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Pensacola, Florida | Unfiltered | February 5, 2016

(I volunteer at a miniature science museum during summer break, which is characterized by its ‘Mess Kits’, little boxes with science experiments for children in them. Volunteers work at the Mess Kit Desk, and provide information or kits to anyone who comes up to it. The owner is rather lenient when it comes to phone usage during lulls in activity. I’m 16 and quite obviously autistic, as I tend to stim in public. One of the paid workers has been on my back for several months, constantly berating my work, speaking to me in an extremely condescending tone, and telling me that the way I speak and treat people is very rude. She screeches at me for drawing, reading, or checking my phone no matter the situation and has nearly brought me to tears several times. My brother and another volunteer are working at the desk with me in this story…)

Brother: *notices the painful lull, takes out his phone and sits in front of the desk*

Volunteer: *glances up and looks back down at her phone*

(I finish sweeping, which was the only other job available, and sit on the floor behind the two since there’s no other chairs up front. I’m there for not even a minute when the paid employee walks up to the front of the desk.)

Paid Employee: “(My name)! You NEED to stay off your phone! We’ve discussed this. Do I need to take it away?”

(I gape, as my brother and the other volunteer are in her direct line of sight on their phones and she has to strain to see me specifically, clearly singling me out.)

Me: “B-but…”

Paid Employee: “You need to learn to follow directions!” *my brother’s phone is a foot away from her face*

Me: “I j-just swept…”

Paid Employee: “Then find something else to do!” *leaves without saying a word to the two volunteers directly in front of her*

(I barely make it to the bathroom before I start crying, inconsolable, and my mother picks me up. My brother backs up my story, so she urges me to draft an email to the owner explaining the rude and condescending treatment I’ve suffered thanks to the Paid Employee. The owner apologizes, saying she would speak to the employee about her behavior, but also suggests I just work shifts the employee doesn’t take. I work up the nerve to return as a volunteer, and to my luck I see the rude employee about halfway into my shift.)

Brother: Look out!

Paid Employee: *blanches as soon as she sees me, quickly looks away, and rushes to finish her task!*

(She avoids me as much as I avoid her, now. I guess she really didn’t expect anyone to report her discrimination!)

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VIC, Australia | Unfiltered | February 4, 2016

(I am a huge tomboy and all of my friends were boys, so starting high school was hard for me because most of them went to all boy schools and the high school I am going to has about five girls from my school. I am also in the advanced program, but I am very quiet. This takes place on the first day when I approach the girls that I know from my old school, who are all sitting together chatting and laughing)

Girls: *go quiet as I walk past*

Me: ….hey

Girl #1: um yeah. Would you mind going away?

(This shocks me because I didn’t know where I was meant to be and was just going to ask for directions. I go and sit down by myself in the other side of the class and wait, considering I got in 10 minutes early )

Teacher: ah, it’s (my name), right?

Me: yeah

Teacher: nice to meet you (my name). So…is there anything interesting you can tell me about yourself?

Me: Well…..I know up to the twenty fifth decimal of pi!

Teacher: Go ahead!

Me: 3.1415926535897932384626433

Boy #1: Wow! I only know up to the fifteenth

Teacher: Wow. So, why are you both here so early?

Boy & Me: Oh you know, wibbly wobbly, timey wimey….

Boy & Me: You watch Doctor Who!

(All of this in perfect unison, as the teacher walks off to talk to other students, and we stay there talking about our dual interest in Doctor Who, Pi, and video games. And that is the story of how I met my best friend)

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Chesapeake, VA, USA | Unfiltered | February 4, 2016

(I’m the customer.)

Salesman: Excuse me? Who provides your cable?

Me: I don’t know. My grandparents pay for it.

Salesman: Ah. Good for you.

(For the record, I don’t watch TV outright. My family, however, does.)

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Sweden | Unfiltered | February 4, 2016

(I’m in 8th grade. After school, my friend and I are taking a bus into town to just hang out. It’s winter, so I wear a cap that, admittedly, does look a little odd; Instead of being rounded on top like most caps, it has four “spikes” sticking up from it, almost looking like four tiny ears. Despite its somewhat unconventional looks, it keeps my head warm and, usually, nobody cares. This time, though, I notice a boy about my age who starts staring at me as soon as he steps on the bus. He takes a seat, one where he can see me clearly, and continues to stare for a while.)

Boy: *sarcastically* Hey. Nice cap.

Me: …Thanks.

(I go back to talking to my friend for a little while when I notice that the boy STILL hasn’t taken his eyes off me, staring so hard that it looks like his eyes are about to fall out of his head. I’m already in a rather bad mood, and his staring is starting to get on my nerves.)

Me: Hey, how about you get a life instead of staring at my head?!

Boy: *grunts and finally looks away*

Friend: *whispers* Are you a mind reader? Because I was just about to say that.

(Perhaps not my proudest moment, but at least I got him to stop. Nobody else before or since had anything to say about my cap.)

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USA | Unfiltered | February 4, 2016

Note: I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and possibly an extra six hours on Saturday to keep up with production.

(A few weeks back)

Higher-up Manager: Can you stay an extra hour today?

Me: Ye-

Higher-up Manager: (interrupting) I need you to work an extra hour every day for now on.

Me: Everyday?

Higher-up Manager: Everyday.

Side-note: So I worked 45 hours during the work-week and Saturday put me over to 51 hours. The overtime was great, but I was exhausted when it came to Sunday.

As I was getting close to the end of my nine hour shift, my direct manager (a different one) came up to me.

Direct Manager: We didn’t need you for overtime…

Me: But (Higher-up Manager’s Name) said she wanted me to work nine hours for now on.

Direct Manager: Oh, she probably just meant it for that time period.

For me, I took the words “for now on” to be everyday and wasn’t aware that she wanted me to go back to eight hours instead of nine in a shift. I left work that day feeling like an idiot because my whole team heard. I just wish there was more communication in that place.

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