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At this particular tea shop we are required to suggest samples to the passerbys. I’m standing at the cart handing out samples when a Highschool-aged boy comes over.
“Is that tea as sweet as you are?”
Ignoring the horrible pickup line, I explain the sweetness level of the tea. He leaves. He comes back nearly an hour later.
Him: “Is that tea as sweet as you are?”
Me: “You already said that.”
Him: “Well I meant that tea. *points to one of the two samples* what about this one? *points to the other”
Me: “Uhhhh”
Him: (trying to save the lack of game he has) “Your eyes are really pretty”
Me: “Thanks… I appreciate that.”
Him: “So if I try this tea, do I get your number”
Me: “No… No you don’t.”
At this point, his friend realizes I’m annoyed/uncomfortable and says “Come on, man” and pulls him away.

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Me: Thank you for calling [Store], how can I help you?

Female customer: You sell Frozen stuff?

Me: We most certainly do. Is there something in particular you’re looking for?

Female customer: No.

Me: *Waits a few seconds* Well, then I’m glad I can help. Thank you for calling and goodbye.

Customer: Wait! I ain’t done! You got balloons?

Me: We offer latex and mylar balloons.

Customer: You got Frozen balloons?

Me: We do, however we’re currently out of all Frozen balloons at this time.

Customer: Oh. Okay. *Hangs up*

*Next day, which is Saturday, we have massive balloon orders to fill. Customers will come in earlier in the week, select the items and the day and time they want the balloons filled. We tend to have at least 40 before noon. As it happens, ten to twelve of them are Frozen balloon orders that the customers have already prepaid for. We bag them and put them in our holding area for the customers to come in to claim*

Me: *Greeting a female customer who has come in and looking very hostile* Hello! Welcome to [Store]. Is there anything I can help you find?

Customer: You got Frozen stuff?

Me: We do, yes. Would you like me to show you where it is?

Customer: Nah. You got Frozen balloons?

Me: *Cluing in that this is the same customer who called the night before* We do. However we sold out of all Frozen balloons by Thursday. Did you by chance call about Frozen balloons last night?

Customer: Yeah, I did. She told me you had some.

Me: I believe you talked with me last night. I’m afraid I told you that we were out last night as well. Can I ask who you spoke with?

Customer: Yeah, it was [My Name].

Me: *points to tag and laughs* It was me, then. I’m really sorry, but we really are out of Frozen. However, if you need them for a later date, we can place an order in and let you know when they come in.

Customer: *Points to the orders that have been filled* You liar! I see them balloons over there! You got some!

Me: Those are orders that have been placed in and purchased already, ma’am. They aren’t for sale anymore.

Customer: But you got some.

Me: Yes, but not for sale. When are you needing your balloons for?

Customer: I need them right now! My niece has a party today and she loves Frozen. Give me one of them.

Me: Ma’am, I can’t. They aren’t for sale. Those are other customers’ orders. They have paid for them already.

Customer: You ain’t got none left over?

Me: No. We won’t have any until likely Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Customer: You can’t give me one of those?

Me: I’m sorry, I can’t. That’s not fair to the customer who bought them already.

Customer: S***. Give me one of those anyway. They won’t notice.

Me: I can’t.

Customer: *Gets loud* I SAID GIVE ME THOSE ONES!

Me: No. You can buy some latex balloons. But you aren’t getting any of those.

*The customer charges over to the order section and tries to grab one. She gets grabbed by the manager and a coworker, is escorted out and is given the suggestion not to come back*

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I work at a crawfish restaurant and its bring your own beer. One day a very tall drunk man comes stumbling in and I take him to a table.
Customer: How old are you?
Me: im 18
Customer: You look like your 10
Customer: Well arent you going to respond to my insult.
Me: i didnt take it as a insult sir.
Customer: I want 10 pounds of crawfish and a pound of shrimp.
Me: Alright it will be right out.
I walk into the kitchen and start to make his crawfish then he yells,”WAITER” and i hurry to his table.
Customer: Can i get my food already its been an hour since i ordered.
It had only been 5 minutes..
Me: Sorry Sir ill have it right out for you.
Customer: Ok thank you And by the way you have a big butt for someone so tiny.
I walk away slowly and get his food. After i get his food i tell the manager she walks out there and says.
Manager: Excuse me sir, did you just tell my waitress she had a nice butt??
Customer: Yes i did
Manager: You have no right to harrase my girls like that you need to pay for your food and leave. So he gets up gives me 300$ and takes his food and leaves. His food was only 132$.

