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I managed a country convenience store in the 1990’s. It was a slow morning and I was the only employee in the store. There was one female customer in the store at that time. I was at the cash register which is right across the double in and out doors. A man that I have never seen before walks in and just stands at the entrance looking over the store. I start feeling a little creeped out. He stands there as I check out the customer. As she leaves, the man walks over to the out door and watches her leave. At that moment, I just knew I was going to be robbed. He then turns and walks up to the counter.

Man: This is a nice store. I just move into the area so you’ll be seeing more of me.
Me: Big sigh of relieve.

He ended up being a really good customer but moved away about a year later.

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I am the cashier in this story. I have no line, so I pick up the store’s iPad to check if there are any online orders that need fulfilling. While I am doing this, a woman approaches with a handful of items.

Me: Hi there! Did you find what you were looking for?
Lady: What were you doing just now?
Me: Oh, I was checking the online ordering system.
Lady: You were on Facebook.
(At this point, a man joins the queue behind her)
Me: Actually, only business-related websites are allowed on our server.
Lady: Lying is unprofessional, you know.
Me: (not going to engage in a stupid argument) Okay. Your total is (x). Will that be cash or card?
Lady: Card. (She inserts her chip) Now it’s saying press zero to continue. Why?

I’m confused, as I’ve never known any transaction to say press zero to continue. I walk around the register to see the PIN pad.

Me: Oh! It’s the green circle. See? “Press green o to continue.”
Lady: (presses green) It didn’t say green.
Me: (fed up) I just read it to you, directly from the screen.
Lady: You’re quite rude for a stupid cashier.
Me: (I hand her the receipt) Have a nice day, ma’am.

She continued to stand there while I went through the man’s transaction, telling me she’s going to call corporate and have my job, I’ll never work in HER town again, etc, etc.

Man: Lady, you’re being a real cunt.
Man: And it DOES say GREEN circle. Just because your head is too far up your own ass to read properly doesn’t mean you’re right.

I hand the man his receipt and he continues to stand there.
Me: Uh…is there anything else I can do for you?
Man: No, you’re good. I’m just waiting for her to leave so that I know she’s not going to continue her tantrum.

They looked at each other for a moment before the woman screamed (think banshee) and ran from the store. I still have no clue why she chose to argue with me over something so trivial but I was very thankful for the man in line behind her.

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*I just got a job at a dollar store in town. My first day I show up a half hour early. My new manager very VERY quickly shows me how to run the register then clocks out early. It’s been a decade since I’ve actually run a register so I’m freaking out a bit. It’s also Saturday so it’s really busy. On top of that I’m having stomach issues so smiling is painful. My one coworker in the store just went on break so I’m trying as hard as I can to keep up. This came from every 3rd customer.*

Customers: You’re doing great darling. Keep up the good work! Keep smiling!

*Thank you.*

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I work at a district library and I work the two nights where we practically have no one in the evening hours. Just as the evening hours begin we have one program going on in our only community room and there are about 10 kids in there. Being kids of course and the door is open because the library’s heat doesn’t reach to the all of the outer rooms so the door is open. I spot a tutor and a kid not too far away from the open door and children talking loudly somewhat, but I pay them no mind cause if they want to move they can do so of their own accord. We also have no real rule on kids being talkative After the program is done the mother of the said tutored kid comes up to the desk to my coworker.

Mother, whose clearly livid with these kids : “I just wanted to bring it your attention that I would like the kids in this library to follow the library rules and use library voices. I am paying a lot for my kid to be tutored here.”

My coworker, who has been out of sorts today because external issues, but puts on the best customer service smile: “I am sorry you went through that experience. We will try to ask our librarians to close the door next time during a program.”

the mother storms off kind of livid and I’m some what confused as to why. a moment later one of our supervisors comes in and said that the mother told us that my coworkers was being rude, which confuses both of us considering that was all we could tell her since it quieted down after the program. We’re a small library, we hardly have any study spaces and/or a quiet space because we promote ourselves as a community center. In my head though, I don’t think it was that loud.

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A customer is making a purchase, pulls out a hundred dollar note and asks if I can make change for it.

Customer “Are you able to take a hundred?”

Me “As long as the ink is dry”

Customer “What if it’s not?”

Me “It stains my fingers”

Customer “Oh ok, yes I held them under a hair dryer”.

This sort of conversation is a running joke until one day my co-worker has taken a $20 note right after she got her hands wet.

Co-worker “Ugh, (my name) take a look at this” *holds up her hand

Me “What’s that?”

Co-worker “Ink”

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