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payson utah | Unfiltered | June 18, 2016

(at the time i was 16 and summer break would be over in a week, so I decided to check out the high school since this would be my first year there and wanted to get used to where the classrooms were. this happened as i walked by some girls in the hallway messing around.)

girl#1: “i have good reflexes.”

girl#2: “really?” *friendly-pushes her and makes her drop her phone*

girl#1: “hey! that’s an $800 phone! be careful.”

girl#2: “maybe you should hold on to it better next time.”

(after that i turned into a different hallway and stopped listening. but what I don’t get though is, even if it’s a brand-spanking-new smartphone that has features that no other smartphone has, why would you spend so much on it? I had (and still use) a $70 nokia smartphone and it is good enough for me.)

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USA | Unfiltered | June 18, 2016

(I’ve just pulled a candy bar out of a bag and placed it wrapped in my mouth to free up my hands. My sister is sitting nearby. We’re both in our 20’s.)

Me: (in a growl) Om, nom!

Sister: Huh?

Me: (growled) Om nom! Raaawm!

Sister: What are you doing?

(I take the candy bar by either end and start making motorcycle noises in the same growling voice, “steering” with the bar.)

Sister: Oh!

(She picks up another one and joins in with the motorcycle noises. Eventually she lifts the bar over her head, pretending it’s a car.)

Sister: Vroom, vroom!

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UK | Unfiltered | June 17, 2016

(I work for a police force in the UK – and as such we have a private line in the reception that is never used for anything non work related. In the space of a day, we get more than ten cold calls trying to sell everything from holidays to mobile phones. This is the second to last call I received (the last one being too rude for publication).

Caller: Congratulations sir, you’ve name has been selected out of a list of names and you have won a Nokia A100 mobile phone. This phone is one of the latest . . .

Me: Does it have a camera on it?

Caller: This phone is one of the latest models available . .

Me: Yeah but does it have a camera on?

Caller: Yes sir, it’s got two cameras on. It’s one of the latest models . .

Me: Why does it have two cameras on? Whats the point of that?

Caller: It has a three megapixel camera for taking photos, and a smaller camera for video conferencing. This camera . .

Me: Video conferencing? What if I was talking to someone and I was naked? They would be able to see me naked?

Caller: This camera would be sent to you in the next three working . .

Me: What if THEY were naked? What if we were both naked, we would be able to see each other naked? Actually that seems like quite a lot of fun, don’t you think?

Caller: This camera would be sent to you in the next . .

Me: Have you ever done naked video conferencing? Don’t you thing that sounds like fun?

Caller: This camera would be sent to you . .

Me: Can I have your number please? Maybe we could do some naked video conferencing?

Caller: Sorry I don’t understand? I’m a bit stupid.

Me: Yes you are.


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Philippines | Unfiltered | June 17, 2016

I was finishing up the registration process for a digital wallet with my mobile network provider which required that I physically go to one of their stores for verification purposes. I went to their customer service helpdesk and explained my concern. Then this exchange happens

Customer Service: To complete your registration, just go to any [Mobile Network Provider] store.

Me: *smiles and gestures around their office*

Customer Service: Oh…

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Australia | Unfiltered | June 17, 2016

apparently my school was the only one that did this…..

during recess you had to eat within the small area which would have at least 4 classrooms and it was crowded and cold, we couldnt sit in the sun without a hat and we couldnt even move to change the spot we were sitting if we decided to change our minds and sit somewhere else.

during lunch it was the same thing however after about 10-15 mins of eating they teachers would force you to stop eating, talking etc just so they can say after everyone cleans up then they will chose the groups that can leave to go play.

I never liked sitting around in those eating areas they were always cold and never clean because birds always pooped, (note: I realised after many years that I had OCD about sanitation I didnt mind dirt but germs were a big problem for me)

I was always forced to walk around and pick up everyone elses rubbish that came from the groups they let go to play, I did not like that, not to mention I made a habbit of puting all of my rubbish back in my lunch box so i didnt have to touch the filthy bin.

the teachers never liked me because they believed i was stupid for not knowing as much as everyone else even though it was just that i had a hard time keeping up because i couldn’t understand what everyone else could but they never helped me

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