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Customer: Do you have any vegetarian meat?
Waitress: *dumbfounded look*
Customer: Hello?
Waitress: Um, meat is from animals so no.
Customer: That’s why I’m asking for vegetarian meat that isn’t from animals. Do you have any?
Waitress: You want vegetarian imitation meat?
Customer: Of course, what else? It’s sometimes made to look like meat, sometimes tastes like meat, but is vegetarian. That’s why it’s called vegetarian meat.
Waitress: Since this isn’t a vegetarian restaurant we don’t have those. Our vegetarian options are just vegetarian, no imitation meat.

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(working the front desk of a hotel, the heating decides to break on the 3rd floor at 11pm on a Sunday night give out all our electric heaters including my own I brought from home for the reception desk)

Guest (dressed in coats, scarves and hats)- this is ridiculous we are freezing you have done nothing for us!

me- I apologise ma’am we are trying to fix the heating but you have got a heater in your room currently (my heater…)

Guest- (grabs my arm) feel how cold my hands are they are like ice this is not acceptable

me (in my skirt and white shirt absolutely freezing)- I do apologise that you are cold but we are doing everything we can to rectify the problem, but if you could let go of my arm id appreciate it.

Guest- No I wont let go till you acknowledge how cold I am in that room.

Me- I then hold her arm to which she looks at me in shock as I am ice cold as I say (id be more than happy to take the heater back if it isn’t helping at all…) she lets go of me and walks of without another word..

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My workmates and myself have gone out for a end of year dinner at a steak restaurant.

Co-worker *to waiter taking our dessert orders “Hi, it’s my birthday today”.

Waiter “Great, Happy Birthday, I’ll bring you a complimentary dessert” * he leaves to put our order in

Manager “(Name) I didn’t know it was your birthday, you should have told us”

Co-worker “It isn’t, I do this every time I come in here, they never ask for proof, last month I had 3 birthdays in the same week”.

Just after that the whole wait staff came out to sing to her.

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(I’m currently on the city bus as it approaches the transfer center. The bus is running late so rather than keep the other buses late, the driver radios that he has no transfers for them so they’re long gone before we arrive. I stay on the bus while two women approach the driver)

Woman: Can I get a transfer slip?

Driver: …what?

Woman: I need to take the [other bus line] to [popular store].

Driver: All the buses have left. I asked three times if there were any transfers and nobody said anything so I told the buses they could leave.

Woman: Oh…so what do I do now?

Driver: You’re going to have to wait an hour to catch the next bus. I asked three times if there was anyone transferring. Didn’t you hear me?

Woman: I didn’t know what you meant.

(Yet she knew to ask for a transfer slip… The kicker was the woman behind her wanted a transfer slip for a third bus line)

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Manager: “After you finish with this customer, turn off your light.”

(He’s talking about the light that flicks on every register to say they’re ready to ring up stuff. I finish with my customer, but before I could reach up, another customer piles his things on my belt.)

Me: *flicks light off* “I’m sorry, sir, but I have to leave this register.”

(He glares meanly, but leaves without a fuss. Then, my manager sidles up to me.)

Manager: “Never mind, flick your light on again.” *leaves*

(I do so and a lady comes right up and I start ringing her things. I barely have started when the earlier man storms up, pushing her aside.)

Man: “I thought you were off?!”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but the manager–”

Man: “No excuse for you, you’re stupid!”

Me: “Please move, this lady was ahead of you.”

Man: “Stupid!”

Lady: “Just let him go, I’m not in a hurry.”

(I ring him up, and he keeps calling me stupid over and over, and practically rips the receipt out of my hands. He leaves and the lady and I are discussing what a clown he is, until I notice he has left his purchase behind!)

Me: “He left his bag. What an idiot.”

Lady: “Well, isn’t that the silliest thing…”

(She leaves and sure enough, he comes back. I think that he’s going to accuse me of stealing his stuff, but he meekly asks for his bag and runs off!)

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