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(This happens as my brother, aunt, and I, are going on to a cake shop in Alabama. I had just opened the car door, hitting a much larger car in the process.)
Me: *realizing there is a family in the car* “Oops! Sorry!”
Woman in Truck: “Apologies won’t pay for the damage to my car!”
(I looked at the F-150 before me. It loomed over our small sedan. The behemoth of metal and rubber could not have possibly been damaged by our tiny car.)
Me: “Ma’am, I can assure you that I did no damage to your car.
Aunt: “Go inside.”
(My brother and I rush inside the cake shop, and as we leave, we hear this gem from the father. Note that as two black people with similar skin shades, we are mostly mistaken for mother and son.)
Truck Father: “How do you expect to pay for the damage your son caused?”
(We walk back outside 10 minutes later to find a mall cop has driven over. The truck driver is shouting at him.)
Mall Cop: “Sir, I assure you no damage has been done to your car.”
Truck Driver: “But that kid–
Mall Cop: “Sir, if you don’t leave right now, I will have you fined for disturbing the peace.”
(The driver drives off. Me, being immature and around 9 at the time, resulted in me making a prolonged sound in result to me eating my cake.)

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My Grandma has always been known to be “always right”. In this scenario, we’re going to a popular fast food restaurant that’s more so known for its ice cream. For some reason, the restaurant is temporarily closed.

On the restaurant’s sign’s digital screen, it reads “temp closed”. I notice this, but don’t overly clue in to it, until I see the barricades across the driveway into the parking lot.

I inform my Grandma that it’s temporarily closed, but she doesn’t believe me. She asks, “Where do you see that?”

I tell her that it says so on the big sign. She still doesn’t believe me, so, while we’re pulled up out front of the restaurant, she proceeds to get out of the car to see the huge sign with the large digital letters that read “temp closed”. While she’s doing this, I notice the employees are still inside, doing whatever they’re doing, while they’re “temporarily closed”.

Once Grandma gets back inside the car, she says, “I see people in there.”

I tell her, “I think those are just the employees.” I end up repeating myself, after she doesn’t believe me the first time; this time, stating that they’re all wearing the same hats (for their uniform).

After she finally clues in/believes me that they’re closed, she says, “I hope they didn’t get robbed!”

I have it in me to say, “If they were robbed, I’m pretty sure police cars would be there…” But, to hold the peace, I decide to hold back on my comment.

Oh, Grandma… I love you, but sometimes, you have to realize that when someone explains the truth to you, you need to listen!

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(Around mid-August 2017, I lost my full time job. Life went downhill for the next few weeks, which turned into months, and before I knew it, summer was coming back and I’d gone almost a full year without work. I was relying heavily on rent and bill money from my parents. My only source of income was a babysitter agency, and because of my depression, my struggle to be dependable, and overall indifference to kids, I was a pretty bad sitter. Though I applied for benefits and searched for work, I wasn’t getting anywhere, and my shame grew thicker and thicker with every passing day that I couldn’t fend for myself.)

(Below is a crucial text conversation I had with my mom, around seven in the morning on July 1st, 2018. The night before, I’d been fired from the babysitter agency.)

Me: Mom, are you up?

Mom: Yes

Me: I don’t want to talk on the phone. It’s early and I’m at [Sister]’s house. The babysitting thing is over.

Mom: Why?

Me: I feel really numb. It all spiraled out of control last night.

Mom: So sorry.

Me: Well now on top of bills I have a fee to pay ASAP.

(The agency always took a monthly percentage out of sitter earnings. 30% from greenhorns like me who couldn’t even last six months.)

Me: Mom, how can this be so crushing? It’s just money. But I’ve never understood so clearly why people kill themselves over it. Those freak stories about men throwing themselves out windows when the stock market crashed. They feel oddly, darkly real to me right now…ugh, just had to get that out. Please don’t freak out. I care so much about you.

Mom: [My name], start thanking God. He loves you and thinks you’re so special that he died for you. We love you too.

Me: (thinking I scared her) I’m just lying on the couch, texting you. I’m a little teary and overwhelmed, it’s okay.

Mom: God tends to allow us to hit bottom to make us look up and realize we can do nothing without him. That happened to me. I’m praying for you now. Love.

