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Unfiltered | September 30, 2015

This happened when I was the only cashier on duty, on an evening shift. The store was full of customers.

Customer: I need a roll of quarters.

Me: Sure, just give me a second to pull it from the safe.

I exchange the cash and hand her the roll of quarters. She then asks me to ring up some spray cleaner.

She walks away and I start to serve the next customer. Suddenly she flies back to me, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Customer: You didn’t give me my roll of quarters! I gave you a ten dollar bill and you didn’t give me my quarters! That’s theft! You stupid f—ing b— can’t even exchange money! What the f— is wrong with you!!!

Me: I’m so sorry, maam, but I can’t access the safe without a deposit. I can have my manager count it at the end of the shift and call you…..


Me: Get out of my store or I am calling the police. NOW.

She leaves and about ten minutes later I see her pull up outside the store but she doesn’t come in. I call the police.

She got out of the car and just as she tried to enter the building, the cops showed up and stopped her. She started fighting them and screaming, scratching them with her nails and kicking.

I relay the story to one officer while she continues to shriek at me for “stealing her f—ing money.”

Finally my manager comes in and we count the safe – and it isn’t over $10. All of that nonsense and felonious assault on an officer, for a scam!!

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Unfiltered | September 30, 2015

Due to bad circumstances im crashing with a coworker friend who hates doing dishes. Her boyfriend is in the process of making brownies when i quickly get up to do the dishes

Friend: oh wow thanks..but why are you washing these?

Me: i saw [boyfriend] making brownies and i want a piece of that action! But i wouldnt feel right eating them without doing something in return so…

I trail off because shes looking at me funny

Her: weirdo. But thanks!

A few minutes later I’m on the couch relaxing and he brings over a plate with strawberries, ice cream and delicious brownies! It was very heartwarming to say the least

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Unfiltered | September 29, 2015

This happens when I go to the public library in a town we just moved to, since most of our stuff hasn’t arrived yet we go only to use their computers. There are four computers with their backs on each other and I grab the one opposite my dad, who is 6 ft tall and very muscular and broad shouldered retired law enforcement.

A random guy sits in the computer between me and my dad.

Guy: hey what are you doing here, it’s summer shouldn’t you be outside?

Me: well I’m not much of an outdoors person and I am doing some research

Guy: I thought school was out, what are you researching?

Me: it is but I like to research random stuff just for the fun of it. Right now I’m looking at OCD, stuff like how they diagnose it and treat it and stuff. It’s really very interesting.

Guy: well…if you want you can come over to my place and do some research there. I’m OCD and can teach you all about it

I start to get creeped out

Me: no thanks I’m good

Guy: why not? It’s just down the street

Me: um, because I’m underage and that’s my dad next to you who is a retired cop

Suddenly he notices my dad for the first time and that my dad is glaring at him, he gets up and runs out knocking his chair over in his rush. My dad stands up to pick it up and gives me a hug

Dad: I’m so proud of you for handling that guy I was waiting to see just what you would say.

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Unfiltered | September 29, 2015

(It is the first semester of my junior year, we are in art class. We recently received a new girl that was quite a chatterbox, no she usually never thought about what she said before she said it.)

New girl: “Did you guys know that we can’t breathe underwater??”


*entire class dies of laughter*

Me: (Sarcastically) “Wow! this is brand new information! I did not know this!”

(We are good friends now.)

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Unfiltered | September 29, 2015

(My brother’s best friend for nearly 10 years is having dinner with us. He knows us quite well, but my mom still catches us off guard.)

Him: So, you guys watch soccer right, like Italian league?

Mom: (Yelling from the kitchen) IS THE POPE JEWISH?

Him: Haha ye-no?

Rest of the family: *facepalm*