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, | Unfiltered | May 21, 2022

(My cousin and his wife had a baby several months ago. I am seeing them for the first time since shortly after the baby was born, and am enjoying catching up with my cousin).
Me: How are you? I hear you’re at home with the baby these days.
Cousin: Yup, that’s right, I’m just a homeboy. . .
Me: *bursts out laughing*
Cousin: I meant stay-at-home-dad!!
Me: Actually, I think ‘homeboy’ is a much better description, we are using that from now on!

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(When the bus driver has his speaker on full volume, I like to listen in on the messages from dispatch. It can vary from the mundane as in looking for extra drivers for a particular event, lost property, over the technical as in unexpected detours due to accidents to community service as in looking for lost children or elderly. One evening, I was on a bus overhearing dispatch relaying a detour for the bus I am on. I see the driver looking to his mate (just happen to be another driver who was not working) and see quizzical looks on both faces. I stay quiet but remain observant to the point where they had to deviate. As suspected, they had no clue, so I work myself forward.)

Me: You need to follow the tram rails.
Drivers mate: (annoyed) Ma’am, we need to follow a detour.
Me: Yes, I know, you need to follow the tram rails to your left.
(Driver starts turning left).
Me: No no, you need the middle street.
Driver (reluctantly following instructions): hey, this is (street) dispatch named.
(They follow the route somewhat more relaxed.)
Me: At this square, you need to go straight ahead but best is to go around the statue. No, one more street.
(Both the driver and his mate look relieved.)
Driver: Thanks. I got it from here.
Me: You’re welcome.
(I got safely home).

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This one’s a bit of a doozy.

Idiot that I was, I managed to freeze my debit card, which required contacting my out-of-state bank to send me a new one. I am currently in school, and the address they have on file is my parent’s current address, so they say they will have to send it there. I assume my parents will send it on when it arrives.

Two weeks or so go by, during which time I manage to save quite a bit of money because I can’t spend any of it, and no sign of my new card. Eventually, I remember to check my own mail, and surprisingly enough, there’s my card. So much for not being able to forward it to my apartment.

I go through the drill of activating it, test it out by buying lunch at a restaurant, which works perfectly. So I assume it’s okay to go buy groceries (like I said, it’s been a while, and I’m running low). I drive a good fifteen minutes to the big store, do my shopping, and proceed to check-out. All goes well until it’s time to pay.

Here’s where I should mention that I’ve had lots of trouble using the chip reader in the past, and I sometimes need to swipe. There’s also been a problem where the bank thinks I am too far from home (?) and texts me to ask if I tried a charge of ($X) at (Location). I have to text back “yes”, and then it unlocks my card. If it’s working properly of course.

Inserting the card yields an error message, repeatedly. I don’t get a text, so I assume the problem is on their end. By now, it’s clear that neither the chip nor the swiper is working, so I ask a worker for help. She tries to move my transaction over to her desk (term?) to check it out, but realizes her drawer is not working, and I have to start over at a (third) counter.

The next one doesn’t work, either. As I am standing there, trying to figure out why even typing the number in by hand doesn’t work, people get in line behind me. Why they couldn’t go somewhere that was not clearly having trouble, I do not know. One of them grabs my cart, empty except for my wallet and car keys, for no apparent reason.

By now, my anxiety has been flaring up, and in all seriousness, I never appreciate someone invading my personal space (which includes my cart) without warning/permission. I snatch the cart away with something like “Can you not?”, which I admit wasn’t the best response.

I try calling the bank at one point, and go through their whole menu to get to the debit card fix-it section, put in my number, and am politely thanked (all by machine) before it hangs up on me without any help or even asking what the problem is. I make a mental note to deal with that later.

Eventually, I am starting to realize I may have to leave without groceries, wasting the gas it took to drive this far (I am on a very tight budget). One of the workers calls in the manager, who moves me to checkout station number four. I am actually having chest pains and visibly near tears since I do not do well when things that should be working are not, without explanation.

As I’m standing there, the woman who grabbed my cart leaves with an audible comment on “If you didn’t snatch the cart away-“. Maybe she was saying she would have offered to pay for it, which would have been nice, but don’t start something like that by grabbing someone’s stuff.

Eventually, the manager somehow makes her magic work, and tells me it’s been taken care of. I’m not sure if she put up her own money or what, but I thank her as politely as I can and go to leave.

The next morning, I finally get the “Did you try a charge of $40-something at [store]”. I text back “yes”, and it tells me that I can run it again in a few minutes. Again, this is about twelve hours after I tried it originally.

I call the bank, as politely as I can manage, and they tell me they’ve been having this problem with a few people. They tell me it will be fixed. I can only hope that’s true, as I have not actually used the card since.

TL;DR: I screw up my debit card, the bank screws up my debit card, some customers were annoying, and the store has issues before coming through in a huge way. Not always right? Working? Hopeless? All of the above?

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For a bit of background, my mother is engaged to a wonderful man, but he is also a recovering alcoholic. When he had a moment and started to relapse, he did the responsible thing and threw out the alcohol that was in their house. Problem was that alcohol was my mom’s favorite bourbon, and she can’t get it in her home state. So when my mother was visiting during this story, and she asked me if I could get her a bottle of this bourbon and not tell him, so she could enjoy it and he didn’t have to be tempted by it again. Being the loving daughter I am, I go to get it, and this is where I learn it’s no longer being sold in multiple locations anymore.
After recruiting a friend and hitting multiple stores, we finally find a store online that says it’s in stock in a physical location. Ecstatic, we head to the liquor isle but are bummed to find it’s sold out. My friend decides to ask an employee, who looks it up and finds it is in stock, but there’s no location listed so he’s not sure it’s even in the store yet. I am disappointed, but it’s out of his control, so we get ready to head home. Before we leave, the employee offers to check the back anyway, and I agree knowing it would at least help me feel better.
Only a few minutes later he returns with the fabled bottle. I’m eternally grateful for his help, and my friend and I go to check out and present the perfect bourbon to my mom. To the employee who went that extra mile, it may seem like a small thing, but my mom never asks for much, and because of you I was able to get her a small token of joy she can have all to herself. Thank you.

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I’ve popped into the bakery/cafe to buy lunch supplies for the next few days.

Me: “Can I have half a dozen white long rolls, please?”

Baker: “Is that for takeaway?”

Me: *blinks*

Baker: “…That was a stupid question, wasn’t it?”

Yes, Mr. Baker, I’m definitely going to sit and eat six foot-long bread rolls all at once!