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I work at Korean/Japanese fusion restaurant. We have two items on the menu that end with ‘katsu’, though they’re two different meats.

Customer: “I’ll take the number one.”

Me: “That has two choices of meat, what would you like?”

Customer: “I’ll have the chicken and… what’s that?” *points to chicken katsu*

Me: “That’s a fried chicken cutlet, and tonkatsu is a fried pork cutlet.”

Customer: “Okay I’ll have the chicken and the katsu.”

He’s finished speaking and after a beat I realise he’s not going to specify which kind.

Me: “…which one?”

Customer: “The CHICKEN katsu.”

The transaction finishes normally (honestly I was surprised he didn’t throw his money on the counter with his attitude) but my goodness, if you can’t specify what you want don’t be prissy when you have to clarify afterwards. Service workers aren’t mind readers!

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My phone rings, so I answer it, giving the opening spiel the company like for us to use.
Me: Good morning. Thank you for calling [business]. This is [me], how can I help?
Customer: Who am I speaking to?
Me: This is [me].
Customer: Oh. Wrong number…
Hangs up.

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(I’m working at a snack cart. We sale mainly fresh fruit, but we also have chips. It’s no later than 11am. A kid and his mother pass by the cart and the kid asks his mom to buy him a bag of cheetos)
Mom (to kid): No, you’ve already had three bags today.
Me (to kid): Perhaps you’d like a piece of fresh pineapple.
Mom (to me, with an attitude): If he would eat that kind of stuff I’d be over the moon.
(She ended up buying him the cheetos anyway, which would make it his fourth bag that day, and it’s before 11am. I also can’t help but think that he might go for fruit if his mother encouraged it, although I may be biased because my kids love fruit.)

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(One of the game stores in my town is very casual and has a lot of friendly regulars they know by first name, myself included. I’m browsing and talking to the staff when another regular comes in with a styrofoam box. I don’t want to perpetuate stereotypes, but he had the smell of someone who was on a 10-day gaming binge.)

Regular: How’s it going?

Staff: Good, how about yourself?

Regular: Good! *makes small talk for a little bit* Hey, do you mind if I eat my lunch in here?

Staff: Um, I guess? I don’t think we have rules about that one way or the other, so… sure?

Regular: Okay! Thanks!

(The guy then pulls out barbeque chicken wings and eat them. They have a pretty hefty stench, which adds to the BO. I don’t have a good sense of smell, and even I tell to stay away from the corner he’s in. I leave shortly after, and come back the next day. Now there’s some incense burning in the corner.)

Me: Hey, so when did the owner’s become okay with burning incense in the store?

Staff:… um, y’know, we just wanted to make the place smell nice… and, uh…

Me: Oh, I thought it was the dude who wreaked of BO and ate horrendous-smelling barbeque wings in here yesterday.

Staff: Oh my God thank you. I was trying to be nice, but seriously, that was gross.

Me: I think you might need a ‘no food’ policy.

Staff: I think we might do that.

(To be fair, he wasn’t rude or anything, but I just don’t think he was aware of the odour he was creating. If you’re going to eat smelly food, please do it where it isn’t going to bother anyone.)

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I do I.T. Support for a multi-national, USA based, insurance company, and have all manner of ridiculous conversations with the people calling to ask for my help…

As an example, last night someone called to report a network outage, and the following conversation took place while I was trying to get them to confirm their basic information…

And where are you located?

We’re contractors…

Okay, and where are you actually located?

I think our head office is in Miami…

Okay, and where exactly in the world are YOU currently located?…

We’re contractors…

Okay, I get that you’re contractors, but you have a problem and we need to know where you are so we can fix it. So can you tell me where you are please?

Oh, I don’t know that. I’ll have to put you on hold…