from the store. As I wait for him to finish, he starts to walk up to me and I step back. He takes even more offence at this, getting louder and animated.

He has the store’s attention now. A few more customers are gathering around both ends of the aisle. I see a young staff member approach, looking tense.

An old guy sitting in his mobility scooter pipes up.

Old Man: “Young man, I am seventy-two and have a collapsed lung. I have to use an oxygen tank to breathe, and I can still wear a mask! What’s your excuse?”

The irate man looked around at the onlookers and there was a long silence before he stormed off.

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