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(I’m on the register at work and it’s an extremely busy day. I run completely out of ones and call on he radio for change, and switch my register to card only since our only other register is also going. We have a single line where the customer will go to the next register available and no signs to say I’m a card only register, meaning I have to yell for the next customer with a card whenever one leaves my registers. I notice a bunch of people in line going to my coworkers register with gift cards even though they noticed me yell for cards so I change up how I bring the next customer over right as my manager is walker in.)

Me: “Next customer paying with a card! Any card! Gift card, debit card, store card—”

Manager: “Food stamps!”

Me: “Don’t lie [Manager], people will probably believe you.”

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(I pump gas at a station, a town over from where I live. The town is known for being home to KKK meetings and is generally looked down upon by the surrounding towns. I work alone everyday and have no one to help me during random issues or awkward occurrences.)

Customer: *pulls up to gas pump and exits the vehicle*

Me: “Good morning, how can I help you?”

Customer: *looks down at ground near my feet* “What the h*** is that?”

Me: *following his gaze downward* “What?”

Customer: “That!” *pointing*

Me: “My shorts?”

Customer: “I wouldn’t be caught dead at a n*****s funeral in those.”

(I had no clue what he was trying to say. It sounded like he was insulting my shorts and an entire race at the same time, but it appears to have no intellectual thought process behind it. The sentence does not even make sense to me.)

Me: “Please, find another gas station and do not come back.”

(He drove off, and has not been back. Though, most of the people in this town are racist and not known for intelligence.)

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I work as a contractor in a very specialised field. I’ve had to drive 2 hours from the city in live in to fix a problem in another town as they don’t have anyone qualified. I’m not in the best of mood to begin with as the job is a callout and I’ve been smashed with callouts all week.

I’m in the deli department doing a repair and I will point out I’m scuffy, unshaven and wearing tradie gear so I look nothing like the staff in there clean white uniforms.

There is a line of customers and only one staff member serving. I’m going about my repair when I hear a mid 40’s lady going excuse me.

I ignore her for a bit but she is persistent.

Me: Sorry I don’t work her, just a contractor.

Lady: Quarter a roast chook.

Me: *pointing to staff member* she works here, you have to wait.

Lady: I want the leg piece.

Me: Look lady I don’t work for here, see the tools, uniform, my hands. Dirty hands, fixing things. You don’t want me touching your food.

Lady: Gross, you need to wash your hands. How can you work here without washing your hands.

Me: I don’t!

Lady: I’m going to write and letter to complain.

Another customer: Are you stupid, he obviously does not work here.

Wish I could say this doesn’t happen regularly.

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(I’m walking to the warehouse. Down one aisle I get stopped by a customer wanting some help.)

Customer: “What other dog beds have you got in?”

Me: *I point to the top shelf where our dog beds are stored* “This is our current range. What size bed were you after?”

Customer: “Bigger one for a Labrador.”

Me: “Okay. Well our biggest beds are these here, and they are £7.99.”

Customer: “You had other ones for cheaper on your website.”

Me: “Sorry, but not all stores stock what you see on the website. Have you tried [closest store]?”

Customer: “No I haven’t got time.”

(I wait patiently while he considers the choices.)

Customer: “Have you got any of them with the toys?”

Me: “Yes. This £7.99 bed comes with a free dog toy.”

Customer: “Well if I don’t want the free toy can I have it for cheaper?”

Me: “…sorry, sir, but we cannot reduce this item even if we take the toy off.”

Customer: “I don’t want it!”

Me: “But it’s free. The price will stay the same even without the toy, because the toy doesn’t cost anything.”

Customer: *finally realises his mistake* “I’ll just take it then!”

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(It is the day before Valentine’s Day. I go to my local card shop to buy a card for my partner. I am non-white male.)

Woman: “Did you make a mistake? It says here “To my boyfriend.””

Me: “Yes, that is right. It is for my boyfriend.”

Woman: “Just making sure. With all the politically correct words like “partner and fiancé” these days people are getting confused. That would be £3.50 then please.”

Me: *nervous laugh* “Here is £5.”

Woman: “Here is your change; have a lovely evening.”

Me: “Thanks, have a lovely weekend.” *rushes out*

(I still do not know whether she thought I made a vocabulary error because I do not look white or whether she thinks I made a mistake for being gay.)

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