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I work in a coffee shop that’s most often frequented by the local youth and the occasional tourist. We have a loyal customer named Lex, who was about 17 at the time of the event and at the time and to this day (3 years after the event in question) still shows up every day for a beverage on his way home from work, along with other times in the week. Lex is gay, very shy and soft-spoken (yet extremely friendly around people he knows) and usually wears something purple or pink, with long hair. He also wears eye shadow… his orientation is pretty clear. One day we had a most unwelcome customer; a woman in her mid to late 50s who was in the line adjacent to Lex who was chatting with me in his casual, sweet tone and demeanor. Those two were the only customers in the cafe at the time.

The lady snorted after taking a good long look at Lex, then after having her order taken, she followed him to the table he normally sat at.

Woman: “You know, God sees you as a filthy, fornicating sinner!”

Lex: *flabbergasted* “Wh-what do you-”

Woman: “He hates your kind, you little faggot. You and all your b*tch-boy kind. You’re all going to hell unless you quit being little scum-bag, d*ck-sucking faggots!”

At this point Lex is stammering and starting to cry, and I can’t believe what’s going on because it sounds like the most stereotypical tirade I’ve ever heard! I see a guy about Lex’s age who had just come in the door in time to hear everything walk up angrily to the both of them and then decide to step in because this fellow is wearing a cross necklace, and I can just see it getting worse for Lex. But before I could get out from behind the counter, I’m floored;

New Guy: *stands between the woman and Lex and points a finger at her* “You’re the sickening one! Not only do you use foul language but you have the audacity to tell someone God hates them. If you’ve ever read the Bible you’ll know that Jesus loves all of us despite any flaws.”

Woman: “What?!? You mean you stand with this little sh*t?? You think don’t homosexuality is an abomination??”

New Guy: “I think exactly what the Bible says about it, but I also listened to the part where it tells us to love people unconditionally, ESPECIALLY the sinners.”

This goes on for about another minute, with the new guy not once letting her get past him to even look at Lex. My manager leaves her office  after hearing the commotion outside and tells the woman she needs to leave immediately.

Woman: “You little b*tch! You’re trying to cheat me out of the coffee I bought!”

Manager: *angrily takes out about 8 bucks worth of ones and change from her own pocket* “Take it and get the hell out, or I’m calling the police!”

Woman: *grabs the money and starts to leave, lividly screaming on her way out* “You’re all going to hell, you f*cking heathens!!!”

I turn from watching my manager to look at our new hero who turned around to finally face Lex, who is crying quite hard at this point. He sits down next to him and introduces himself as Jason.

Jason: “Are you alright?”

Lex: *sobbing* “I t-think so.”

Jason looks at Lex for a moment, then leans in to hug him. They both stayed that way for several minutes till Lex stopped crying.

Jason: “Hey, for the record, there’s only one thing God can’t do, and that’s hating us.”

Jason turned one of the worst days for Lex into one of the best, and they’ve been best friends ever since. They started working at the same shop together and right now, three years later, Lex is super excited because Jason and I asked him to be the best man at our wedding.

Life is good, and because  one bad witness for her religion was countered by a good one, that awful woman brought together the best trio of friends since the Three Stooges. A little bit of love for fellow man goes a long way.

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When I was 17 I worked at a barbecue restraunt chain well known in texas, I was at the register when a customer walks in

Me: hey how’s it goin?
Customer: good *looks at minute for a good minute*
So uh…do you guys have like, nachos?
Me:…..sir, this is a bbq restraunt…
Customer:oh…..how about bbq nachos?
He then looks around and then leaves.

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I work in a plumbing store. A lady came in saying she has questions on product she bought from us.

Me: “What exactly is the problem?”

Customer: “This is the same brand, but my shower doesn’t work!”

-Hands me a on/off handle for a shower-

Me: “What brand of valve did you use?”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “The part inside the wall that this attaches to. What brand is it?”

Customer: “It’s the same brand! I have always had this brand!”

Me: “Well, this brand has two valves. One has a handle that pulls out from the wall and then turns and one just turns. Which do you have?”

Customer: “The one that pulls out.”

Me: “Well, there is the problem. This one is not meant to do that.”

Customer: “Then make it work!”

Me: “Well, I cannot. If it was the other way around, I could probably find something. However, you will need to get the same sort of set-up. You need one that will pull out and then turn.”

Customer: “But I bought this one!”

Me: “Well, we could credit this towards a replacement for it. When did you buy it?”

Customer: “I got it two weeks ago!”

Me: “Okay, what is the name on your order?’

Customer: “Maxine.”

Me: “I have no records of a sale. Are you sure you got it here?”

Customer: “Yes, and I want you to replace it and get me the new one! Why didn’t you tell me that I could need a different kind?”

Me: “Someone should have asked. It is usually the first question asked when buying this brand. However, your name is not in our system. I also checked the sales for the trim and there is nothing.”

Customer: “Well, I got it on Amazon.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “I got it off of Amazon!”

Me: “Well, then I am afraid I cannot help you. I can sell you the new trim, but I cannot give you any sort of credit.”

