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Me: *on phone* “How can I help?”

Caller: “I’d like to make a reservation.”

Me: “Okay, for which days?”

(She gives me the days and type of room, and I give her the rate.)

Caller: “How much in total?”

Me: “With tax and all?”

Caller: “Yes.”

Me: *calculating* “$3XX.XX, ma’am.”

Caller: “NO! I spoke with a man earlier and he gave me a discount!”

Me: “Which discount was that?”

Caller: “Middle Eastern Student Discount.”

Me: *completely confused* “HUH? We don’t have such a discount!”

Caller: *with nasty attitude* “Uh, yes, you DO! And he said it was only $2XX.XX.”

Me: “Hold on. I’ll go speak with him.”

Caller: “OK.”

(Peeved because I don’t like being called a liar, I go to my coworker and tell him the situation. He says that we no longer have that discount and that he’d speak with her.)

Coworker: “Hello? Yes, I’m the one who you spoke with. Yes, when I said $2XX, that was without tax.”

(I can hear the caller shouting, but can’t make out what she’s saying exactly.)

Coworker: “So yeah, it’ll be $3XX. with tax. Tax is 15% here.” *pause* “Do you still want to make the reservation? OK.”

(My coworker makes the reservation for her and hangs up.)

Me: “Did you tell her that it’ll be $3XX.XX? She didn’t believe me!”

Coworker: “Yeah. She still wants it.”

Me: “Lucky us. She sounded difficult to handle.”

(The caller didn’t even show up for her reservation and her credit card was declined anyway. What a waste of time she was! I hope she bothers some other hotel the next time.)

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I have the after hours emergency phone for my clinic. Our clinic day time phone number is only one digit different from the human hospital, so during the day it is not uncommon to get calls for the human hospital. Normally these callers don’t cause an issue afterhours as they deterred by our message bank which gives our clinic name, my name and title and says veterinarian about four times.
Me: veterinary hospital after hours, this is (my name)
Caller: Hi, its Name, i had a line put in my heart yesterday and now its really itchy.
Me: at this point I’m frantically trying to remember if we sent any patients for heart surgery recently. I see and where was the procedure performed?
Caller: over in (nearby large town)
Me: I see…sorry did you say into your heart?
Caller: yeah and its really itchy.
Me: sir you’ve called the veterianary hospital, you need the human hospital. Their number is (number). I think you need to talk to them.
Caller: sounding very subduded. Oh, ok. Hangs up.

About an hour later. The phone rings again.
Me: veterinary hospital after hours, this is (my name)
Caller: hey, the line in my heart is still itchy.
Me: sir you have again called the veterinary hospital. You need to call the human hospital, there is nothing i can do for you.
Caller: after a long moment of silence. But it is really itchy, its kind of burning now.
Me: sir please, the phone number you are looking for is (number). Please call it and talk to the human doctor.
Caller: are you sure?
Me: yes sir, i am a veterinarian, i can only treat animals. Please call the human hospital. Do you need me to repeat the number?
Caller: no thats ok. Thanks anyway.
His number was blocked so I couldn’t check back with him in the morning, but I do have to wonder what drugs he was on to keep calling the vet for help with his heart condition.

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(The manager is called down, and the story was told from both sides with other customers backing me up as she was accusing me of yelling and swearing. The customer was basically told the same thing that I was trying to say about carrier bags. She admitted defeat but told my manager she wanted this logged as an official complaint against me. Manager pulled me to one side saying by company policy they are meant to give me a verbal warning but that they found it so funny that no such action would take place.)
(In the UK we have implemented a 5p charge on carrier bags; this is to help reduce the number of carrier bags going into landfills. Our store had implemented this well before the other stores. If a customer came in for one item that was easy to carry or put in pocket/handbag no carrier bag was offered, yet if they had sufficient items you would offer a carrier bag but explain it would cost them 5p. A very posh looking woman enters the store, walks up the sweets aisle, picks up a small chocolate bar and come over to my till.)
Me: “Hello, did you find everything you needed today?”
Customer: *said in a posh voice but also very belittling* “Yes, that will be all.”
Me: “Okay, that is [price], please.”
Customer: “Give me a carrier bag.”
Me: “Okay, but carrier bags are 5p now, what with our store’s initiatives to—”
Customer: *cuts me off* “I AM NOT PAYING FOR A CARRIER BAG!”
Me: “I’m sorry, but it just company policy—”
(A queue has built up now and I am beginning to lose my temper. Suddenly an idea pops in my head.)
Me: “One moment, please.”
(I walk out of my till, and walk over to the fruit and veg section nearby, pick up a small plastic bag that would used to place small amounts of loose fruit or veg in. Walk back to till and place chocolate bar inside bag and hand it to customer.)
Me: “There we go. So, that was [price], please.”
Customer: “WHAT IS THAT?”
Me: “Well, it is a carrier bag suitable for the small nature of your product and will not cost you a penny extra on your [price], please.”
(The queue of people are making comments about how silly she has been, asking for a carrier bag for a chocolate bar and refusing to pay for a one.)

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(I am the manager at a family owned boba place in a mall food court. I was on my break and decided to go look for socks at one of the department stores in the mall. It should be noted that I am wearing a t-shirt with my store’s name and logo on it and also an apron with my store’s name and logo on it. It should also noted that a lot of people assume I’m Hispanic and try speaking Spanish to me. I’m actually half white and half filipino and do not know how to speak Spanish. As I’m browsing the socks, I’m approached by a lady and her teenage daughter.)

Lady: Says something to me in Spanish.

Me: Excuse me? I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish.

Lady: Says something else to me in Spanish.

Me: I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish. I’m not Hispanic.

Daughter: She ordered something online and wants to know where she’s supposed to pick it up.

Me: I’m not sure. I don’t work here.

(The daughter says something to her mother in Spanish and the mother says something back.)

Daughter: She wants to know why you won’t help us.

Me: Because I don’t work here.

Daughter: Then why are you wearing a uniform?

Me: Because I’m still working, I work at (boba shop in the food court) I’m just on my break. The people that work here are wearing dress clothes and have nametags that say (name of department store). I’m wearing a t-shirt, apron, leggings and sneakers. Obviously not (department store’s) uniform.

(Daughter says something to her mother.)

Lady: Yells at me in Spanish.

Daughter: She said she’s going to report you to the store manager because you won’t help us.


(They both walk off, while shooting me dirty looks and speaking angrily in Spanish.)

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We’re waiting in line to a checkout in our local supermarket. A gentleman behind us keeps trying to get the attention of a lady who is just about to pay for her shopping. She finally realises who it is, lifts up her arm to wave – unfortunately the arm was attached to the hand which held her open purse. She showered all in the vicinity with loose change.