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(This took place back when I was in the customer service area for the major insurance company I work for. We provide coverage for when agencies aren’t open and frequently answer payment questions, this caller had questions about whose name appeared on the policy)

Caller: Yes well I’m looking at my bill and it has my name on the auto policy. My name shouldn’t be on any auto policy I haven’t driven since 2010 when I gave up my lease.

Me: Alright well I’m certainly sorry to hear about the trouble ma’am, give me a moment to look over your information and I’ll see what we can do to help you out. *looks over account information, sees that her name is on the payment plan all of the policies are under*

Me: Okay well I’m actually not seeing you listed as a named insured on this policy, you said you were looking at a bill, can you tell me exactly what the bill says?

Caller: Well it came in mine and my husband’s name and it has the account number listed, then below that there’s the two vehicles and our homeowners insurance. I haven’t owned a car since 2010 so my name shouldn’t be on an auto policy.

Me: I understand, like I said earlier, I’m not showing you listed as a named insured on the policy, however I do see that you are listed as an account holder for the payment plan that all of your policies are under.

Caller: What’s a payment plan? You aren’t listening to me, I know what I’m talking about. Take my name off of the auto policy, I don’t drive anymore.

Me: *rubs temples, beginning to feel exasperated* Ma’am you aren’t listed on the auto policy, the auto policy is under your husband’s name. Your name is on the payment plan account that you had your agent set up to divide your premium payments up into smaller installments.

Caller: So the agent put my name on the auto policy? *raises voice* I specifically told them that I haven’t driven since 2010 when I surrendered my lease, this is a nightmare why can’t your company do anything right? Take my name off of the auto policy right now!

(the conversation continues on in this manner for another 28 minutes while I try to explain in various ways that she’s not associated with the actual policy)

Me: *takes a deep breath* Alright ma’am, well what I can do for you this evening is send a message to the agent’s office requesting that they contact you as soon as they’re back in the office to discuss why you’re on the auto policy. Is there anything else I can do for you at the moment?

Caller: Well just make sure that they know I haven’t driven since 2010 and they need to take me off of the auto policy because that car has nothing to do with me.

Me: Alright well thank you so much for calling [Company Name] would you have time for a brief 5 question automated survey?

Caller: I’m not doing anything until my name is off the auto policy.

Me: Okay well you enjoy the rest of your evening.
*caller disconnects*
I sent the following message over to the agent’s office: Ms. [Name] called in wanting to know “why her name is on the auto policy.” I attempted to explain that her name is associated with the payment plan but she would like you to call her back and explain why “you put her on the auto policy” when she told you not to. Please get in touch with her as soon as possible.

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A customer comes up to the counter with a selection of knick knacks that are all 50% off. As I’m scanning them all up she begins nit-picking every item she’s chosen, finding flaws that aren’t there and then asking for me to further discount them for her. I refuse, claiming that as a casual staff member I don’t have the ability to give further discounts without permission from my manager who isn’t in store, but only because not only do I know that she’s regularly in the store doing this exact thing, but there’s nothing actually wrong with anything she’s buying and it’s already half price. Finally, right as the last of it’s been scanned, the following conversation occurs.
Customer: Do you get staff discount?
Me: Yes, ma’am. They’re good to the staff here.
Customer: Can I get staff discount then?
Me: No.
Customer: Are you serious?
Me: Ma’am, it’s for staff only.
Customer: You can’t give it to me?
Me: No, ma’am, like I said, it’s for staff.
Customer: I could work here.
By now I’ve had enough, and it’s clear this woman just wants to get her way or start something, so I drop the act and shut her down fast as I can.
Me: Ma’am, I’ve been working at this store for a year now, so I know for a fact that you don’t work here. Don’t insult me by implying I’m some sort of idiot that doesn’t even know my own co-workers. If you’d like to buy these items I’d be happy to help you, but the discounted prices in this store are as marked and I will not further reduce them for you because you’re too stingy to pay clearance prices.
Customer: I beg your pardon? How dare you! I’ll have you fired!
Me: Because I refused to give you a discount that you have no claim to and therefore no right to ask for?
The customer throws up her hands and storms off. My coworker burst out laughing.

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(My parents have decided to try a new steakburger restaurant in town. However, my mom is having trouble figuring out the menu.)

Mom: I just want a single cheeseburger!

Me: Well, they sell single steakburgers with cheese.

Mom: But I don’t want a steakburger!

Me: Then why did you want to come to a steakburger restaurant?!

Mom (to cashier): Do you sell just a single steakburger with cheese? I don’t want all the fancy stuff on it.

Cashier: …Yes?

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(I work in administration for a feedlot – raising cattle for beef – and while I’m not the main secretary, I do answer the phones when my coworker isn’t available to. My coworker has stepped away to use the rest room and the phone rings.)

Me: [Company Name}

Customer: [Coworker’s name]?

Me: No, this is [my name], [coworker] stepped away for a minute, can I take a message?

Customer: Oh, I must’ve called the wrong number.

Me: No, this is the right number, she’s just stepped away.

Customer: No, no I called the wrong number. *Hangs up*


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(I’m in high school on an out-of-state field trip. We stop for lunch on the final day of the trip and my friend and I finish early. We decide to walk to the gas station down the street so my friend can buy some candy for the remainder of the trip and I can try to find a souvenir that’s not fragile or grossly overpriced. Only two employees are working in the gas station, one in the back room and one behind the cash register. My friend buys her candy and waits for me outside while I look for a souvenir. I find one that I like and can afford and bring it to the counter. Keep in mind that everything said up until now has been in English and there is nothing about me or the cashier to indicate that either of us know Spanish at all.)

Cashier: “¡Hola! ¿Como estás?”

(I’m surprised, but decide to use what I’ve learned in the Spanish classes I’ve been taking, since I know enough to hold a basic conversation and have a good accent.)

Me: “Cansado. ¿Y tu?”

Cashier: *deer in the headlights look* “Oh sh**.”

(The employee in the back lost it laughing while I hurriedly explained that I actually did speak English and was taking Spanish as a second language. The cashier rang up my souvenir and just for kicks, I called out, “¡Adios!” as I was leaving. The guy in the back was still laughing at the cashier when I left. I wonder if he ever tried that again.)