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I’m the nutty customer here. I bought a new, mid-priced vaping device. Not 2 weeks later, it vanished. I know where it should be (my car), but it’s not. In frustration I go back to the store with the box so I know what unit to get again. The clerk is just finishing with one customer and eyes the box in my hand.

Clerk: [suspiciously] Can I help you?

Me; Yeah, I got one of these here a couple weeks ago.

Clerk: [with more suspicion] What’s wrong with it?

Me: It’s missing.

Clerk: It’s what?!

Me: I had it in my car and I was sure I put it on the passenger seat and then there was a big traffic jam and I hit the brakes and a few things slid on the floor. But when I went to find it, it was gone. I’ve torn the car apart and can’t find it.

Clerk: [brightening and laughing] Oh, so there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just missing.

Me: Yup. Missing.

When he realized I wasn’t there to complain about something that was my own fault we had a nice conversation and he gave me a small discount on my replacement.

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(I deal with incoming purchase orders a lot as part of my job, and one of the things I need to do is check them for accuracy. The following was an e-mail chain that was part of my attempt to get a purchase order corrected through my coworker in sales. This was all contained in the same e-mail as replies were added to it, so every person along the way could see everything written before.)
Me, to coworker: “The vendor on the PO should be [Our Company]. According to my spreadsheet, [Customer] should have us as vendor #### unless that’s changed.” (I then had typed in the exact address they should have us under)
Coworker to customer, a week later: “Just realized I did not send you the update for the PO.”
Customer to coworker: “Is the address below correct?” *types in the address again, exactly as I wrote it a couple messages ago*
Coworker to me: “Is this correct?”

(All they had to do was scroll down, and they could have saved all three of us some time. I know it’s nitpicky, but some of the people I have to deal with make my head hurt.)

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I am picking up a gift for my husband and the cashier offers to put it in a gift box and a bag with tissue on top.

Cashier: “Here we go! Let me just get a few more pieces of tissue. I’m a little tissue-happy sometimes!”

Me: “Oh, I used to work at [Popular Lingerie Store]. I know *all* about being tissue-happy!”

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(The company deals with packing and shipping items from local auction house. I am new to working there and hadn’t been trained yet on what to say to the people who bought auction items when they call, but I do know that when an auction buyer calls, the first thing you do is get their name and find their information. I am closing with a coworker, and my coworker is with a customer when the phone rings.)

Me: Do you want me to finish with your customer so you can get the phone? [Assistant manager] hasn’t trained me in that yet.

Coworker: No, it’s fine. Just say “Thank you for calling [store], this is [name].” Get his name and see what he wants.

Me (answering the phone): Thank you for calling [store], this is [name]. What can I do for you?

Customer: Yeah, you can help me. My name is [name] and I ordered something from [auction house].

Me: Ok, hold on just one second while I find your papers.

Customer: What papers??

Me: The papers that the auction house provides us. They go with the item you bought from them.

(the phone connection went bad for a second, so I didn’t catch what the customer said.)

Me: I’m really sorry, but I didn’t catch that. Either your phone or our phone dropped out for a second there… can you please repeat what you just said?

Customer (yelling): YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME?!?

Me: No, no, the connection just went bad, so I didn’t catch what you said.

Customer: I can’t believe this! I spent all this money and to be disrespected like this! You’re incredibly unprofessional! Your whole business is unprofessional!

Me: I… I’m really sorry, sir. I’m gonna hand the phone to my coworker now.

(My coworker talks to the customer. She’s on the phone with him for less than a minute.)

Me: What did he want?

Coworker: He just wanted to confirm that his items were shipping out tomorrow.

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I used a company’s chat support service. The person I was talking to was an idiot.

Support: Thank you for contacting [Company]. What is your concern?

Me: Hi, I’m trying to upgrade to [Upgrade] from your online store, and it keeps giving me an error.

Support: Updates are needed for [Current Software] before upgrading to [Upgrade].

I had just wiped this device and knew that everything was completely up to date. In fact, it had just spent two days updating.

Me: [Current Software] is completely up to date.

Support: I’m talking about [Current Software].

Me: Yes, [Current Software] is completely up to date.

Support: You need to do the updates.

Me: Listen [Agent], my version of [Current Software] is 100% completely up to date.

Support: [Current Software] updates.

Me: Yes, [Current Software] is up to date.

He then tells me he wants to remote control my computer to see if he can resolve the problem. I go through the first few steps, before telling him:

Me: You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to fix it myself.

I closed the chat, and tried to reinstall [Upgrade]. When that failed, I went to [Current Software]’s updates and clicked “Check for Updates”. Sure enough, “28 updates available.”

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