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Gas City, IN, USA | Unfiltered | December 16, 2015

(It’s around 9pm. My parents, my brother, my grandmother, and I have stopped at a McDonald’s on our way back from Fort Wayne, where my grandfather is in ICU. We’re exhausted and just wanting to order dinner and go home. We walk in, and two employees are standing at the counter. One is cleaning trays, the other is rushing around looking busy but not actually doing anything. The girl who’s washing trays looks up, makes eye contact with me, and immediately looks back down at the trays, obviously ignoring me.)

Me: “Guess no one here’s actually working tonight.”

Dad: “Well, we could-”

Mom: “You know, there are other places to eat.”

Brother: “No wonder this place is empty.”

Grandmother: “Let’s just go-”

She is interrupted by the cashier, who appears to be a manager–the girl washing trays has conveniently disappeared.

Cashier: *rudely and snappy* “Can I help you?”

We all place our orders, the cashier looking extremely unhappy to even have to talk to us and is drumming her fingers on the counter.

Cashier: “Is that it?”

Grandmother: “Yes, I-”

Cashier: *snaps* “[total].”

We all look at each other and roll our eyes, commenting about how rude she was. The cashier throws together our order, slams the drink cups on the counter, not the tray, and turns her back and starts fussing with something else without so much as a thank you or have a good night.

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Lexington Park, MD, USA | Unfiltered | December 16, 2015

(I am in the eighth grade riding the Middle School Bus home from school. My stop is very close to the school, so I do not have much time to talk with the other students. One student in particular is teasing the girl who sits in the seat next to mine. )

Mean Student: You love him, don’t you!

Female Student: No I don’t!

Mean Student: Yes you do! You want to kiss him, don’t you!

Female Student: No! Stop talking to me!

(At this point, I decide to intervene. )

Me: (to the Mean Student) Listen, maybe you should lay off.

Mean Student: (taking notice of me) Oh, I see! You love her too, huh?

Me: No! She’s in sixth grade! I’m in eighth.

Mean: Student: Okay, how much do you like her on a scale of one to ten?

Me: (Realizing my bus stop is soon, I decide to delay the Mean Student.) Is one like or not like?

Mean Student: Uh… what?

Me: Is number ten “in love with”, or is it “not like at all”?

Mean Student: Um… I don’t know.

Me: What’s your scale?

Mean Student: Uh… I don’t know.

Me: Okay, I’ll make my own scale. Ten is “want to marry” and zero is “want to murder mercilessly”.

Mean Student: Okay then. What is she?

Me: (Makes a show of looking Female Student over) I would have to say… two.

Mean Student: Two?

Me: On my scale.

Mean Student: (To the back of the bus) HE CALLED HER A TWO!

Me: “…”

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Surrey, UK | Unfiltered | December 16, 2015

(This is a story I share with people when they have a bad customer. The event occurred in 2010, it should be noted that I have been working for this company for three years by this point)

Me: Hi, what can I do for you?

Grandmother: Two children to [12A film].

Me: (to the girls) Could you girls tell me your dates of birth please?

Girl: 1999!

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but they cannot go in alone, she can’t be older than 11 and must be 12 to go in unaccompanied by someone over 18.

Grandmother: But she’s 12.

Me: She’s just told me she was born in 1999, so she can’t be older than 11.

Grandmother: She started high school this year, of course she is 12.

Me: Ma’am, with all due respect I started secondary school at 11 and turned 12 the following summer.

Grandmother: I am a teacher! How dare you contradict me! You need to learn how to treat your customers young lady! I demand to see your manager!

(I call the manager down, by now, she’s accusing me of having an attitude problem, but I go to serve others while my manager takes her to another till on the stand, ringing her up for a U rated film)

Grandmother: You need to teach your staff to serve properly, the customer is always right!

Manager: I’m sorry ma’am, but that’s not always true.

(Later, I see the manager again and we talk about it)

Me: You know, I really was fighting the urge to tell her my mother is a maths teacher.

(I share this story over dinner a while later, my mother, who teaches Maths and engineering at a local sixth form college, commented that this woman clearly never noted her students’ dates of birth)

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USA | Unfiltered | December 16, 2015

I’m walking back up to home after getting something to eat from down the street. Where I live there’s a little area with restaurants and a small grocery shop, and there’s a roundabout nearby that. No one is allowed to park in the roundabouts, for obvious reasons, but I see a black Jeep doing just that.

I’ve seen this guy before. I decide to take a picture of the Jeep and the liscense plate. I don’t think there’s anyone inside, but it’s already evening, and the Jeep’s Windows are tinted darkly. NOTE: I live by a campus.

Man in the Jeep: *has an Australian accent* What’s the problem?! I’m just trying to kiss my wife!

Me: *calmly* It’s just that this isn’t a parking space.

Man: I don’t see a red line!

Me: Doesn’t matter. It’s not a parking space.

Man: What are you, the Student Police?

I scoff at his last remark and just walk off. I’ve told others about this, and they said I did the right thing. I’m thinking of showing the picture of his Jeep I took to someone who works on campus and has a say in these things. It just really annoys me that people can be so rude and ignorant, but it also helps me treasure the people who aren’t like this. Sometimes negative interactions with people can help you really enjoy positive ones.

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New Stanton, PA, USA | Unfiltered | December 16, 2015

The drive from my daughter’s school is fairly long. This year, after having been on the road for about twelve hours, we stopped for dinner. She was fairly zombie-like by the time our food arrived.

Daughter: *lets out a huge burp*

Me: *pointed look*

Daughter: You’re welcome. *a puzzled look passes over her face* I think I meant excuse me.

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