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I own a kennel, and I also live there in a separate house on the same property. When a prospective customer calls, I make sure to let them know the vaccine requirements for their pet to stay here; rabies, distemper (a vaccine with several types of anti-virals) and bordetella, which is kennel cough. These shots are non-negotiable. These are also listed on my web site.

A couple showed up exactly at their appointment time. While the wife filled out the paperwork, the husband let the dog loose for a potty walk. I asked him to please put the dog on a leash and I point out the designated potty lawn, a semi-circular patch of lawn big enough to park a large van on. There is also a sign that says exactly this on a post with a waste bag dispenser, and a metal trash can that has a sign that reads “Place used waste bags in here”. The husband put a retractable leash on the dog, essentially allowing the dog to wander where it wanted to, and turned and took the dog across the driveway to the big lawn in front of my house. I ask him again to use the little lawn, not the one we just seeded. The big lawn has a “No Pottying” sign on it. He walked the dog back across the driveway, past the potty lawn, and into the rose garden. (With a stone border and red mulch AND a “No Pottying” sign.) Again, I asked him to please walk the dog on the potty lawn. The man made a face and I could hear him go “Humph!” He immediately walked the dog into the lilac bed next to the house next door. (It’s got a brick border and red mulch, and that pesky “No Pottying” sign!) Again, I asked him to please walk the dog on the potty lawn! No answer, just a grimace.

In the meantime, the wife and I can’t find the vet record in their paperwork for the dog’s bordetella vaccine, just reminders for it. Husband gets cranky declaring “It’s there! We just had it done!” over and over again. I called their vet to find out if the shot had been given, but even 15 minutes after the vet’s open hours, there’s no answer except their outgoing message.

Husband then walked the dog into the street. I warned him about how the people drive like maniacs here. He said “I’ll watch” in a very surly manner. He then walked the dog up the street, and then curved back into my flower and hosta garden in front of my home where the dog poops. The man was deliberately stomping on the plants! At least he had the decency to pick the poo up, but my poor plants! He comes back to where I’m standing, and had a nasty smile on his face.

I look at the wife and told her that I’m sorry, but without the shot, I cannot accept their dog for boarding. It sounded like the husband muttered under his breath something about a female dog. The wife said then that they’ll just go into town and either get one from Tractor Supply or find a vet. I decided that no matter what, their dog wasn’t going to be staying here. Ever. They got back into their car and the husband floored it through my gravel parking area, spraying gravel all over, and as they pulled into the street, I saw the bag of poo go flying out of the driver’s window. Nice people.

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(An older couple comes up in my checkout line. They are not purchasing any merchandise.)
Me: Hello, how can I help you today?
Woman: Yes I would like to cash this check please.
Me: I am sorry but I am unable to cash checks seeing as we are a department store. However,there is a bank right here in the plaza.
Man: This is f****in ridiculous why can’t you just cash my wife’s check. I would like to see your supervisor NOW!
(I get the customer service supervisor who heard the entire conversation)
Supervisor: I’m sorry but she is not a bank. We are unable to cash your check here, and if you don’t calm down I am going to ask you to leave.
(The couple looks embarrassed and just leaves)
Supervisor: Well, you don’t see that everyday.

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(I had just finished browsing the shoe section and found nothing of interest.)

Me: Is there a shoe store around here?

Cashier: A what?

Me: A shoe store

Cashier: A shoe store?

Me: Yes

Cashier: You mean, like, a store that sells shoes??

Me: Yes…..

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(I’m an immigrant living and working in the UK. We’ve just opened and I’m standing at the till. A customer makes a beeline for me from outside and plunks her purse on my counter.)

Customer: Do you have a fiver in your till for change?

Me: I’m sorry, I can’t make change.

(There are a lot of problems with counterfeiting where I live so management is very strict on this point.)

Customer: Oh, just come on, I don’t have time for this!

Me: I’m sorry, ma’m, I’m just not allowed.

Customer: *screaming* Cambridge is a dump! *grabs her purse and storms away, utterly ignoring me as I, for some reason, continue to try to help her.*

Me: But… there’s a bank nearby…?

(So much for that famous British reserve and politeness!)

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We had a special offer where you could mix 10 small fruits and vegetables in a bag for 3.99. However the sign was a bit odd; it said “When you buy 10 you only pay 39 cents for each” instead of just “10 for 3.99”.

A woman comes to my register with 6 in a bag:
Me: Mam, they have to be 10 to qualify for the offer.
Woman: Aren’t they all 39 cents?
Me: No. It’s 39 cents each if you buy 10. I know the sign is a bit odd.
Woman: Why isn’t it just 39 cents?
Me: I don’t really know. That’s a question I’ll be sure to ask my manager.
(She was dead serious)