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For a few months, I worked in a large middle-end retail company that has now closed down in Canada. While it was a horrible experience for my mental health, I am still proud of this little chain of events.

My manager would always forget anything related to the employees under him, short of our name, including me asking him weekly to give me a job other than greeter because it would cause me to have mental breakdowns, even while on the clock.

However, he could also not be bothered to remember he trained me on cash, which is not only constant human interaction but also money handling: my worst points.

He not only retrained me two times, but also forgot to get me to practice for more than a few minutes. I did not care to remind him since that would be a horrible position for me.

Come Black Friday time, he suddenly realized had completely screwed himself out of a cashier since I had no experience. By that time, I was now on the floor, where I did not burst into tears every few days, thanks to HR stepping in.

I was never this happy to be forgettable!

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I work maintenance for the local mall and one day I was painting one of our barricades blue. (We build barricades to cover up store that have left)

Me: *standing on lift painting*
Mall Customer: “Really? Light Blue?”
Me: “Yup”
Customer: “Why the hell would you choose such a horrid color?”
Me: “I’m Sorry?”
Customer: “That blue is offensively bright, why would you choose such a disgusting color?”
Me: “I didn’t sir, the owner of the mall and the people working in administration select the colors, it is just my job to paint the wall in the color they provide me”
Customer: “Well you should get a different color.”
Me: “I cannot sir, this is the color designated to this barricade, I’m sorry if it offends you, but there is nothing I can do about it.”

The Customer then storms off and starts yelling at guest services about it until security persuaded him to leave the mall.

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I have been at the store for two weeks. A customer comes over with two different scrub sets.

Customer: I am looking for scrubs in this color , but in this style.

Me: I can help you. What size are you looking for?

Customer: I come in here all the time . (insert manager’s name) knows my size.

Me: I am sorry, but (manager’s name) is currently not here. Now what size are you looking for?

Customer: I came in two months ago and ordered scrubs. Go look up my name.

Me: Sir, you never told me your name, nor do I know your size.

Customer: How do you not know who I am? I told you I was in here two months ago.

Me: I have only been here two weeks. Either tell me your name, size, or leave.

Customer: Oh…my name is…

How hard was that?

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I was with my college roommate at the university’s food-court grille getting burgers for lunch. Since she has a VERY unusual name, she will just give them some other name to call for the order. Note: almost all workers in the University food court are students.

Cashier: Name?

Roommate: Jenna (not even close to her name)

At the end of the line, the last worker calls out the name.

Line cook: Jenna!

(My roommate goes to pick up her burger, and the line cook looks at her funny and then says the next part in a sarcastic “haha very funny” tone)

Line cook: Here you go, “Jenna.”

We walk away somewhat confused until it dawns on her.

Roommate: Oh no. I just figured it out. That’s the guy that was hitting on me in human physiology. He asked for my number, and I turned him down. He probably thinks that I lied to him about my name, too.

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*It’s 8:50 on a Sunday night, and our store closes at 9pm. Me and the cashier are ringing up the last few orders, when a relatively normal man comes through the line and purchases only a small container of gelato. I put it in a plastic bag and give it to him, and out of nowhere he grabs it, and slams it as hard as he can on the register behind him. I chuckled a little bit, #1 because I wasn’t sure if he was joking at that point, and #2, because it was so ridiculous. I quickly realized however, that he wasn’t joking.

Customer(angrily staring right into my face): “You think that’s funny?!?”

Me: “Ummmm…I don’t know..?”

Customer(demeaningly): Well then, you don’t know very much, do yah?

Me(straight faced) “I guess not.”

*He just stood silently pissed off until he got his receipt. Then, as he was walking out, he slammed his receipt as hard as he could into the trash can, which made a huge booming sound throughout the store.*

Manager(walking in): Why did that man just attack that trash can..?

*We laughed about that man until we left like 40 minutes later. Some people are just so weird!*

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