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Customer walks up to me with an angry face to plop his six pack down, so I don’t greet him, thinking he doesn’t want to be bothered with sugar being blown up his ass. Bzzzt. Wrong.

Customer: “I just gotta say, every time I come in here you never greet me. Ask me how I am.”

Me: ??

Customer: You never smile or anything.

Me: WTF??

Customer: “With my customers, I’m like, hey! how are you? How’s your day been?”

Me: WTF!!??

Customer: “But with you..nothing. You obviously don’t want to keep your customers. That’s fine, I’ll take my money elsewhere.”

Me: Looking at his $6 purchase…WTF??

At this point my co-worker begins to laugh.

Customer: “What’s so funny?”

Co-worker: “Why do you even need all that?”

Customer: “You just lost a customer!”

Me: Thank God!

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I work in a small-town library whose patrons are usually more….conservative.
I’m one of the only men at work and openly gay. In the past I had helped a patron who was talking about how she liked a TV series up until “that gay stuff” happened.

One night I’m helping a different patron who’s been checking out the seasons of one of my favorite shows:

Me: You’re just blowing through these seasons! What did you think of season 5?

Patron: It was good, my kids and I were liking it. We didn’t like that one part of the season though…

Me (fully knowing what part she’s talking about): Which part?

Patron: You know…adding the lesbians in there. It was still good, I just wish they hadn’t done that.

I simply smile and then after she’s left the building I turn to a coworker and start laughing:

Me: How is it that out of all of our workers the patrons always complain about the “gay stuff” to me, the gay one?!

Coworker (laughing with me): Seriously

I guess us LGBT workers must have magnets in us because I later find out that that same patron came in and complained about the lesbian plot line to another coworker, who just happens to be bisexual.

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I was working concessions for a big meet. We sell sheets that tell people what events are happening or when a certain person is about to do their event. I had just started my shift and had re-opened the concession stand after the break. My Co-Worker just left to do some things our boss wanted done. Everything was great for the first few minutes, until this happened:

Customer: Hi, I was here this morning for the Friday Finals and saw that it was the same paper, can i return it for tomorrows?

Me: *Extremely Confused* That is this afternoons Heat Sheet, they had the same name as it is Friday and it is the Finals. Unfortunately I cannot give you tomorrows as these were the only ones that we were given.

Customer: *Clearly getting angry* No, that’s wrong! I need tomorrows so I can know when my son swims tonight!!

Me: Unfortunately I have no control of which sheets we have at the moment.

Customer: *Remembers seeing my Co-Worker leaving* What if I waited to ask the other girl? *Thinking they will get another answer*

Me: They will say the same thing as I am, we have no control of what sheets we are selling.

Customer: Fine! *Walks off muttering to herself and throws away tonight’s sheet*

Another seller over hears the whole thing and walks over to me:

Seller: What was all of that about?

Me *Sigh of relief* I have no idea, I think they thought that it was tomorrows’ events tonight? I don’t even know. I am just hopping that was not any indication of how tonight will go.

Luckily the rest of the night went smoothly!

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I used to work at a movie rental store, which had parking spaces outside you needed a ticket for. It was 30 minutes for free, as long as you pushed the button and placed the ticket in your car. We never had issues with this, until the day this customer walked in.

Customer: Hey, I saw outside that you need a ticket for parking here, but I won’t pay for staying here for ten minutes!
Me: You do need a ticket, but it’s free for thirty minutes. Just push the button on the machine outside, and place the ticket in the car. It also says that on the signs. (The signs were placed all over the lot, so it was easy to see).
Customer: But it’s cold! I won’t go outside just for that!
Me: Okay. But there are parking officers patrolling the lot every hour, so you are risking a parking fine.
Customer: Have you ever seen them give out fines?
Me: No, but..
Customer: Then i’ll be okay.

The customer rents a few movies and leaves, only to storm in a few minutes later.

Customer: I got a fine! It’s your fault!

I tell him that I warned him, and how it’s not my fault.
Customer: You will need to pay for this! I’ll email your boss and have her take it out of your salary!
Me: You do that.

My boss told me a few days later that he had emailed her about it, and she told him the same that I did. I never saw him at the store again.

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(I am a cashier working at a restaurant. A young woman and her father enter.)

Father: “Go ahead. You can go order.”

(The daughter goes up to the front desk, orders her food, writes $5 on the tip line, and pays with a credit card. I give her back the receipt, and she goes to sit next to her father and wait for her food.)

Father: “Did you get it?”

(He looks at the receipt, and his face suddenly becomes very angry.)

Father: “Arrrrrgggggghhhh!! What did you do?! You put FIVE DOLLARS on the tip?!”

Daughter: (suddenly looking uncertain) “Yeah, I did…”

Father: “Why?! ”

Daughter: “There was a tip line on the receipt!”

Father: “Don’t you have any common sense?! You don’t leave a tip if you don’t get table service!”

Daughter: “I wanted to make her happy!”

Father: “It doesn’t matter! This is common sense! You shouldn’t be doing stupid things like this!”

Daughter: “Why is this such a big deal?! I wasn’t even using your money!”

Father: “You have to admit you’re wrong, or I’ll tell your mother!”

Daughter: (angrily) “Fine! I’m a stupid idiot and I’m never tipping a cashier ever again! Are you happy?”

Father: “Yes, you are stupid! You make me so angry!”

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