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Canada | Unfiltered | January 8, 2016

(My best friend and I share many of the same interests, such as video games an anime. We often share interesting or exciting news about anime or video games with each other. This conversation has happened a few times.)

Me: “Hey, did you hear about [something exciting I just found out about]?”

Him: “Oh yeah, I’ve known about that for [several days/weeks].”


(For some reason, he always assumes I already knew, even though he should know from experience that I almost always bring up news as soon as I find out!)

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UT, USA | Unfiltered | January 8, 2016

Me: Is Ryan Gosling the guy who was on that one show?

Mom: What one show?

Me: The one with all the kids, what was it called?

Mom: There are a lot of shows like that, I don’t know.

Me: Oh, I remember now! It was ‘Jon and Kate Plus Eight’.

Mom: …

Me: I just answered my own question, didn’t I?

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Naples, Florida, USA | Unfiltered | January 8, 2016

[To celebrate my early graduation, my mother and aunt (middle-aged women) took me out to a certain diner-esque restaurant. An item on the menu was crossed out, and my aunt asked what it was.]

Cashier: “Pickles. D*ckles. Shl*ngs. [several other euphemisms for male “equipment”].”

[When my aunt asked him not to use language like that…]

Cashier: “F*** you, I can say whatever I want.”

My mother: “That’s obscene! Let me speak to your manager!”

Cashier: “B****, I am the manager.”

[Annoyed, we left. There was a second iteration of the franchise in the town, and we went there instead. After a normal order, we asked the cashier at the second location about the guy at the first. He said he didn’t know the guy, but that the regional manager was present. Long story short, we got the ‘manager’ fired for being obscenely rude to customers.]

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VA, USA | Unfiltered | January 8, 2016

(It’s my sophomore year and I’m in gym class with my best friend at the time and 2 other classmates. My best friend is a mother hen type.)

Me: So I’m getting my wisdom teeth out [Day] so I’ll be using a whole day of classes.

Classmate 1: When I got my wisdom teeth out, everything went great until a few weeks later. I got dry socket.

(I raise an eyebrow while my best friend looks horrified.)

Me: I see.

Classmate 2: My surgery went fine. But once I came out of the anesthesia, the doctor asked if I needed help walking out. I told him I had been walking for years and tried to stand up but my legs collapsed from under me. They had to carry me out.

(My surgery went fine but my best friend was in panic mode until I got back from the procedure, just fine.)

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Rochester, NY | Unfiltered | January 8, 2016

(It’s wintertime and I’m cashiering close to the exit of our store. Right before the exit are plenty of bags of tube sand that we sell. Customers generally buy it for traction for when it snows. Usually, they say how much they want to buy, pay for it and then pick them up).

Me: Hi. What can I do for you?

Customer: Yes. I’d like to buy some sand (as he points to the ones near the door).

Me: Oh. The tube sand? Sure.

(Before I can ask anything else the gentleman starts walking toward to sand).

Customer: How much do they weigh?

Me: 60 lbs each bag.

Customer: Okay (as he heads back toward the register). Can I get someone to help me carry these out?

(I page a coworker for assistance).

Me: Alright. I’ve just paged someone. So they should be here soon to help you out. How many bags would you like? (I prepare to type the quantity into my register).

Customer: Umm…I’ll get a few.

Me: Okay. Define a few.

Customer: Uh. 7 or 8.

Me: …I need an exact number.

Customer: …8.

Me: Okay. You’re total for that is $33.28.


About 5 minutes later the same guy comes back to my line. When it’s his turn to check out, he looks at the the associate that helped him load the batch of tube sand earlier. My associate gestures 4 fingers to me and I ring the gentleman out once again but for 4 bags this time. I’m still wondering why couldn’t tell me the number himself.

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