Customer: “Why not?!”

Me: “Because you did not buy it from us.”

Customer: “So??”

Me: “So, I cannot give you back money for something you did not buy.”

Customer: “But I did buy it!”

Me: “But not from us. You bought it from an online store. Since you didn’t give us money, we cannot give you any money back.”

Customer: “That doesn’t make sense!”

Me: “You bought it from somewhere else. Not us. We don’t have your money. So you don’t get our money.”

Customer: “Are you giving me attitude??”

Me: “I don’t know how else to explain it, ma’am. You brought us something you bought offline and tried to get us to replace it. The piece you have also has no warranty on it, since you got it  from an unauthorized dealer,so there is no way I can even contact the brand to help you.”

Customer: “What do you mean?”

Me: “You didn’t buy it from us, so you cannot exchange. You got it off of Amazon, so the brand itself also won’t help you. Your only option is to buy a completely new item, hopefully this time from an expert who can tell you which one will work.”

Customer: “Oh, right, you are an expert?”

Me: -points to our display of that same brand- “Of the twenty showers up there, only five come with the setup needed to run with that brand. The first two here, the two next to the window and the one on the end. Those are your choices, unless you want to open up your wall and change the valve.”

Customer: “I don’t want to open up the wall!”

Me: “Then those are your choices!”

Customer: “What about the one I bought?”

Me: “What about it?”

Customer: “Can I use it or not?”

Me: “No. Only the five I mentioned are the ones capable of working with the set up that you have.”

Customer: “Fine. Get me a similar looking one and then give me my refund.”

Me: “You still don’t get a refund. You didn’t buy from us.”

Customer: “I bet this is all a scam! You just want my money!”

Me: “I stopped your shower from working just to make some money off of you?”

Customer: “You could have!”

Me: “How? You got that from Amazon. I have no control over Amazon.”

Customer: “You just could have! Now give me my money!”

Me: “Ma’am, it’s OUR money, not yours. Please stop asking for it. Now, those five I pointed out are your choices. Do you like any of them?”

Customer: “No! I still don’t get why I cannot just use this trim!”

Me: “Ma’am, I feel like this is getting redundant at this point. I cannot make that trim work. You have five choices. One is a little similar to what you already have. I would go with that one.”

Customer: “How much it is?”

Me: “$250.00”.

Customer: “Is that with my refund added in?”

Me: “,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

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Backstory: I use to work for a traveling carnival in the 90’s, that did mostly county fair’s across the state.  At this one fair, I was running the “Swinger” ride that swings you around in a circle.  It’s a busy night, and I am running rides just as fast as I can load the ride.  Two drunks make it through my line and sit next to each other.  They start rocking back and forth “Swinging” back and forth.

Me: Sir’s please sit still.  Don’t Rock, Twist, or Swing.  The rules are right there *Points to rules*
Drunks: Ok Man.

I go an continue my safety checks and help people buckle in, when I make it back around I see them twisting the chains in with their chairs.

Me: Sirs, Second warning, please sit still.  Don’t Rock, Twist, or Swing.

I go around to double check everybody is buckled into the ride.  Take my seat at the controls, and start the ride.  It starts swinging everybody around the ride lifting them out of the air.  The drunks start to fight on the ride. I shut down the ride, turn it off.  Hop out of my chair and start walking the opposite direction the ride spins in.


After the ride slows to a stop.  I see my Boss hopping my fence line but I got it all under control.

Drunks: What did we do man!?
Me: I told you to sit still, and behave!  You were fighting on a full ride with kids on it!  Off the ride now!
Drunks: Ok Man!

The Boss escorted them off my ride, and I started it up again.  Later that evening my Boss was in the van with the other workers.

Boss: Man, don’t ever cross *Me*, man you should have seen him kick these drunks off his ride.  Scary.”

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(The opening self-checkout shift starts at 6:45AM, 15 minutes before the store is open. Usually, I work closing shifts on the self-checkout, so compared to some of the other workers when I open the self-checkout I’m a little slower. This morning, I came in to find the self-checkouts were malfunctioning, so I found other things to do until the tech came around to repair them. He finishes at around 10:25ish and I retrieve their money from the cash office. At the regular registers, a rush begins as I proceed to roll out a cart of a few thousand dollars in cash to begin my opening procedure. A customer walks up to me.)

Customer: “Are these open?”

Me: (stopping working so I can keep all the money within my sights while he’s near) “No sir. We’ve had some technical difficulties. I’m just working on that now.”

Customer: “How long will that take?”

Me: “I usually take around a half hour, sir.”

Customer: “Well, when will they be open?”

Me: “In about a half hour.”

Customer: “Well, how many do you have left?”

Me: “All of them, so it’s going to be a half hour.”

Customer: “Well, can I use them?”

Me: “No sir, not for another half hour.”

Customer: “Can I use them when you’re done?”

Me: “If you’re willing to wait for a half hour, but getting in line over at the cashiers will be quicker.”

Customer: “But how long will you take?”

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