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(Customer comes in saying his thermostat is bad, and that he needs a new one)

Guy: I need a new thermostat. This one is defective.

Me: Okay, no problem.

Guy: Yeah, you know how you test them right? You throw it into boiling water, and then they open. But this one didn’t open, so that means it’s bad.

Me: … Oooookay? Did you make sure the water was boiling at the temperature the thermostat is supposed to open at?

Guy: Of course! The water WAS boiling, and everything!

Me: *facepalm*

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A vaguely semi-regular patient without insurance filled a few prescriptions, picked them up, etc. This is a rough approximation of the call I later received from the patient’s spouse, edited to maintain patient privacy.
Caller: My spouse, xxx, filled medicine xxx at your pharmacy. You do price matches, right?
Me: Sir/Ma’am, your spouse already picked up the medicine earlier in the day. Price matches are something that are done when filling the medicine, not after the fact.
Caller: But I called [competitor] beforehand, and their price was xxx, that’s xxx less! I told them to tell you to price match! (Clearly, the spouse didn’t listen, because the words “price match” had never crossed their lips. Also, I find it very presumptuous that they said to tell me to price match without even knowing whether we do so in he first place, as opposed to saying to ask me to call the competitor for a price match.)
Me: They did not mention price matching at any point during the filling, and as I said before, I cannot retroactively price match. It isn’t even possible in my computer system.
Caller: But that’s a lot of money, and we’re regulars and fill things at your pharmacy all the time! They only picked it up like five minutes ago! (It was about 25% less. Also, I’d made the prices extremely clear at the time of drop off, providing ample opportunity for the prescription to be taken elsewhere or a price match to be asked for. And to top it off, the prescription had actually been picked up almost an hour before.)
Me: Unfortunately, there isn’t any way for me to price match something that is already picked up, it’s not physically possible in the system in the first place.
Caller: …
After about fifteen seconds of silence from the other end of the line during which I asked multiple times if the caller was still there, the line disconnected abruptly.

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Customer: This is my first time here. What is a *names the drink.*

Me: Begins to explain the drink but apparently is not clear enough for the customer. (Even though I literally described the entire recipe).

Customer: *sarcastically and rudely* Thank you for telling me all about it.

Me: Begins to give a further explanation but interrupted while the customer turns to another employee to ask the question.

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(I work at an upscale smoke shop, while we do carry some cheap pieces, we have an entire display cabinet full or art pieces where the average price is around $600.
It’s 9:01pm on a Monday, I’ve just turned off the open sign and half of the lights in the store when a pair of obviously high customers walks in)

Me: “Hey guys, we actually just closed, but if there’s something I can help you with real quick I’ll be glad to help before I shut down the register.”

Customer 1: “No, you’re open till midnight.”

Me: “We close at 9 Monday through Thursday, and even on Fridays and Saturdays, we’re only open till 10.”

Customer 2: “Oh well we just want to look around.”

Customer 1: “Yeah, I was thinking about buying the Seed of Life.”

Me: “I think you may have the wrong store, we don’t have any piece with that name. You may be thinking of [competing smoke shop] up the road. They have the Tree of Life and are open till midnight some days.

Customer 1: “Well, we’re just going to look around for the Seed of Life.”

Me: “Gentlemen, we don’t have a piece by that name in the store, I can promise you that, and if you’re just looking around, I’m going to ask you to leave so I can close down the shop since at this point since I stopped getting paid about 5 minutes ago.”

(Both customers walk past me and start looking around the store)

Customer 1: “Yeah I don’t see the piece I was looking for, but can I check that one out?”

(He points at a mildly expensive piece that will cost about $300 after the 20% discount we already have on it, I pull it down so as to not lose a potential sale for the owners.)

Customer 1: “I was in here the other week and was thinking about buying this, would you take $230 for it?”

Me: “I can’t man, that’s a high quality american company that uses borosilicate glass, I really can’t take that much of a loss on it since it’s already discounted.”

Customer 2: “Dude I thought you were looking for the Seed of Life.”

Customer 1: “I was, but they must have sold it.”

Me: “I’ve worked here for about a year, and we haven’t had a piece by that name, I really do think you’re thinking of The Tree of Life that [competitor] has. You should try their store since we’re closed and don’t have what you’re looking for.”

(The customers finally get the hint and walk out without buying anything.)

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(I am a kennel assistant at a veterinary hospital. I don’t have medical training, I just handle the animals and care for those that are boarded. While a coworker and I were trimming the nails of an elderly dog, we noticed some ugly sores on the dog’s legs, hiding underneath its fluffy coat, so when I bring the dog up front to its owners I ask them about it.)

Me: Here you go! And, uh, we noticed some sores on her legs, are those-

Owner: Oh, yes, they’ve been looked at and there’s not much we can do.

Me: Okay, sorry, I just had to ask. We don’t get their files when it’s just a trim.

Owner: So, do you think [ointment] would be good to use, or is there something else we could get?

Me: I’m not a doctor, sorry.

Owner: Okay.

(It was just a strange interaction.)