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, , | Unfiltered | December 5, 2021

Back when I was in primary school, the PTA decided to run a production of Grease, starring the parents and teachers (and one student in the role of the headmistress).
It all went great – cheesy acting, bad American accents, horrible singing – the kind of thing everyone expected.
However, it was discovered soon afterwards that the parents playing Danny and Sandy had gotten a little… method. In that while their characters fell in love, they had an affair.
This school was in a small village, so everyone knew each other and knew what had happened. Making things worse was the fact that both of the adulterers had a child in the same class, which meant that the parents often saw each other when dropping off or picking up.
Highlights included: the two men having a full on fight near the school, leading the police to be called; other parents picking sides and having shouting matches; and the school never doing another PTA production to this day, the best part of a decade later.
Now, it’s become a taboo to mention Grease or that production in or around the school, even though none of the children of those parents go there anymore, and one of them had been moved to a different school years before anyway.

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It is the Saturday before Christmas and it has been super busy all day long. Me and two other coworkers are going home for the evening, but it’s a slow period so we are wishing a merry Christmas to our coworkers who are working later than us. Three of us who are done work are talking with someone who is still working. A customer walks up to us, and me and an employee who is done his shift say hello to the customer. The three of us who are done for the day look at the employee who is still working. He smiles at us and we all look back at the customer, and then back at the employee.

Employee: Oh right, I’m still on the clock!

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OK, I shouldn’t have been stroppy, but seriously, why call a customer forward when you’re not ready, then complain because you’re not ready to deal with them yet?

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(I’m on the bus with my toddler, and to keep her relatively quiet we talk about the things we can see outside. As we stop at the train station we see a woman with the brightest, funkiest rainbow-coloured hair. The other women on the bus at the time obviously knew her…)

Woman#1: “There’s [rainbow lady]. Look at her hair!!”
Woman #2: “I know. She’s way too old for that! It looks stupid…”

(I had already pointed it out to my daughter, since my mother is a hairdresser I appreciate the work that goes in and this was a masterpiece. Aside from that, her hair is doing no harm and the other two were being incredibly rude. So we got a little louder…)

Me, to Daughter: “Isn’t that lady’s hair pretty?”

Daughter: “Yeah! I wanna grow for it!”
(Translation: I would like that when I’m older.)

Me: “Yeah? Well in a few years we’ll ask Granny. Doesn’t she look like an awesome unicorn?”

Daughter: “Yeah!!”

(The other two got very quiet after that, and the bus pulled away. Rainbow Lady, we think you look great so keep rocking your unicorn hair as long as you want to!!! )

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, , | Unfiltered | December 4, 2021

Me: “Thank you for putting up with my chicken nuggets.”
(Ever since the first incident using this phrase, it has become a part of our regular vocabulary)
Husband, eyes widening and an excited smile: “Mmmm…. chicken nuggets.”
Me: “You can get them only if you get the dinosaur ones!”