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I work in the School of Modern Languages. We often collaborate with the School of Linguistics, but we’re separate departments in different buildings, about 10 minutes’ walk apart. Someone has a meeting with a linguistics researcher in her office, but has come to my department instead.

Me: Hi, so sorry about the mix up! [Researcher]’s office is in the linguistics building, so I’ll walk you over there now.
Visitor: Oh yes, she told me to meet her in linguistics, but we’d had a meeting in this building before so I thought I’d just come here instead.

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(It was May 4th, Star Wars Day when this took place. I’m in a group boot camp with my trainer. He has been my trainer for some years, and we are both in our late 20s. He and all the boot camp members know I’m a nerd and be sarcastic to the trainer. We were doing our after-workout stretch as our cool down, and this gem presented itself. )

Boot Camp Member: Any exciting plans today, Personal trainer?
Personal Trainer: Yup! My wife and I are going to watch the Original Star Wars today for Star Wars Day!
(All the members give him a blank stare, and I can tell he is about to explain, so I raise my hand in a Vulcan salute and say:)
Me: May the Force be with you!
Everyone turns and it clicks, there are some laughs. My trainer calmly stops his stopwatch.
Personal Trainer: Okay we are done, except (my name) you have twenty burpees.

(Thankfully I knew he was joking, but for a second I did think he was serious).

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I’m crossing the street when I get hit on my left side by a car. I fall at an old angle onto the road, and the impact causes the brunt of my injuries. Thankfully, the car stops immediately, and the injuries are minor — a small cut above my right eye, a black eye and other minor bruising, and scar tissue in my right shoulder. I go to physical therapy for the scar-tissue damage. During my initial consultation, the therapist and a nurse maneuver my arm into different positions to gauge the pain each position causes me. He asks me to rate the pain on a 1 to 10 scale.

Me: That’s a 1…that’s a 2…that’s more like a 3 or maybe a 2.5…

He’s got my arm pointed at four o’clock when white-hot pain explodes in my shoulder. I go speechless as black spots press in on my vision. When my vision clears and the pain recedes, I stare at the therapist and the nurse, and they stare back, alarmed.

Therapist: Are you okay?

Me: …Uh, yeah, I’m okay. That really, really hurt.

The rest of the session goes much better, and my subsequent visits go fine, too. The staff there are nothing but professional. I think I scared the therapist with my reaction that first day, because no member of staff ever tried to move my arm into that position again. With the help of the stretches they should me how to do, I recover full mobility in my arm after a couple months.

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I had been sent to the Radiology department within the ER for an urgent chest X-Ray. When the technician asked me if it was possible to be pregnant, I had a mental glitch (I have a language-based learning disability) and my brain took a good 30-seconds to interpret the question. Since I hesitated, the technician turfs me back to Family Medicine for a pregnancy test. I am upset at having to spend longer in the hospital while sick, as well as the effort to walk across the hospital and back. The nurse administering the test is also upset for having her work interrupted for the test.

Me: I tried telling him I would have to have the gestation of an elephant to still be pregnant two years after last having sex.

Nurse *annoyed, slamming objects as the test is performed* Yes, you couldn’t even be on “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” [reality TV show] by this point.

Me: And he’s going to throw me in the back of the line so I’ll wait all over again. I’m on bed rest, I just want to be and should be at home but we have to go through this! So I took 30 seconds to answer the question, I answered it! I don’t know why he just didn’t believe my disability.

Nurse *still annoyed*: Belief in your honesty has nothing to do with it. He wouldn’t be allowed to interpret – the policy is anything other than a quick no has to be investigated.

I pause for a moment as this sinks in. My tone becomes lower and calmer and my speech slows as this new perspective hits me.

Me: I hadn’t thought of that. That makes sense. While he wouldn’t have any reason to believe I’m lying, he also has no ability to know if I am telling the truth since my disability isn’t on the test request. He probably gets women who hesitate because they are in denial. This policy may annoy a lot but probably saves a few zygotes from harm.

The nurse stops what she is doing for a moment in thought.

Nurse *obviously calmer*: Yeah, the policy probably does save those precious few.

We’re silent for the rest of the test but the tension in the air around us has dissipated. The test is negative and she signs a slip for me to take back to the X-Ray technician. I take it and smile at her.

Me: Thank you. And I’m sorry about the interruption. I hope you can get back into your rhythm easily.

Nurse: Thanks, and I hope they manage to rush you through, get you back to bed. Feel better!

It is amazing the difference perspective can make! And, while the technician had another patient when I arrived, he took me next, even defended me when people complained I had jumped the line [“she waited in line before, so she doesn’t have to wait now!”]. I got upset for nothing – except the exhausting trek through the hospital!

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(I work in a hospital in a mid-sized city as a CNA. We like to refer to our dietary service as “Room Service” for some reason)
the patient hits the call light
Patient: I need to talk to you about my diet room service won’t let me order hardly anything on the menu
I call down to room service and apparently she has eggs listed on her allergies in her chart so naturally they won’t allow her to order anything with eggs in them, which is kind of a problem at breakfast time. I head back into the room
Me: So it seems that our dietary department has eggs listed as one your allergies
Patient: *deep sigh, No I’m not allergic to eggs I’m allergic to egg YOLKS
Me with a look of confusion on my face: Um, I’ve never heard of that so what happens when you eat egg yolks
Patient: they make me gag, but I can eat scrambled eggs no problem as long as their mixed in they don’t bother me.
Me: I don’t think that’s an allergy I think you just don’t like runny yolks
(It took me a full 4 hours of bugging the nurse and the doctor to change this woman’s diet because this woman in her sixties doesn’t know the difference between allergies and foods she doesn’t like)

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