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Unlimited Food, Limited Intelligence

, , | Right | February 9, 2009

(I’ve just served the customers their unlimited salad bowl…)

Customer: “Well, where’s my salad?”

Me: “The bowl on the table is for everyone to share. That’s why I brought everyone their own salad plates.”

Customer: “Yes, but where is my bowl of salad? Don’t I get my own?”

Me: “Well, it’s supposed to be served family style where everyone eats from the same bowl.”

Customer: “So, they are trying to cheat me out of my salad.”

Me: “Well, it’s an unlimited salad bowl so you get unlimited free refills.”

Customer: *turns to his wife* “See, that’s where they get you. There’s always a catch…”

Me: “Just let me know if you need more salad…”