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It’s about 6:30am on a Saturday and I’m at the register.  A lady and her husband in their 60’s come up to the counter with coffee.

Her:  Is your brother working today too?
Me:  Uh, I don’t have a brother…
Her:  Oh?  You’re Rachel, aren’t you?
Me:  Yes, my name is Rachel, but i don’t have a brother.  I do have a sister, but she lives in North Carolina…
Her:  Oh, what about your other relatives that work here?
Me:  I’m the only one in my family that works for Sheetz…
Her:  That’s a shame….

Her husband pays for their coffee and she walks away shaking her head…  I had never seen the couple before this…

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(An elderl woman comes in and orders a sandwich)
Me: What kind of cheese would you like?
Customer: Are you trying to give me cancer? Cheese gives you cancer

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(A lady approaches my very busy express lane at work with well over the 12 item limit and a little ceramic jar with no code on it)
Me: I am sorry, there is no code on this, did you know roughly how much it is?
Customer: $4.80
Me: I am fairly certain they are a part of a pack of 3 for that price. I’ll just double check for you.
(I proceed to ask the manager who is standing near me, who agrees that they are apart of a 3 set)
Me: They are a part of the set, did you want to go grab the other two?
Customer: (suddenly mad) No! I brought one here the other day for that price! I don’t want three of them!
Me: I just didn’t want to rip you off.
(I go and tell manager that she is insisting on only buying it individually. We decided to just sell it for that price to keep the line moving)
Customer: SEE?! That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

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Customer: “Excuse me, can you tell me the difference between the white chocolate truffle and the vanilla truffle?”

Me: “Sure, one is white chocolate and the other is vanilla.”

Customer: “Ohhh! Thanks!”

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(I work at an after-market retail store that only carries LEGO brand building blocks, sets and figures. We often get questions concerning figurines of characters that were produced by other companies or were custom-made by fans of the toys. On this day, a little boy of perhaps 7 years of age approaches me while his parents are busy in another section of the store.)

Child: Excuse me? Do you have a Hitler figure?

Me: (assuming he is using LEGO pieces for a school assignment) No we don’t, as the company LEGO has never made a Hitler figure. I’m sure you could build one out of the right pieces, though.

Child: Oh. So you don’t have a Hitler figure?

Me: No we don’t. We only carry figures made by LEGO, and they never have made a Hitler figure.

Child: Oh. Well, you know, they should. Because if they did, you could make money selling him. People would like to buy a Hitler figure. (Walks away.)

(I spent the rest of the day wondering where the entirety of that conversation came from.)

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