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(I am going through security at 4 am. I brought a bottle of water to drink during the car ride with the intention of throwing it out once I got to the airport. When I get through the scanner, I remember the water that wasn’t thrown out and notice that one of my bags has been pulled by an agent for further inspection.)

Me: “That’s my bag.”
Agent: “Oh, it’s yours?”
Me: “Yes, and it has a small bottle of water in it that I forgot to toss. That’s probably what set it off.”
Agent: *searches my bag, pulls out the water, rescans it and sends me on my way*
Me: “I can’t believe I did that.”

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So I was at work sweeping near the window, and I see this man in a hoodie looking suspicious staring inside, and I couldn’t see his face. And honestly I got really scared. And since there is a gun range right next to my work, we’re always on high alert. So I told my boss. And my boss goes and looks for him. Once she found him, he starts yelling saying that he saw me “run” to my manager and say something about him. And that he thought I was his wife (keep in mind his wife is about 5’7. And is like a freaking bus wide. And then he bought up the race card saying just because he’s black and wearing a hood, he’s automatically a suspect and trying to start something. (Keep in mind he is yelling. Causing a scene. And EVERYBODY who is working at this very moment is black including myself ) and he points at me and yells, THIS IS HER FAULT. And then my Co worker jumped in about the gun range next to us and high alert. That’s when the wife jumped in saying that my co-worker called her ignorant (Which never happened since all she said during the entire scene was about the gun range). At that point, I went in the back and started crying. My boss was about to call the police, but then they cancelled their order and stormed out.

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A family of 3 walk into the Convenient store I work at. The woman buys an 18 rack of Rainer Beer and all of them leave.

2 Hours Later…

The woman and her 12 year old daughter walk up to the Store while i’m smoking a cigarette outside.

ME:” How’s it going!”
GIRL: “Good!”
MOM: “Mneh.”

I follow them into the store noticing that the mother of this girl has clearly slammed majority of the beers she bought earlier and is Hammered.

GIRL: “Excuse me. Could you tell me where the Ice is.”
ME: “Yeah, its just around the corner in a cooler.”
GIRL: Thanks!”

They grab a bag of Ice and come up to the counter.

I ring up the Ice at $1.99.

ME: “Alright, so thats gonna be 2 Bucks.”
GIRL: “Ok.”

The girl hands me two ones while her mother drunkenly is staring at the floor.

ME: “Alright.”

(This is where shit gets VERY WEIRD!)

ME: ” Would you like your Penny back.”
GIRL: “No thanks.”
ME: …
GIRL: “MOM! He asked if I wanted my PENNY BACK!”
MOM: …
ME: EH… Yeah.
MOM: Oh…

The mom then palmed her face in embarrassment. Took the penny and her and her Daughter walked out of the store.

ME: “Fuck My Life!”

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( A while back I dyed my hair purple, because my job allowed that. As the purple began to fade, it turned a light green. A customer notices this and can’t help, but comment on it as I ring her up)
Me: Your total is $$$
(The customer then reaches over and grabs a chunk of my greenish hair and pulls it towards her, pulling me with it!)
Customer: Why is there green in your hair? Is that from chlorine or something?
(I gently pull my hair away from her and step back)
Me: Um..no. I dyed it purple a couple of weeks back and now it’s turned green.
Customer: Oh. When my kids swim in the pool their hair does that too. Why did it turn from purple to green?
Me: I don’t know. Your total is $$$
Customer: Well you should really fix that, it looks like you have been in the pool too long
Me: Um okay…
(She finally pays and then leaves. What ever happened to personal space?)

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(it’s midnight.)

Customer: *on phone* “Hello, there’s a family next door making lots of noise.”

Me: “Ok, sorry about that, we’ll check on it.”

(I go to the noisy room and knock, but no one answers. There’s a lot of hushing in the room and silence but no one answers. The next day, same time, there’s another complaint of loudness from the same room.)

Me: *calls up noisy room* “This is the front desk, we’ve gotten multiple complaints about your room being loud. Could you please keep it quiet, people are trying to sleep.”

Noisy Room: “Ok, no problem!”

(I make a note to my manager about the issue. Usually, we give a room two warnings, and then we call the police. Since the noisy room is going to be here one more night, I’m worried that they’ll make noise again. Two men for the noisy room come down and they smirk and laugh at me, but say nothing. The next day, I guess the manager spoke with them because they were quiet for once!  Still, I was happy when they left.)

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