Me: I’m coming down there. I want to ride to church with you this morning.

Mom: Great.

(After a warm, encouraging Sunday morning at church with my family, my life began to turn around. I packed things up and left my apartment for a week to stay at my parents’ place and focus on job searching, and started taking my medication again. I got back on a normal sleep schedule. I sent out several applications per day for a whole week, had one last rejuvenating weekend at my childhood home, and then went back to my apartment.

The next week, results from my surge of applications started pouring in. I had a very promising interview on July 11th. The company called me later that day with the job offer which I immediately accepted. I started work two days later on July 13th, 2018. I LOVE my new job and things have been steadily improving for me since. I feel truly blessed, and I will never forget that text conversation with my mom, when she was there for me at one of my lowest points.

The same day I started work, Unemployment Benefits emailed me their final decision and said I was eligible, granting me about $300 for one week way back in June. Talk about timing.)

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My dad knows my birthday is coming up and, finding out that our printer is acting up, decides to get me a new one as a gift. He brings it over on Saturday, the 4th, because it’s the first convenient day. My birthday is the 5th.

Dad: [to my kids] And do you know why I’m bringing this? What day is today?

Kids: …

Dad: It’s your mom’s birthday!

Me: Nope.

Dad: [completely ignores me] Come on, let’s sing Happy Birthday for her!

(hours later)

Dad: Wait… Today’s the 4th? I thought it was the 5th.

Me: Nope, the 4th. I told you it wasn’t my birthday.

Dad: Yeah, I wondered why you said that. I thought you just didn’t know what you were talking about.

Ladies and gentlemen, my family.

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One thing that always surprises me about haulage and deliveries in particular is people that are displeased or outright annoyed by having something delivered to them

Recently I had a simple 1 pallet delivery in a town less than 10 miles from my home depot. The paperwork gave the street name and number (14) and a company name. I found the address with no issue. The item in question was a car engine, number 14 on this street was clearly a residential address however right next to it was a commercial garage and the house clearly had a side door that exited into the yard of this property.

I therefore made the assumption that this was probably the right place and decided to try the house. The door bell brought a 30 something guy to the door in boxers and a vest.

Me: Hi there sorry to bother you, I’m after [name of company] and they gave #14 as the delivery address, would this be you?

Guy: No this is a house, are you blind? They start at 9.

He then forcefully slams the door in my face.

Given its literally 8:59am at this point I shrug it off and get back into my wagon for the 1 minute until whoever I’m supposed to be waiting for shows up. 9 comes and goes and at 9:15 I ring my depot to say theres no one here and I need to be moved on, and also pass on info about the guy in case anyone else delivers here at a later date. As I’m making the phonecall the guy from the house leaves (still in boxers and a vest) and gets into a car thats currently accross the garages gate, drives 20 yards down the road, walks back and OPENS THE GATE and then walks to me in the wagon and full on punches the door to get my attention.

Guy (shouting through the door): PALLET!!

My office hear this through the phone and ask me whats going on, I briefly summerise what the hell this guy is doing and my office tells me to refuse delivery and leave. I roll down the window a sliver so he can hear me.

Me: Due to your attitude and threatening behaviour we are refusing delivery, please consider not screaming at the delivery driver next time.

He screams abuse at me and tries to open my door but I’ve long since locked it so he cant get in, he continues to scream as I turn the corner and drive off, I carry on with my day a bit shaken but otherwise ok. When I get back to my depot that afternoon I ask my supervisor what happened with the guy after I left.

She tells me that he rang the office screaming and was told in no uncertain terms that we would not be delivering his item due to his threatening behaviour and if he wanted it he could arrange for delivery out of his own pocket with another carrier within 14 days or we would return it to sender, we also blacklisted him so we’d never have to deal with him again, no one ever came for the engine and we shipped it back to the sender once the 14 days were up.

I just dont get why this guy was so mad, clearly this guy either owned or was involved with this garage, so obviously this pallet was ordered by him or his coworkers and obviously they needed it because you dont impulse buy a complete car engine, so why was he so angry about it all? I get plenty of people that are delighted to get their new garden furniture, TV, furniture etc and these people that treat me like I’ve delivered half a ton of horse dung to them just baffle me.

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