Uni-eed A New Job

| Working | September 19, 2012

(I’m getting ready for my first high school prom. I am therefore very excited when I go to get my eyebrows waxed. Note: I have red hair and VERY fair skin, so my brown eyebrows look darker and longer than they are by comparison.)

Me: “Hello! I have an appointment to get my eyebrows done.”

Stylist: “Oh, lord! ”

(I assume she’s talking about my skin, so I just smile, a bit confused.)

Stylist: “Well, come on! I have to make you look pretty!”

(She proceeds to be very rough with me, groaning the whole time. She then gets distracted talking to a coworker and spills a fair amount of hot wax on me.)

Me: “Ow! That really hurt!”

Stylist: “Well, that’s not my fault!”

Me: “You spilled wax on me! How is it not your fault?”

Stylist: “I was distracted by your giant unibrow!”

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