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(I work as a cashier at a supermarket alongside my partner–a trans-woman–whom often works beside me. We are friends with all the other employees, including the manager, and a handful of the regulars, inlcuding one in particular who has known my partner for years. I myself am female, and my partner was graced with rather feminine features, bar her voice.)

Partner: *Playfully pinching my cheek* Wanna go out someplace after work?

Me: Sure. Got anywhere in mind?

(The regular who has known my partner for a while walks up, apparently overhearing the brief conversation.) Regular: There’s some stuff going on at [Bar], I’ll buy you two drinks if you want.

Me: Sounds good.

(The next couple minutes are idle chit-chat between the three of us; the regular is currently waiting on his wife to finish shopping. An older woman of–politely speaking–larger size walks up. She has a crucifix hanging from her neck, and three children trailing behind her.)

Woman: Oi, you, bimbo.

Me: *Looking around* Er, me?

Woman: Yeah, you. *Spits on the floor in front of me* What do you think you’re doing?

Me: …Working?

(The woman reaches over the counter and attempts to pinch my cheek in a rather forceful way; by now I realise what she is talking about. My partner steps in.)

Partner: I’m going to have to ask you to stop that, madam.

Woman: *Gasping* Oh, you T-f*ck! *Holds the crucifix necklace up to her*

Me: Excuse me, but is there a problem here?

Woman: Problem? YOU’RE the problem; you and this T here. It’s bad enough you look like lesbos, but you’re fake lesbos. My children don’t want to see this.

(The regular from earlier took a more resigned position as the woman came over, but stepped up now.”

Regular: Madam, could you please calm down? You’re embarrassing yourself, these two ladies and your kids.

Woman: Ladies?! You daft–who even are you? Can’t you see that this one’s a sl*t and this one’s a–a–

Partner: *Surprisingly managing to keep her cool* A woman. Just not to people like you, for whatever reason.

Woman: Listen here, sinner. God gave you your body; He does not want you to make it filthy with your feminine desires. Why don’t you go play football?

Partner: Because I’m allowed my own choices.

Woman: What about the Bible? I bet you can’t even remember any teachings. Why don’t you follow the Holy Book?

Partner: Again, I’m allowed my own choices.

Me: Please, madam, for pure decency if nothing else, just drop this scene.

Woman: I’m not moving until you tell me a Bible quote. I’m not paying for this either. *She lifts up her carrier bags, filled with yoghurts, bread, and a few other groceries*

Me: Trust not in oppression, and become not vain in robbery: if riches increase, set not your heart upon them.

(The woman remains speechless for a moment, with her face becoming a rather stunning array of reds. I give my partner a reassuring look; she is smiling softly.)

Me: That’ll be [Amount], is there anything else I can help you with?

Woman: I’m not going to pay for any food from any store that gives filthy Muslim quotes to a well-meaning Christian mother. Kids, come on.

(Me and my partner look to see when the woman has finally left; when she did, we embraced one another. Luckily, we live in a rather liberal area, and things like this don’t happen often. The regular took us both to the bar and we had a great night, with free drinks, no less!)

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(I’m picking up a few things at the store, and go through self-checkout. A man is waiting behind me, and is quiet until I pull out my food stamps card.)
Man: Ugh, you’re a poor piece of sh*t, you should have waited for all the REAL members of society to go first!
Me: …excuse me?
Man: You heard me! You probably sit at home and collect welfare instead of actually working! Do you have a sugar daddy too? Does he buy you fancy cars and phones?
Me: Sir, please stop.
Man: Well, I’ll stop when you stop living on government handouts.
(An employee hears him and comes over.)
Employee: I’m going to ask you to either calm down or leave. This woman has asked you to leave her alone, and you’ve continued to harass her.
Man: She should stop being so lazy!
Me: I’m not lazy, I’m too disabled to work, but don’t qualify for disability. My husband works, but we’re barely paying bills. I don’t collect welfare.
Man: …well, you’re still lazy!
(He stormed off. The employee gave me a discount on my groceries.)

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