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UK | Unfiltered | April 27, 2016

(Background: My 14 year old brother is currently obsessed with ‘that’s what she said’ jokes and is driving our mother to distraction.

I was reorganising my room to put in an old armchair from downstairs and I had refused any help because I knew exactly how I wanted it. I was finally done and dragged the chair upstairs.)

Mum: You sure you don’t want any help?

Me: No thanks. (she stands there wincing and making worried noises as I try and get up the stairs with the armchair) Seriously, I’m fine. Go away.(she laughs and leaves.) (I get the chair up onto the landing only to find I couldn’t get it through my door.)

Me: Mum, it won’t fit through the door. (mum comes up and looks at it.)

Mum: after all that? I’m sure it will.

(between us we manage to get the chair through the door and Mum pokes her tongue out at me and starts doing a victory dance.)

Mum: *very sarcastically* Oh, won’t it fit, darling?

Me: That’s what he said.

Mum: Oh, no!

(dashes back downstairs while my brother high fives me).

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(My family brought a bunch of solar powered lights you stick into the ground for our front yard. However as a majority have been stolen or broken we’re put the remainder in a box on our front veranda. Our front yard is also not fenced in in any way and the box is placed such that it’s right by the house. I’m female, and talking with my mother in a room with a view of the front yard when this happens…)

Me: And that’s why – HEY!

(I race for the front door and throw it open, catching the man halfway down our stairs with the box of lights in his hands by surprise. I give chase and he drops it, breaking most of the remaining lights)

Me: What are you doing? Those are ours!

Man: I thought they were for anyone!

Me: …Seriously?

(Mum and I had no real way to hold him and didn’t think it was worth calling the police for a few lights he didn’t steal, not after the scare I gave him. He’s just lucky my father wasn’t home – he’s a cop!)

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*I’m walking back from my break through an aisle with a customer in it when a co worker comes behind me*

Co worker: You look like you put on weight, Jared!

Me: First off, my name’s not Jared, second, that’s not something you just say to people!

Co worker: Why not? You used to be thin!

*I just stand stunned for a moment before deciding it’s not worth the trouble to continue the debate, especially in front of a customer, so I just walk away*

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My stepmother bought me a $100 gift card for a clothing store I like. It’s sort of expensive but I know how to shop the sales. I use about $40 on my first trip. On my second trip I buy what I think is about $60, but to make sure I ask them to total up my purchases and check my card balance.

Cashier: Your total is $58.76 and your card balance is $142.36.

Me: What? No, I think there must be a mistake. The card balance was originally $100 and I already used $40.

Cashier: Huh. Weird. [pokes around on computer] Oh, I see. When you spent that $42.36, they accidentally added it to the balance instead of subtracting it.

Me: Oh, that makes sense. Well, just take it off twice and we’ll be ready to check out my current purchases.

Cashier: I have to find out from my manager how to do that. Just hold on. [Goes in the back… for a while. Eventually comes out.] I’m sorry, none of us know how to do that. We called head office and they laughed and said to just enjoy it.

Me: Really??? In that case I’m doing more shopping!

I went back to the floor and bought a bunch of stuff for my stepmother. She was really surprised!

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A quick background to this story: the school I attended was a Charter School, top rated but in truth pretty much without state supervision. We went on two school trips a year, a camping trip in the fall and a trip out of the country in the spring. This occurred on a fall camping trip in which we were traveling by various self-powered boats down a canyon, a trip that takes a single day when going fast but took us five.

On the first day of the trip we disembark and set up camp, then it’s time for ‘Reflection’ (an hour-long period where we pick a spot in the wilderness and have to stay there). As we’re walking along a sandy path by the river there was a sudden ‘crack’ from my ankle and I tipped over into a patch of trees. Despite my scream that my ankle might be broken, the teacher didn’t believe that I was hurt. He made me stay where I fell for Reflection – an awful spot with a wasp nest and three different ant hills. I guess it was fun to watch the red and black ants war but I was bit many times, unable to get up without help.

That night – and four nights after, even though the last night was spent at a normal campground near a town- I was refused a wrap, an Ibuprofen, and getting sent home down the river. I was forced to kayak, canoe, and hike on my injury, all while being accused of faking. By the end my ankle was the size of a large grapefruit and I fell out of the van when we arrived home because I could not catch myself.

Of course my mother was livid. The school tried to suspend me for missing a day to go the hospital, but eventually decided they were going to beg to pay my medical bills instead. I know we had a case for permanent damages because today – ten years later – I still have physical issues related to it.
Sadly, this was not the last permanent injury I suffered while under this teacher’s care, and he tried very hard to make me fail high school by refusing to teach me any math. When I asked him why he said I already knew more than him about science and would not explain further. When I heard he had left the school and moved his family to Sudan I was very grateful that no other student would have to suffer because of him.

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