Unless Her Son’s Name Is Coffee

| Right | July 11, 2017

(I work in a coffee bar for an anchor store at a local mall. The coffee bar opens up into the mall hallway and not the store itself. My manager and I are working away, Manager at the register, while I make drinks, when a customer comes up to the bar with a lost kid who is three to four years old. My manager calls security and the kid is escorted to our customer service department until they can figure out where his mom is. Minutes later, a panicky lady is up at the bar and the following exchange occurs between my manager and the lady.)

Manager: “Hi, how may I help you?”

Lady: “I lost my son and I need coffee right now!”

Manager: “Little boy about three or four?”

Lady: “Yes. I need a [fancy latte of some sort].”

Manager: “Your son was take to our customer service department, and is waiting there for you.”

(The lady thinks my manager is being sarcastic. I have no idea how.)

Lady: “I guess I’m just a horrible mother!”

(The lady proceeded to storm off, away from the store, and away from her lost son. Really makes you question her priorities. My kid is lost/kidnapped. Better stop for coffee!)

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