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There is a patron that comes to our pool only for the hot tub. He use to come early morning, which was a perfect time. Hardly anybody used it, so he got the hot tub to himself. Then he randomly switched schedules and started to try and use the hot tub Saturday mornings at 9am. Problem is that is when lessons start, and the whole pool is closed down for lessons, including the hot tub. This is how every conversation would go when he would come in.

Me: I’m very sorry sir, the pool is closed for lessons.
Customer: Oh, it’s okay, I’m only using the hot tub.
Me: The hot tub is also closed. Every available lifeguard is instructing right now and we have no one to supervisor you.
Customer: Okay, I’ll come back in 10 minutes.
Me: No, unfortunately lessons are going to go until 11am. The pool and the hot tub won’t be open until then.
Customer: Oh, so only kids from 9-11am.
Me: Yes.

Then one day, he actually showed up with a kid. We didn’t have notice that there was a new registrar, but our pool did rolling registration so this wasn’t unusual.

Me: Oh hello there, here for lessons?
Customer: Yes.
Me: Did you guys register yet with front desk?
Customer: Not yet.
Me: Okay, just make sure you do that soon. We can take him for today though, and you can pick him up at 9:45.

The customer nods and the little boy looks ecstatic, so I begin to lead him to pool and am getting him ready when I look up and see the customer getting into the hot tub.

Me: Sir, the hot tub is still closed!
Customer: Yes, I know. For kids and I brought a kid.
Me: No, its only for kids. We have no one to supervise you because all instructors are instructing. So-
Customer: So, I can’t use the hot tub?
Me: No, you-

That is when the customer storms out of the tub, grabs the kid by the hand, and leaves. All the while yelling about how he brought a kid, he should use the hot tub. To this day, I wonder if that kid was his son or if he borrowed a friends to try and get hot tub time.

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<I work at a call center for a company that provides television and internet service for apartment complexes. Our company doesn’t advertise, because we work directly with the properties we service, so it’s not unusual for customers to have not heard of us before. Even people who have called us in the past to get their services installed don’t always remember the name of the company>

Me: Thank you for calling [COMPANY], my name is [NAME], how can I help you?

Customer: You can stop sending me bills.

Me: I’m sorry, we’re sending you bills?

Customer: Yeah, I’ve never heard of your company, we don’t have any of your services, and you keep sending me bills every month.

Me: I apologize if we’re sending you bills in error, let me look you up so I can find out what’s going on. What is your address?

Customer: None of your d*** business.

Me: Alright, well, can I have your name, please?

Customer: Also none of your business.

Me: I can’t help you if you won’t give me any way to look up these bills we’re sending you.

Customer: Look, a***, this isn’t hard. Just stop sending me bills.

<We are allowed to hang up on customers who use abusive language, provided we state in the call why we are doing it. I usually give people a free pass the first time>

Me: There is no need for that kind of language.

Customer: Come on, we’re both adults here.

Me: Yes, and I am treating you with respect, and only ask that you do the same. Now, please, can you give me something I can use to look up these bills so I can see why we’re sending them to you?

Customer: You don’t have to know who I f*** am, or where I f*** live, to stop sending me f*** bills!

Me: Terminating call due to vulgarity.

<I hang up on the customer. I have no idea if he ever called back or got his situation sorted out>

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For those poor, naive souls who think there is no such thing as a stupid question, I submit the following:
“Is a tenth of a mile the same as a mile?”

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As with most delis, ours has a take-a-number machine to facilitate service. We also have two kiosk order machines, which allow shoppers to enter their deli orders, which we fill within 20 minutes, and they can shop for their other items and pick up their deli orders later. The counter customer numbers and kiosk orders show up on the same screens we use behind the counter, and when we punch in a completed kiosk order for an automated PA announcement, the next counter customer number appears. As a result, when the deli department is very busy, our number count doesn’t always correspond with the waiting customers. This takes place on a very busy Sunday, when we have multiple kiosk orders as well as waiting customers. We’re so busy, both the supervisor and manager are lending a hand with all the orders.

Supervisor: Number 30!

Customer #1: I’m number 30.

Customer #2: I’ve got number 28.

Supervisor (to Customer #2): What would you like, sir?

Customer #1: You called number 30! I’m number 30!

Supervisor: Twenty-eight comes before 30.

He takes Customer #2’s order. The manager is finishing with another customer’s order, and Customer #2 calls out to him.

Customer #2: He called Number 30, but then he helped someone else! I have Number 30!

Customer #3: I have Number 29.

Manager: Ma’am I’ll get your order after I help this gentleman.

Customer #1: But he called Number 30! That’s me! This isn’t fair! Never mind; I’m going to take my business somewhere else!

Apparently, the concept of “taking turns” was lost on this woman, and she obviously had to take even longer to get her precious cold cuts by leaving and going somewhere else. The upside is that all the other customers who were waiting and witnessed her ridiculous outburst were very conscious of not being “That customer,” so they were patient and polite as we worked our way through the rush.

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I work for a large chain supermarket, something that rivals Walmart in America except they have opened smaller shops locally to be more convenient for our customers.

While working the till I was serving an older gentleman, packing his bags and random chit chat I thought he was already to go when he stopped and put his bags back on the desk.

Man : I went up to your main store yesterday and I bought a TV that said it was 40 inches on the box but when I got it home I measured it and it’s only 35 inches. That can’t be right that, because the box says 40 and it’s only 35. That’s false advertising that.

I was a little taken aback because it’s not something I am trained to handle when the customer asks a random colleague in a small express.

Me : How did you measure it?

Man : I measured it like this.

He lifts up his arms and demonstrates him measuring it from side to side, I saw the problem immediately.

Me : yer, you have to measure it from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.

The customer looked really confused by my suggestion.

Man : Why would I measure it like that? It’s false advertising saying it’s 40 inches when it’s not.

Me : Only because that’s how they do it with monitors and TV’s otherwise you’d have a really long TV and the top’s of people’s heads would be missing.

I demonstrated by holding out the dimension with my hands but he still looked sceptical.

Me : I promise that’s how they do it with TV’s, you can still call customer service when you get home or go and talk to customer service in the main store they would be able to help you better than I can.

The man still looked sceptical, gathered his bags and left.

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