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Please note that I am the only manager currently woeking, every one else has gone home for the night.

Customer: *approaches with sandwich in hand* does this look right to you?

Me: I’m not sure, did you order the roasted veggie egg?

Customer: Yes, but does this *gestures to sandwich now on the counter* look right to you?

Me: Well, honestly, it looks like you got double the egg, but yes,it appears to be made correctly.

Customer: But the bread is so small.

Me: Yes, it looks that way because of the extra egg.

Customer: No. This is wrong.

He walked off in a huff and was out the door before I could even offer him something else. However, he did complain to management and I got written up because “it was completely wrong.”

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I worked a super difficult job at an art supply retail shop for a tyrannical boss for low pay. My last week there after turning in my notice, I had a difficult interaction with a customer…

THEM: I love this store.
ME: Thanks.
THEM: I could spend all day at this store.
ME: Uh huh…
THEM: Heh, I should work at this store!
ME: Mm-hmm…
THEM: That’s what I’ll do! I’ll quit my high-paying job and work at this store.
ME: (biting my tongue super hard)

I’m already working minimum-wage for a tyrant. Do you have to twist the knife?

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I am in a dollar store and I have a bunch of stuff in my hands including: my wallet, some items to purchase, and my cellphone. Also note: I am wearing my sunglasses and my work shirt (which is blue–the employees at this dollar store wear green shirts with black aprons). I am looking at a wall of tissue paper when this happens…
Man: *walks up to me, looks at my shirt and then my face* Do you work here?
Me: No???????
I’m not sure how sunglasses wouldn’t be an indicator of me not working there but okay…maybe he thought I was blind.

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It’s been a busy day, and all workers have sales targets to adhere to, so although answering queries is also a part of our job, it’s better if we don’t spend all our time doing so.

Customer: I want to change my billing date for this phone
Me: Certainly, if you just want to follow me and we’ll take a seat at the desk.

(After going through the gentleman’s bills we find that his next one is considerably higher)

Customer: That can’t be right! I only pay £x.xx for my contract!
Me: Well, I can check why it’s that high.
Customer: This is disgraceful, I haven’t done anything.
Me: I can guarantee sir that you will have done something that charges extra.

(The extra bill came from phone calls that were made outside the agreed contract allowance)

Me: Okay, so that’s why the bill is considerably higher, it seems that your son has gone over his allowance.
Customer: But I was told he can do ANYTHING he wants!

(Losing my patience)

Me: Unfortunately there is always some form of ‘cap’ or ‘allowance’ that your son has to adhere to. Was that not explained before you signed the contract?
Customer: No! Otherwise I would have gone elsewhere!
Me: What exactly does your son need ‘anything’ of?
Customer: Internet.
Me: Right well, he hasn’t gone over that, it’s his phone calls. You’re only paying for X amount.
Customer: But I was told he could use ANYTHING.

(Baring in mind the son is over 18, I’m told the son doesn’t want to check what’s left of his allowance using our very useful app)

Me: Well the next plan that could work is (considerably more). But you can’t upgrade to that for another 11 months.
Customer: Right, he’ll just have to never use his phone!

(I go on to explain he has unlimited texts and internet usage, it’s just his minutes. The son pipes up and asks about sending pictures, I thought he meant through apps, but he meant through texts. I then had to go through a 45 minute break down of what an MMS (multimedia message) is, and why they cost to send. It wasn’t until after all of this the customer told me he didn’t understand anything I just said and needed it explaining again.)

Me: Okay, so what don’t you understand?
Customer: Can he use the internet?
Me: Yes
Customer: But only X amount of minutes?
Me: Yes
Customer: And what about apps?
Me: They class as internet usage if they connect to the internet for them to work.

(The customer leaves, satisfied and with a long sheet of paper where I had hand written the basics of his contract that he had at home. He then proceeds to turn up 2 hours later whilst I’m with another customer to ask if his sons football app is free to use! Safe to say it was a long day)

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(I frequently go to a local gaming store that stocks tabletop RPGs and trading card games. While I’m there one afternoon, waiting for my gaming group, a very pretty blonde wearing heels and a sundress walks in. Everyone, myself included, was instantly on Red Alert because I’m the only girl they get most of the time.)

Customer: *approaches the counter* Hi, I’m, like, looking for ? My boyfriend really likes video games and I wanted to get him one for his birthday.

Cashier: Sorry, we’re not that kind of game store, but if you tried down the street–

Customer: Oh my gawd, you want me to walk ALL that way?! In THESE shoes? This is a GAME store, isn’t it? What other kind of games ARE there?! You’d make me ruin my [expensive brand] shoes for a GAME?!

(The poor cashier never got the chance to explain, because Blondie kept ranting for several minutes about how we were all losers and geeks and would never get girlfriends and die virgins before storming out. Coincidentally, said cashier is also my gaming group’s Dungeon Master. We ended up fighting a b***** blonde sorceress that night.)