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I’m standing in line waiting to pay, and the person ahead of me is trying to prepay for gas with his creditcard. The customer is trying to convey the point that his car is a rental, and he is not sure how much gas it will need. The store clerk, a meek, and slender fellow, with a soft voice, is trying to explain to him, that if he wants to prepay for $40 worth of gas, but only uses $38 of it, the extra $2 will automatically be refunded to his card. As he is explaining this, the line is growing, and a second store clerk arrives from stocking drinks in the cooler. Store clerk #2 is a larger, stronger man, than clerk #1, and has a deep booming voice. Just as Store Clerk #2 gets on his register, prepay gas guy comes back in, and goes right to front of Store Clerk #1’s register.

Prepay Gas Guy: You owe me $5 dollars. I paid to much.

Store Clerk #1: Sir, I explained to you earlier, that if you did not use all the gas you prepaid for, the remainder would be refunded to your card.

Prepay Gas Guy: I don’t understand. You ripped me off for $5 dollars.

(This goes back if forth for a few minutes.)

Store Clerk #1 says to Store Clerk #2: “Can you help me with this guy, he just isn’t understanding me”.

Store Clerk #2: looks right at Prepaid Gas Guy and says in his large booming voice “Yo, the extra goes right back on the card, man”.

Prepaid Gas Guy finally gets the look like the light bulb over his head finally turned on, and says “Ah, the extra goes back on card. Why didn’t he just say so”.

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Our store has several coupons which come out that are exclusively for customers paying with our store’s charge card. A woman comes up to the register with a few hundred dollars worth of items and one of said coupons.

Me: Okay, your total comes up to [Price].

The woman starts pulling out cash. I assume she didn’t read the fine print on the coupon, and clarify.

Me: Oh, your coupon is for when you use your [Store Charge Card].

Woman: What?

Me: To use this coupon, you have to put it on your [Store Charge Card]. See? It’s right here. (I point out where it says that on the coupon.)

Woman: I don’t have a [Store Charge Card].

Me: Well, if you don’t have it on you, we can look it up by your Social-

Woman: No, I don’t have a [Store Charge Card]! I got this from a friend! She said I could come it and use it!

Me: Oh… Well, unfortunately, that is a [Store Charge Card] exclusive coupon. If you don’t have one or aren’t paying with one, I can’t give you the discount. If you’d like, I can sign you up for a [Store Charge Card]. The discount for approval is [Same discount on the coupon]. That way, you’d still get the discount.

Her: I don’t want a [Store Charge Card]! Didn’t you send out some sort of percent off coupon in the mail at around two?

I have heard of no such coupon.

Me: No?

She starts looking on her phone anyway, and sure enough, finds no such coupon.

Her: Fine, just take the coupon off.

Me: Okay, the price is [Slightly higher price]. And if there’s nothing else, I’ll get you your change-

At that exact moment, the computer and pin pad lock up.

Me: Um, sorry, we’re having some technical difficulties-

Her: FINE!

She takes her cash and the coupon and flat out leaves, grumbling something about never coming here again.

Me: …Have a nice day!

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(I am the dumb customer this time. I was in middle school or so, and had just started babysitting for my mom’s theater group when I’d decided I needed a new charger and headphones for my iPod at the time. This is one of the first few times I’d ever bought something for myself. My mom had gone into the store to keep me from overspending.)

Associate: “Okay, and will that be everything for you today?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

Associate: “Great! That’ll be $40.56”

Me: *hands the associate $30 because I’m just not paying that much attention; I was very nervous at the time)*

Associate: “Um. The total is $40.56”

Me: *still not thinking and nervous* “Yeah.”

Mom: “Honey, give her the other $20. You only gave her $30.”

Me: “What?” *realizing and turning bright red* “Oh! I’m so sorry!” *hands over the other $20*

(Thank you, patient associate, for letting me be a space cadet!)

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I took two weeks off to get married and returned to work 10/21. Within the first few days a young African woman came in. Since I don’t know her name, I shall refer to her as A.

When A saw me at register, she rolled her eyes and asked if I was going to card her. I responded by stating company policy that all customers are carded until 27 and asked her age. She called me a bitch and told me she was 25. A then left the store without purchasing anything.

On 10/23, A returned to the store and saw me mopping. She proceeded to kick over the wet floor cones and called me a bitch again. As I was checking her and her partner out, she berated me and insulted me. According to her, I was so polite it was rude and offensive and I should remember her as being legally able to smoke.

I attempted to explain that I didn’t remember seeing her ID and that if she wanted a manager I could get one. A left before the manager could come up.

On 10/25, she came into the store around 11:40pm. She and her partner bought a single soda and left the store without much incident. Only a few minutes later, her partner returned and told me there was no gas on pump 9. I printed out the receipt and told him that no gas was purchased.

He left and returned with A. She proceeded to tell me that she paid for the gas and refused to listen when I showed her the receipt. She called me all sorts of names and told me I had to put the gas on the pump. After a few minutes of this, I radioed for help and informed her that I was under no obligation to help her further as she was verbally assaulting me.

A then called me a cunt and told me that I would be better off dead. It was at this point that I left register and T, the MOD, arrived. I had to return to check customers out as Tim was now arguing with A and attempting to explain there was no record of her pumping gas.

I offered to give T a few dollars to pay for their gas as I know what it’s like to be broke. A must have over heard me whisper to him as she proceeded to tell me that she was going to shove my money up my ass and beat me to a pulp. I was again called a bitch, a cunt and other names as I walked away.

I left the sales floor while A yelled at T and finally bullied him into putting the 20$ onto pump 9. There was no record of her paying for gas ever found.

On 10/26, the general manager accused me of enjoying drama and intentionally making his life more difficult. I was already upset, despite it being hours after the incident, and his anger towards me resulted in my crying.

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Customer: *comes up with multiple potted plants* They told me you know how to bag these correctly.
Me: Who is they?
Customer: They told me you know how to bag these correctly.
Me: Well how would you like me to bag them?
Customer: *getting incredibly irritated because I don’t understand her crypticness*
Me: From the bottom or over the top? (our floral girl has told us that to protect the tops of the plants we should bag over the plant instead of around the pot) and would you like paper or plastic?
Customer: *speaking slowly so I understand her* Well I think putting them in plastic will keep them from spilling don’t you?
Me: (puts plants in bags. They’re rather large so attempting to tie the tops would hurt the plants) Ok that will be $xxx.
Customer: *screaming* these will tip and make a mess! They told me you knew how to bag these correctly!
Me: I bagged the the way you said you wanted them bagged. You wouldn’t even tell me how “they” are so I couldn’t even ask what they meant.

My customer then stormed out of the store saying she would never shop here again. Promises, promises.