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I work in a Tech Support Call centre for a big brand phone supplier, this kind of thing is a common occurrence.

Me: He there thanks for calling [Tech Support Company] can I take your name please?

Customer: Yeah I have this problem with my phone [breaks into long story]

Me: Okay I think I understand, before we continue can I take your name?

Customer: Oh! And it also does this thing [storytime]

Me: Okay I have that all down. Now before continuing, I’ll need to take your-

Customer: Oh and also [story]

Me: Okay, we’ll need to set up a repair for that, but we can’t continue unless I have your name.

Customer: Oh! Why didn’t you say so? Gosh you should have said something!

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I work in the ICT Applications Support team so we generally help out ‘users’ within the rest of the company. I was trying to take a look at a problem with an application a user had on his computer, so I went to his desk and asked him to log in (since he had locked the computer to come and find me)
User: *types in password, looks at the screen and then clicks the cancel button* Oh! I must have gotten my password wrong
Before I could say anything he was already typing in his password again and did the exact same thing! He pressed cancel.
Me: Erm..I’m sorry to interject but you’re pressing cancel, try pressing the enter key.
User: I’m not stupid! How dare you!
He then continued to make the same mistake 5 more times before finally doing what I suggested and pressing the enter key

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I work at a store of a very popular craft store chain. Though typically I’m on the register 90% of the time, there are the few times I get to be on the floor and tonight was one of those nights.

As I passed by the frame shop to put a few items back from my cart I hear the Frame shop phone ringing. Normally a framer would answer the phone but they were currently on the floor helping a customer and I was the nearest to the phone so I picked up the line.
“Hello..Thank you for calling [Store Name]’s Frame shop.. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Um…(pauses) Do.. Do ya’ll sell…..(insert 30 second pause) frames?
Me: “(resisting the urge to laugh) Er.. Yes Sir! You did call the frame shop after all! How can I help you?”
Customer: “Um…….. Do ya’ll sell frames in…(insert 10 second pause)  Different sizes?
Me:”Yes sir.. what size are you looking for?”
Customer: *gives complicated size*
Me: “Ahh Well sir we don’t carry that size but if you want to bring in the art work we can help you get it custom framed. ”
Customer: “So… Go in the store? Hmmm Okay… I’ll try elsewhere but thank you.

Hung up the phone and could not stop laughing at how high as a kite this poor customer was but I dearly hope he found a frame XD

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A typical day in the smoke shop drive thru
Customer: I want marloboro
Me: ok what kind of marlbs do you want?
Customer: regular
Me: …. so do you want reds?
Customer: Yes! Regulars!
Me: king size or hundreds?
Customer: Regular
Me: King size hundreds?
Customer: REGULARS!
Me: King size or hundreds?
Customer: (glares at me because I aparantly am too stupid to understand what regular means) kings
Me: (smiles and finishes transactions) Have a good one

Next customer pulls up
Customer: I want a carton of full flavor  blue camel 99s
Me: (grab full flavor and rings it up)
Customer: are those blues?
Me: no (switches them out and finishes transaction)
Customer: these are wrong you were supposed to give me the full flavor blues
Me: alright, if you give me the receipt and smokes I’ll refund them and give you the right ones
Customer to passenger: how effing stupid can she be? I know I said camel full flavor blues

Next customer pulls up
Customer: can I get a box of marlbs?
I grab a pack and ring it up
Customer: No! I wanted a carton!
Me: ok I’ll just go grab that for you. (all the while thinking how many more of these am I going to get today?)

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(I live in a college town with my family. At this time, I’m 13, and in the car with my mom, older sister, and three younger ones. We decide to drive through McDonald’s.)

Older sister: Mom, we should do something weird. Like go through the drive through and ask for a buttload of fries.

Mom: No! We can’t do that! What will they think?

Sister: Who cares? I think it’ll be fun. We’re never going to see them again, it doesn’t matter.

Mom: Still, imagine being that person working the drive through.

Sister: Mom. They get college students who are high, drunk, and on acid. I think they’ll be okay.

Little sisters: Yeah, they’ll be fine, Mom, please, let’s do it…

(We all chime in and eventually convince her to order something strange. When we pull up, this scene follows.)

Drive-through guy: Um, hi, welcome to McDonald’s. Order whenever you’re ready.


Drive-through guy: Um, okay. (Two large orders of fries appear on the screen, as well as our cheeseburgers.)


Drive-through guy: Uh, okay, yeah. Pull up to the second window, please.

Mom: (to us) Oh, s***. Now I’m embarrassed. I can’t show my face at that window, I can’t! (Sister’s name), you’re the oldest, you drive!

(My oldest sister is fifteen and has just begun learning to drive.)

Sister: What? Mom, I can’t drive!

Mom: Eh, it’s just around a drive through! You’ll be fine.

(They CLIMB over each other and all of us to switch seats. We are still at the speaker.)

Sister: Wait, this is the gas pedal, right?

Mom: (sister’s name), I can’t see! The gas is on the left. No, wait, the right. NO, WAIT!

(They figure it out, and we slowly move around the drive through. The car jerks back and forth. When we’re finally done inching around the building, an employee opens the window. Everyone in the car is either laughing hysterically or barely containing it.)

Employee: All right, I’ve got an order for six cheeseburgers and three large fries? *turns to face my sister*

Sister: *bursting out laughing* PFAAAAH!

Employee: Uh… Are you okay?

Sister: *nods, still laughing* Yes, we’re fine, here’s your cheeseburger money, thanks for asking.

Employee: Glad to hear it…

(We get our food, and my mom and sister climb back over each other. There is a long pause.)

Mom: Wanna go inside?

Everyone: *nods and smiles*

(She parks the car. We walk happily into the McDonald’s, with what must have been the stupidest little grins on our faces. And we eat our crapload of fries.)

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