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MA | Unfiltered | May 23, 2017

I was volunteering in a first grade classroom when I was in high school or early college, 2007-2008 or so when I had this exchange with a child.

Student runs up to me on the playground: “[me] can a girl marry a girl?”

Me, caught totally off guard, stammering: uhh….uhhh, well, it depends what state you live in

Student, thinks hard: well, what about in Massachusetts?

Me, still not sure if I should be taking the conversation in this direction: well…yes!

Student: hmmmmmmm…(thinking very hard), I don’t want to marry a girl

Me, my brain finally catching up with my mouth: “you can marry whoever you want!!’

Child runs off, happy as a clam. I later became a teacher and much faster at answering children’s insane questions less awkwardly and with honest and loving answers from the beginning of a conversation instead of at the end.

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sydney | Unfiltered | May 23, 2017

I am at a car boot sale and am waiting behind an obviously Muslin lady who is going through a box of jewelry at one stall. She picks up a piece of costume jewelry

Lady “Excuse me, how much is this please”

Stall holder *rudely “$10”

Lady “Oh it’s a bit much, can you make it a bit cheaper?”

Stall holder “Nope, $10”

The lady leaves and I pick up a couple of items that have caught my eye.

Stall holder *sweetly but loud enough for the other lady to still hear ” For YOU 50 cents each”

I hand over the $1, it was only later I realised what had happened. The stall holder had tried to rip off the other lady on a piece of junk jewelry but had actually ripped herself off because later I found out that the items she sold me were worth almost $200.

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USA | Unfiltered | May 23, 2017

I am currently working at a fast food hot dog restaurant. Now, on this particular day, I was stressing out and I was making a lot more mistakes than usual (they were easily remedied, but that’s beside the point) because my superior was on my case. I was working as a cashier and ringing up customers’ food orders. Towards the end of the lunch rush, two customers came through our drive thru. I ring up their order as usual and everything was normal until I hand them their food.

Me: Here’s your order.

They take their food after I placed napkins and various condiments inside.

Customer #1: Thank you.

Customer #2: Are you stressed out?

I thought about giving her a simple answer and just say “no,” but that would have been lying. So I decided to bite and say…

Me: Actually, I was, but everything is okay now. It buffed out.

Customer #1: Aw, that’s good to hear.

Customer #2: We’ll pray for you.

Me: Aw, thank you so much. Enjoy your food!

Customer #1: Thank you! Have a good day now.

Now I’m not really religious, but I do know about the role praying plays in religion. And even though it was a small gesture, it brightened my day and helped me through the rest of my work shift. It’s times like this that makes this job worthwhile.

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MD | Unfiltered | May 23, 2017

(I get a call from a charity I actually signed up to donate to. Unfortunately, I’m not in the best position to donate at the moment. This is a human call, not a robot.)

Caller: Hello, I’m from (charity), and we have you on record as signing up for action notifications. We are calling about (case), and we were wondering if you could make a donation today.

Me: I’m so sorry, I would really like to but I’m actually in a hospital right this very minute and I–

Caller: We’ll take you off our call list. Goodbye.

Me: Wait! No, wait–


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Vancouver, BC, Canada | Unfiltered | May 23, 2017

(Note: Our store’s chip reader doesn’t accept American Express, so we have to check ID and swipe the cards. Also, store policy is that cards must be signed.)

Customer: “Amex, please.”

Me: “Sure! I just need to see your ID.”

(I notice as I compare the two that the card isn’t signed.)

Me: “And would you mind just signing your card please?”

Customer: “NO. I don’t sign cards. I’ll give you any kind of ID you want, but I’m not signing it.”

(He then yanks out another piece of ID – his signed Visa! Eventually, since he adamantly refused to sign the card, his wife wound up paying for it all.)

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