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Utah, USA | Unfiltered | July 25, 2016

(My husband grew up in Colombia. He has lived here in the US for many years and his English is perfect, but obviously his accent remains. He gets a new cell phone number, and numerous phone calls with it – typically debt collectors. We have worked at call centers before, so he usually tries to be nice so they know to look for a different number.)

Husband: “Hello?”

Caller: “Hi, Roberto [last name]?”

Husband: “Sorry, wrong number.”

Caller: *doubting tone* “You’re not Roberto.”

Husband: “No, I’m not.”

Caller: *sighs* “Okay, good luck with that.” *click*

(My husband was shocked for a moment, how the agent would just assume the accent fitting the name meant my husband was lying about his identity. He finally decided to block the calls from that particular number.)

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Mays Landing, NJ, USA | Unfiltered | July 25, 2016

(My best friend, who I have known for years, developed a crush on one of my female friends.)

Me: “Wait, so you found out her phone number, kik, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all without asking her once? Don’t you think that might come off as a bit creepy?”

Friend: “It’s not creepy if I’m in love. You wouldn’t understand, since no one wants to date you.”

(She rejected him and I stopped talking to him.)

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Michigan, USA | Unfiltered | July 25, 2016

(I walk into a popular sandwich chain restaurant to get some dinner. It’s around 8:30 at night and there are 3 people in line in front of me and only one girl working tonight. I used to work for this company myself, but at a different location, so I am very patient) Rude Customer Ahead of Me: “This is FUCKING ridiculous. I have been waiting in line for 30 FUCKING minutes.”
Nice Customer In Front of him: “Hey man, cool it. She’s doing her job just fine. You haven’t been here for 30 minutes.”

Rude man: “Well this wait is fucking ridiculous! It’s not her fault its her stupid fucking managers fault for putting a new girl by herself on a busy night. This is bullshit service!”

(The girl is clearly not new, just a little slow, considering she’s working alone and can’t take care of everyone at once)

Me: (absolutely fuming, I can’t stand when people don’t have sympathy for those of us who work in customer service) “Sir, have you ever worked in customer service?”

Rude Man: “YEAH I actually used to MANAGE a [Name of Sandwich Company we are at].”

Me: “Oh yeah when was that?”

Rude man: “A while back”

Me: (suspects he’s lying with that vague of an answer) “Okay, I used to work at [Name of Company] too. Can You tell me how much and what kind of meat goes on a [Name of popular sandwich on menu]?”

Rude man: (stammers) “Uh… I don’t have to answer that!”

(I challenged him a few more simple questions that anyone who managed the store would know. He couldn’t answer a single one and was eventually shamed out of the store by other customers)

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Iowa | Unfiltered | July 24, 2016

(I’m sitting at the kitchen table on my computer and my niece comes up behind me and starts playing with my hair. My hair is very long and thick.)

Niece: I wish I had this much hair.

Me: Let it grow.

Niece: *starts singing to the tune of “Let it Go” from Frozen* Let it grooow, let it groooow!

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(Background for this story, I’m going through Chemo for cancer, and on this evening have gone out for the first time since my last treatment, and after having not eaten really anything in four days. My mom and I have taken my niece to a movie and dinner. Nothing looks good on the menu except for sides you add on to an entree)

Me:I know the sides are supposed to go with an entree, but can I order them separately?

My mom: My daughter hasn’t been well, she’s undergoing cancer treatment.

Waiter: Absolutely, which did you want?

Me: thank you so much, this is the first meal I’ve had in 4 days. It was good.

Waiter: I would really like to buy you a desert, we have a great Key Lime Pie.

(the pie was good, and his kindness throughout our meal was amazing. Made our night, and yes we stopped on the way out to complement him to his manager).

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