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Unfiltered | October 13, 2015

(I am on the phone when a regular customer approaches my register. As I go to hang up the phone, the receiver falls and I end up fiddling with it in a frustrated manner for several few seconds before finally getting it to stay.)

Me: “Sorry about that. How are you doing today?”

Customer: *briefly glances up, then looks back down at his wallet* “Did ya hit that, brother?”

(I think the guy is asking if I punched the phone and broke it, so I almost respond with some joke like “Not yet” or “Only once” or “All the time” or whatever. As I open my mouth to respond, I suddenly realize he’s asking if I had sex with my rather attractive coworker who is at the register behind me.)

Me: *shocked* ….uh……

(I finish up his transaction and hand him his receipt)

Customer: “Well if you do, take pictures!”

(Never saw him again!)

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Unfiltered | October 13, 2015

I used to work at a special needs school with a group of teenagers. They had mainly emotional problems, but some of them had intellectual ones as well. Student #2 was 18 years old, but had the emotional intelligence of maybe an 8 year old. Student #1 had normal intellect. It was my 25th birthday.

Student #1: So how old are you turning, like 40??? (laughs)

Me: *Sarcastically* No, student #1, I’m actually turning 50!!

Student #2: REALLY?? Wow (my name) you look really good for 50!! Like only like 40 or so!

Me and Student #2 die laughing, along with some other teachers. Probably its good that that happened when I was 25 instead of 35!

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Unfiltered | October 13, 2015

(During a Christmas lunch with a few aunts, uncles and cousins, the subject of boys is brought up regarding my 9-year-old cousin…)

Me: “So your mum tells me you’re chasing boys now!”

Cousin: *shakes her head fervently*

Her Mum: “She chases all the boys!”

Cousin: “Well, I chase boys…and then I pinch them!”

(…I wonder if I’ve been a bad influence, as I was exactly like her at that age!)

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Unfiltered | October 13, 2015

We were out at the beach with friends. We went to a friends house to cook, the girls still wanted to go to bars and clubs so some are getting showered and dressed.

Girl 1 walks into the kitchen only in a towel, she is a bit drunk

Girl 2: “what are you doing, you should be wearing cloths! all the guys are in here”

Girl 1: “What why, I am more covered up than my bikini!” she drinks some beer and turns to go, the towel slips a bit

Girl 2: “‘girl 1’ cover up and get dressed”

Guy 1: “yup that happens”

Girl 3 staring as girl 1 walked back down the hall: “yea that did…”

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Unfiltered | October 13, 2015

(In the midst of major layoffs at the local level, our corporate office keeps hiring new executives. Our new COO is trying to pal up with the employees at our local office and gain our trust.)

COO: “I’m not a Neiman Marcus gal, I’m a Walmart gal. Not that I’d ever shop at Walmart.”

(How reassuring.)