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I worked at the largest theme park in Canada in 2016 in a shop at the Water Park.

Coworker: [My name] can you help me. Our machine won’t accept this guest’s card.

Me: They’ve probably hit their limit. Let me see.

As I follow my coworker to the register I see a very tall man looking very agitated. I pray he isn’t the guest but, of course, he is.

Customer: *with accent* I don’t know what’s going on?

Coworker: Do you think it’s because his card is in French?

Me: What? Can I see your credit card please, sir?

He passes me the card and it is in a language that is definitely not French.

Me: Are you visiting from somewhere?

Customer: Sweden.

Me: Ohh..did you tell your bank you were coming here by any chance?

Customer: No…can’t they track me?

Me: Well they can track the card but they don’t know whose using it.

Customer: Ohhhh…can I use your store phone to call them?

Me: Sure. As long as they have a branch in Canada you should be fine.

Customer: Sure, yes, yes.

I pass him the phone and he comes back much too fast to have called his bank.

Customer: The phone isn’t working.

Me: Let me try. *goes to phone* what’s the number?

Customer gives me an area code I am not familiar with.

Me: Does the bank have a location in Canada?

Customer: No, don’t be stupid. I’m Swedish!

Me: Okay well I’m sorry but our phone will not call Sweden. We can put your items on hold for you until you have other means of payment. Do you have a traveller’s cheque?

Customer: (mumbles words in Swedish and then very loudly says STUPID AMERICANS! and storms out)

Coworker: Okay I know we look and sound like Americans but he is literally in [Theme Park with Canada in its name]. Like how much more obvious do we have to be?

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(I work in a small town steakhouse that closes for a few hours in the afternoon before dinner. We reopen at 5 and I usually get there around 4:30. I’m standing in the kitchen with the cook, getting our salad bar prepped and less than five minutes after I arrive, two people walk in. There is a sign with our hours and one that is turned to “CLOSED”. Every light except the kitchen light is off, but I walk out to the bar anyway)
Me: Uhm…Hi.
Customer 1: How are ya?
Me: I’m doing well. Can I help you?
Customer 2: Yeah, two Buds and some menus.

(Keep in mind, the entire restaurant is dark and nothing for the evening has been prepared yet.)

Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t open for another half hour…Not until 5.
Customer 2: Well geez!!

(Both walk out, visibly upset. Oddly enough, they’d done something similar to my friend, who owns a bar in the next town over.)

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My mom and I walk into a popular department store in an outlet. We’re shopping for my dad and my mom spots a really nice sweater within seconds of walking in. The sweater is originally $79.95 but it’s 70% off at the moment. My mom remembers that we had 2 coupons for this store, an 10% off and a $20 off. To my surprise, the cashier tells us we can use both.

Cashier: Okay, your total today will be $11.45.
Mom: What? Did you apply all the discounts?
Cashier: Yes ma’am, plus the coupons.
Mom: The total should be way less than that.
Cashier: Let me check..Oh yes, you’re correct!
*a few seconds of rescanning*
Cashier: Your new total is $3.75.
My mom has a smug look on her face.

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It’s a slow day today and I’ve only got about half an hour left in my shift, as I pass by the consessions stand a customer catches my attention.

Customer: (who has only one person in front of her in line and they’ve been the first two people to come in in about five minutes) Excuse me miss, is there anyone else working at the consession stand?

Me: (what the hell lady there’s one person in front of you why are you this impatient?) I’m sorry, I’m afraid *coworker’s name* is the only person working at the present time.

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(This phone has been having some issues lately, giving an annoying buzzing sound whenever my mic isn’t muted, so whenever I’m not talking I generally mute it, to spare my poor ears. I let people know this when they call, but some people apparently think the mute goes both ways)
Caller: Hi, I’m having [issue #1] with [device].
Me: Okay, so does it react when you do [this]?
Caller: Yeah
Me: Okay! Sounds like its more of a [issue #2] problem then.
Caller: Yeah, like I said, its [issue #1]
Me: (In my legitimately nicest and most friendly tone) We actually use that term for when the [device] is doing [that], If you say [issue #2] though we’ll know you’re talking about [this]. Just give me a few minutes to connect and we’ll get this figured out for you.
Caller: (to another employee) Can you believe this sh*t? F*cking talking about [issue #2], I told them [issue #1] last time and they were able to fix it! Like, just fix my machine!!
(She continues in this vein for a bit while I sit flabbergasted on mute, finally, having rehearsed my rebuttal I take my phone off mute)
Me: (in my fakest nice tone) Well actually, ma’am, I just brought that up to clarify and let you know the terminology we use so that you can communicate to us more easily what the problem is next time.
Caller: …
Me: Now then, if I could have you just [troubleshooting steps]
Caller: Oh, uh, I… hang on
(She puts me on hold and a moment later someone else picks up)
Caller 2: Um, hello?
Me: Hi, uh, I was just talking to [caller], she didn’t say she was going to transfer me… can you troubleshoot with me?
(We both laughed, the troubleshooting was done, the machine was fixed, and I so hope that was one of my randomly recorded calls)