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Unfortunately, We’re All Out Of Ice For That SICK BURN

, , , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: PiperAnne55 | May 15, 2023

One Saturday night, there was a really bad car accident near our store that took out a power pole, and the power to the area was out for over eight hours.

The generator in the small shopping centre our store was in didn’t come on. The store was out of power that whole time.

We lost every item in the fridge or freezer— deli, dairy, meat, and fresh produce — both in the store and the store room. To make matters worse, we had received a dairy load and a meat load that night and weren’t due for another dairy/freezer delivery for two days and meat for three days.

Our boss spoke to head office, and they managed to get us an extra delivery late on Monday night, but it was going to be limited.

This meant we spent all day Sunday and Monday without ANY cold food.

Most customers were understanding after being told what happened. We had signs but they still asked.

To say that a few were not happy is putting it mildly.

I had one woman stand there and yell abuse at me for almost five minutes whilst I tried to explain that there was nothing I could do. She was pissed that she would have to go to another store now — five minutes away.

I was standing there thinking that I’d love to tell her exactly what to do with her shopping, and a man came up behind me.

Man: “Lady! Do you seriously think they did this on purpose? Do you seriously think they don’t want the sales? Do you seriously think they want idiots like you abusing them? Are you really that stupid?”

He then turned to me.

Man: “Just ignore the stupid b****. I hope the rest of your day is better!”

There should be more customers like him.

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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