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Long Island, NY, USA | Unfiltered | February 12, 2016

This story involves two classes; I was in both but as a witness, not a participant.

It was a Friday, the last class before lunch. It is late enough in the school year that our freshman Spanish teacher was relaxed with the class. He had come to the US in his early teens and started school in New York City speaking only Spanish though classes were in English. This experience meant he was well versed in what you might call survival skills, including what to do when the teacher asks you something and don’t know the answer. This day…

Spanish Teacher: asks Student A a question. (Student A is something of a class clown.)

Student A: hems and haws and can’t answer it.

Spanish Teacher: “You need to know how to handle such situation.” He then explains one type of response he used to use when he was in school, with an example. He explains that the technique only works on Fridays when everyone is exhausted.

The second class is History, immediately after lunch the same day. About half the students in History were in the same Spanish class earlier.

History Teacher: [Student B], please explain [something we were supposed to know].

Student B: hems, and haws, obviously not able to answer.

History Teacher: Come on [Student B], this was covered in the reading.

Studenc A (who is seated next to Student B): putting his head down behind the person in front and tries to whisper to Student B but is not getting through. After a few tries the teacher notices.

History Teacher: [Student A], stand up and tell us what were you saying!

Studenc A stands: No, no, I wasn’t saying anything [History Teacher].

History Teacher: [Student A], out with it! What were you saying to [Student B]!

Studenc A, hanging his head: No, no, it wasn’t anything [History Teacher].

History Teacher: NOW!

Student A, speaking as though with great reluctance: Ice cream has no bones!

Which was exactly what [Spanish Teacher] had used as an example of how to deflect a teacher’s wrath with a bit of nonsense (but only on a Friday). The entire class exploded with laughter, though only half of us understood what was going on. The teacher, who had a great sense of humor, just shook her head and returned to the front of the room.

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Scotland | Unfiltered | February 12, 2016

I am checking in a family at the desk. The two kids must be at least 15. Note: this hotel is in Scotland the family is English.

Me: and heres your key, is there anything else i can do for you today?

The mother, who has been smiling broadly all this time suddenly nudges her daughter and starts to laugh.

Customer: go on ask her.

Daughter: no its ok.

The duaghter looks sheepish but i dont prompt her since the family are laughing so much. Finally the daughter is persuaded.

Duaghter: so do we need adapters up here to use the sockets?

I stare at her unsure what to say.

Me: er no, Scotland is on the same national grid.

The duaghter seems satisfied and leaves with her chuckling family in tow.

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antwerp, belgium | Unfiltered | February 11, 2016

(I just arrived and didn’t had time to get my coat off when my niece barged up to me)

Niece: Rolling Stones or Beatles

Me: what?

Niece (more pressing): Rolling Stones or Beatles?

Me (still wondering what it is about): well, if you ask it like that, Rolling Stones Niece : (screams in frustation) Brother (alarmed by the distress of his 16 year old): what’s happening?

Me (still unsure): well, she let me choose between Rolling Stones and Beatles

Brother: sure, Rolling stones, of courses

Me: duhuh

Niece: what is wrong with this family

Dad: don’t worry dear, I think it is Beatles too Me (to my brother): old people

Brother: I suppose he has to,as a granddad…

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Cincinnati, OH | Unfiltered | February 11, 2016

(My company does billing work for various doctor offices. This includes sending out claims and posting payments. A lot of claims come back denied for whatever reason, and we deal with correcting those as well. When we get new people, someone goes through their work before updating their batches to make sure things don’t leave with an error, since they are new. I only post payments, but if something looks strange on a denial, I’ll ask someone who does claims. I just happen to see something strange with a denial.).

Me: Hey, do you know any reason that an office visit would be billed out at $27,500?

(While our billing prices are higher than what’s normally paid, if you bill out an excessive price like that, it will pretty much always deny, requesting info as to why it was billed out so high. Normally, office visits are billed out under $150 depending on how long the visit was, and insurance pays about $40-100.)

Co-worker #1: Did you check the claim?

Me: I tried, but I see nothing on here to indicate it, maybe you can look since you know these things better?

(He comes over and looks. He sees no reason it was billed that way. I checked to see who posted the claim, and noticed it was a trainee. Even if it wasn’t, it’s something I have to show my supervisor. I go to her office.)

Supervisor: What’s up?

Me: I wasn’t sure how to explain this in an email, but can you look up (claim number) under (doctor’s database)?

Supervisor *does so* What the hell are they billing out for that price!?

Me: It’s an office visit. The batch is one from (trainee).

Supervisor: *looks at details* This is partially my fault. I should’ve known better than to let (co-worker #2, who makes several errors himself) check it.

(Turns out that the office visit was so high because the trainee put 211.9 units of office visits in! There was absolutely no reason that shouldn’t have been caught before sending. I’m sure that coworker that checked the work got an earful that night! Just glad that it wasn’t a self-pay visit that went out…)

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USA | Unfiltered | February 11, 2016

(I’m the same girl from ‘Obey the Dress Code of Silence’ (which took place several years ago) and ‘Not Terrier-fied of Snakes’. Along with Sensory Integration Disorder, I have social anxiety and a high IQ, so I rarely say things the way I mean them. I’m also easily creeped out by kindness as I have few friends and am used to people bullying me.)

Substitute: You know, you teenagers are all the same. You always have your earbuds in and are texting and won’t even talk to the person next to you.
(Here it should be noted that I have a rocky relationship with the boy on my right, as he frequently and openly flirts with me and I can’t tell if he’s serious. He also teases me about my love for rock and heavy metal because he knows I like ONE song by The Offspring. However, I was asking a theoretical question because I prefer my own company. It should also be stated that I am by nature a very gentle person and only intentionally rude when someone makes me angry.)

Me: What if you don’t like the person next to you?

Boy: HEY! We’re best friends, [My Name]!

Me: That was a hypothetical question, and no, I don’t like you.

Class: OOOOH!!!

Me: *realizes what I just said* Wait…I meant we’re not friends. Um, no, I mean that you creep me out…I’m just going to stop talking now.

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