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North Carolina | Unfiltered | December 18, 2015

(this is a regular call for us on an almost daily basis)

Me: Thank you for calling [pharmacy] this [name] how can I help you?

Caller: Yeah I would like to get my medication refilled

Me: Okay I would be happy do to that do you have your rx #

Caller: No

Me: Okay whats your date of birth and name

(caller gives information)

Me: Okay what medication would you like refilled

Caller: The one I get every month

Me: Do you know the name of it or maybe what the drug is for?

Caller: I don’t know I call and get it every month I think it’s the little green pill

(usually it takes a few minutes to figure out what they are asking for if you even can, not to mention that most people who have these calls have been on these medications for more than just a month usually it’s around 15 years or so

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uk | Unfiltered | December 18, 2015

(I was out with a few friends and had just said bye to some of them, next to me was my guy friend, please note I’m bisexual and I haven’t come out to my parents yet)

My friend: Speaking of bye, when you coming out?

Me and other friend: *collapses to the floor crying with laugher*

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New Jersey | Unfiltered | December 18, 2015

(my brother passed on 5 months ago & my 5 yr old is still coming to terms with it randomly talking about him we get my brothers mail & usually i put it in the trash this is what happens now everytime my 5 yr old sees my brothers name on the mail)

5 yr old (holding mail): can we send this to heaven

Me: sure we do that when we throw it away

5 yr old: na ah thats not how you get to heaven

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Dade City, FL, USA | Unfiltered | December 17, 2015

This was the first time I had ever lived in a dorm at my university. I was placed in an apartment which I shared with three other girls, but we each had our own rooms. I was the only one without a boyfriend at the time and the girls’ boyfriend visited often and sometimes spent the night. I woke up one night to use the shared bathroom. I opened my bedroom door to find a man in his underwear standing in front of the fridge with the door open. He looked up at me and we made eye contact.

Me: “… good morning…”

Guy: “uhh… good morning?”

He turned around and walked back into my roommates room. Thankfully, this did not happen again… with that particular guy.

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Devon, UK | Unfiltered | December 17, 2015

(I work in a rehearsal and recording studio, we take most of our bookings over the phone.)

Me: “Hello [company name] [my name] speaking.

Caller: “Yeah, I’d like to book a slot.”

Me: “OK, for when?”

Caller: “Next week.”

Me: “When next week?”

Caller: “Thursday.”

Me: “When on Thursday? We only have our smallest room available in the evening.”

Caller: “Yeah, um, evening, have you only got the smallest room?”

Me: “Yes, only the smallest, or our hall which is more expensive.”

Caller: “Ok…. yeah… smallest room.”

Me: “Will that be 7 ’til 10?”

Caller: “Yeah, bye!”

Me: “Wait, what’s the band name?!”

Caller: “Oh, it’s [band name]”

Me: “Ok, that’s all booked in for you, thanks, bye!”

Caller: “Bye!”

(phone rings a minute or so later)

Me: “Hello [company name] [my name] speaking.”

Caller: “Hi, I just phoned you I’m from [band name] and I wanted to check that I booked in for next week not this week.”

Me: “Yes, you booked in next week, the 12th.”

Caller: “Ok, so next Thursday?”

Me: “Yes, next Thursday, the 12th, 7 ’til 10.”

Caller: “Ok, next week. Bye!”

(Too many phonecalls are like this!)

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