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(I am a college student and have been providing in-home health care for my grandma with mild dementia and a terminal illness on my off days. She sleeps for the most part, though I routinely check in on her and administer meds twice per day, and she has a button that rings a bell if she wakes up and needs me. The following is an example of exchanges that happen at least once per day:)

ME: (after giving her the night’s meds and feeding her some applesauce since she hasn’t eaten all day due to sleeping) Are you feeling hungry at all?

GRANDMA: No. I’m just tired. I think I’ll sleep a bit longer.

ME: Ok. I’ll let you rest then. You know how it goes, just push your button if you need me and I’ll come a-runnin’.

(I go to the kitchen to put the spoon in the sink and toss the applesauce cup, then document the snack and that she’s been asleep all day. The bell rings not even a minute after I’ve left the room)

ME: (back into the room, in a chipper voice) What can I do for you, (Grandma)?

GRANDMA: What time is supper around here?

ME: (realizing she thinks she’s in a care facility) I can make you something now if you’d like. Are you hungry?

GRANDMA: No. I think I’m just tired.

ME: Okay. I’ll let you rest some more. You can ring your bell if you need anything, ok?

GRANDMA: Ok. I’m just going to sleep.

(I go and work on some homework, and five minutes after I leave the room the bell rings again)

GRANDMA: I think it’s time I ate something.

ME: *internally facepalming, but externally maintaining the calm, serene facade*

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[I am a Pharmacy Tech working for a pharmacy inside a retail store. Our lunch is normally 1:00 – 1:30, and the pharmacy is closed and locked during that half hour. I am up at the checkouts, buying a drink to go with my lunch, when the following occurs:]

Store Manager: [My Name], is this customer’s prescription ready? (he is standing with an impatient looking woman on her phone)
Me: Oh, I’m sorry [Manager], we’re on lunch right now.
Store Manager: Ah. (turning to customer) I’m sorry ma’am, their on lunch. They’ll be back by 1:30 if you’d like to wait.
Customer: But I called my prescription in at 11:00!
Me: Yes ma’am, but the pharmacy is locked. I can’t–
Customer: Unlock it!
Me: E-excuse me?
Customer: Unlock it! I know you have the keys. Unlock it and give me my prescription! I need it!
Me: (confused) Ma’am, I don’t have the keys to the pharmacy, only [Pharmacist] has them.
Customer: (to Manager) I know she’s got the keys. She’s lying to me! I’ve seen her use the keys before?

[Let it be known that I’ve never had keys to the pharmacy. If I leave, I have to knock on the door to be let back in.]

Me: I’m very sorry, but I don’t have keys. (Edging towards break room) I’ll be more than happy to help you at 1:30, or we keep your prescription for 7 days.
Customer: No! I’m in a hurry, I need my prescription now!
Me: (to Manager) I’m sorry, i have to go. I’m sorry, ma’am.

(Cut to 1:30, when the pharmacist and I are walking together back to the pharmacy. The customer has decided to wait, despite being in a hurry. she is the first one in line when we unlock the pharmacy and open the windows)

Me: Hello, ma’am. What’s your last name?
Customer: (to Pharmacist) Your little assistant is a liar. She refused to help me earlier.
Pharmacist: (confused) I’m sorry? What’s the problem?
Customer: I needed my prescription at 1:00, and she wouldn’t give it to me! She wouldn’t unlock the pharmacy!
Pharmacist: Well, she couldn’t. She doesn’t have a key.
Customer: I KNOW she has a key! I’ve seen her use them before!
Pharmacist: (laughing) Ma’am? She DOES NOT have one. I know this for sure.
Customer: How are you so certain? I’ve seen her with a key!
Pharmacist: It’s against federal law for her to have one, and the only one who could have given her one is me!

[To our surprise, she continued to insist that despite it being against the law, I had a key and just refused to help her. She even tried to make it a race issue at one point and brought it back up to the Store Manager, who laughed it off as well. Even though I don’t work there anymore, it still remains a funny story we retell when talking about the ‘retail crazies’.]

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That’s not how that works

Our science class is not the brightest. Especially since our town does not teach sex Ed until the very end of eighth grade (it is the very beginning) we are discussing how new matter does not just apear and how it cannot be made. Our school is over run by popular students who probably no longer need sex Ed. One of them is sitting in this class with me.

Teacher: matter cannot be made

Male Student: *yells loudly* THEN HOW ARE BABYS MADE?

Teacher: do I need to explain this? To you?

Male Student: yes you do

Teacher: well…*explains the miracle of life*

Male student: then how do lesbians get pregnant?

Teacher: *taken aback* excuse me

Other male student: dude you’re a f****** idiot, they use synthetic sperm. Someone makes it in a factory

Me: dude, that’s not how it works

Teacher: I can assure you of that one

We all proceeded to luagh and giggle as the girl sitting next to him explained what a doner was

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I broke a tooth and it hurts while I’m outside with my friend. We go to a dentist we recently passed by. There are like 1-2 dentists per block in the area.

Friend: Hi, my friend broke a tooth about 10 minutes ago and it hurts bad. Can the dentist see her now?
Receptionist: Does she have an appointment?

They had no room and pointed us to another practice.

Friend: (The other dentist) suggested this place. Do you have room to take my friend? She broke her tooth about 15 minutes ago and it hurts.
Receptionist 2: Appointment?

They could take me but I’m dumbfounded they both asked about having an appointment!

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I am calling my doctors office to make an appointment and she is asking for basic information like my name and date of birth.

Receptionist: And when is your date of birth?

Me: February 1st, 94

Receptionist: Is that 1994?

Me: Well, unless I’m from the future or look great for 123, yes 1994.

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