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Central Canada | Unfiltered | September 29, 2015

Time for another tale in the series, “Bush League Lumber”…

Recently, 2 more yard employees have quit and not been replaced (not an uncommon thing here). Then our yard foreman’s second-in-command went on leave for a week, unexpectedly. As we are nearing inventory, the yard needs to be cleaned up and organized, so the owner decided that we would get a temporary worker from the unemployment office (EI).

EI set someone up for Saturday to come in, but on Friday, that person apparently mentioned to a friend of his that there was no way he was cleaning up a lumberyard and wasn’t going to show up.

His friend then showed up in his place and explained to the foreman that his friend wasn’t coming, but he could use some money if we wanted him to clean up the yard for the day.

He was immediately hired and was sent out of town on drywall and shingle deliveries within an hour of walking into the yard.

No interview with store management.

No background check.

No training.

No paperwork signed.

Instantly delivering thousands of dollars worth of material into brand new homes in a company vehicle.

This is a monthly, if not weekly occurrence here…

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Alabama | Unfiltered | September 29, 2015

(It is the first semester of my junior year, we are in art class. We recently received a new girl that was quite a chatterbox, no she usually never thought about what she said before she said it.)

New girl: “Did you guys know that we can’t breathe underwater??”


*entire class dies of laughter*

Me: (Sarcastically) “Wow! this is brand new information! I did not know this!”

(We are good friends now.)

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Columbus, Ohio | Unfiltered | September 29, 2015


(I work with a program that is doing intake for our local homeless shelters over the phone. I’m working the Saturday shift when this happens.)

Man: “I’m not having any sex with women until–”

Me: “I’m sorry, this is [homeless shelter intake hotline]. How can I help you?”

Man: “I’m not having any sex with women until all sex offenders drop dead!” *Click*

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Texas, USA | Unfiltered | September 29, 2015

This happens when I go to the public library in a town we just moved to, since most of our stuff hasn’t arrived yet we go only to use their computers. There are four computers with their backs on each other and I grab the one opposite my dad, who is 6 ft tall and very muscular and broad shouldered retired law enforcement.

A random guy sits in the computer between me and my dad.

Guy: hey what are you doing here, it’s summer shouldn’t you be outside?

Me: well I’m not much of an outdoors person and I am doing some research

Guy: I thought school was out, what are you researching?

Me: it is but I like to research random stuff just for the fun of it. Right now I’m looking at OCD, stuff like how they diagnose it and treat it and stuff. It’s really very interesting.

Guy: well…if you want you can come over to my place and do some research there. I’m OCD and can teach you all about it

I start to get creeped out

Me: no thanks I’m good

Guy: why not? It’s just down the street

Me: um, because I’m underage and that’s my dad next to you who is a retired cop

Suddenly he notices my dad for the first time and that my dad is glaring at him, he gets up and runs out knocking his chair over in his rush. My dad stands up to pick it up and gives me a hug

Dad: I’m so proud of you for handling that guy I was waiting to see just what you would say.

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Calgary, AB, Canada | Unfiltered | September 29, 2015

(My brother’s best friend for nearly 10 years is having dinner with us. He knows us quite well, but my mom still catches us off guard.)

Him: So, you guys watch soccer right, like Italian league?

Mom: (Yelling from the kitchen) IS THE POPE JEWISH?

Him: Haha ye-no?

Rest of the family: *facepalm*

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