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(While out of state with my boyfriend, my period suddenly starts. My cramps are bad enough that I can’t get out of bed, so my boyfriend goes to get some things for me. He relays this to me when he gets back to the hotel.)

Boyfriend: *at checkout* “Just these, please.”

Cashier: “Ugh, pads? Chocolate? Should have sent your girl in.”

Boyfriend: “I would, if she was able to stand.”

Cashier: “Ew, just dump her then. You don’t need to be buying her gross s***.”

Boyfriend: “…you mean things she needs? Can you please just ring me out?”

Cashier: “Nope!”

Boyfriend: “Can you get your manager then? I need to get these and get back to her.”

Cashier: “He’s just gonna tell you the same thing.”

(It takes a minute for the manager to get there.)

Manager: “Sir? What’s the issue?”

Boyfriend: “I’ve got a bleeding, cramping girlfriend back at our hotel and this guy thinks I can’t buy her things to help with it.”

Cashier: “It’s nasty girl s***!”

Manager: “[Cashier], we’ll talk in a minute. Sir, give me just a second.”

(He goes into an aisle, and returns with a hot pack. He then scans everything, then types some things into the register.)

Manager: “Your total is [low amount].”

Boyfriend: “Are you sure?”

Manager: “Absolutely. It’s reusable, so it should help for a while.”

(He pays, then practically runs back to the hotel room. Luckily, it didn’t ruin our trip.)

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(During college, I worked weekends in a clothing store to earn some extra cash. I am working on the fitting rooms when a woman about my age enters.)

Me: “Hi! The changing room to your left is free. Let me know if you need help with extra sizes!”

Customer: “No I don’t need any f*****g help. I just want to try on these f*****g clothes and be left the f**k alone.”

(Shocked, I let her enter the fitting room and wonder how someone can be so miserable. A few minutes later she comes out.)

Customer: “I just wanted to apologise for the way I spoke to you a minute ago.”

Me: “Oh, thank you. We all have bad days!”

Customer: *while looking at me like I’m something she stepped in* “Well I’m not having a bad day actually. I just don’t have time to be dealing with uneducated fools like you and the rest of the workers. I am highly educated, have an amazing job with a 6 figure salary, and drive a brand new BMW. I don’t need help from someone who dropped out of school and works for minimum wage. You’re never going to amount to anything and are a drain on society.”

Me: *furious* “You are a disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your fancy education may have landed you a well paying job but it obviously taught you nothing about the real World. Not that it’s any of your business but I am about to graduate top of my class from [top university]. Everyone has to start somewhere, but maybe your fancy BMW has made you forget that.”
Coworker: “How dare you! Your manager will be hearing about this!”

(She didn’t say anything to my manager but I wouldn’t have cared as it was my last day. The following Monday I started an entry level position for a large company with a number of other recent graduates, including the woman from the fitting room! So much for her fancy six figure job – we were only earning minimum wage! She spent the next few weeks studiously avoiding me before disappearing one day. Turns out she failed some of her final college exams and didn’t graduate so the company let her go. Karma!)

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(I am selling a customer a podcast microphone, and I suggest it needs a pop shield.)

Customer: “What’s that for?”

Me: “It blocks out plosive sounds.”

Customer: “There won’t be any explosions, it’s an interview.”

Me: “No, ‘PIH’s and ‘BIH’s. PLOSIVE, is the word.”

Customer: “I think you mean ‘expletive.’”

(At this point I’d begun to wonder if I’d made up the word, plus it was a minute to closing, so I let it hang as we both looked bemused. Of course, now this guy’s off to do his interview, thinking I just tried to sell him some gizmo that stops him recording swear words and explosions. Also, I can’t pronounce ‘expletive’. DUHR…)

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Man: “Do you take a credit card.”

Me: “No, sorry, I don’t have that capability. We’re cash only.”

Man: *blank stare, tries to hand me his credit card*

Me: “Sorry, I can’t accept that.”

Man: “It’s a Visa card. It’s accepted everywhere.”

Me: “I don’t have a machine to run it through, as we’re cash only.”

(The man continues to stare at me for an uncomfortably long time, still holding out his card, then he finally wanders away.)

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I have cell phone service through a major provider. While at a friend’s place – where I wasn’t sure about cell coverage – I found I could not get data at all, maps, in particular. After messing around with it for a while, I phoned my provider to ask about it. The tech services person was very thorough, but had to call me back three times before he reached a solution; I’d used up my allotted data for the month.

I thanked him, mentioning it hadn’t happened before so was unexpected. Then I asked him why didn’t said service provider simply text me with this info. That would have saved him and me a half-hour on the phone, and, since it could be done automatically without human input, would cost them zero.

I think I should get paid for doing their thinking for them!