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Unfiltered | October 21, 2015

My mom sends me a text that says: Here is the number for free towing tonight. No membership required up to ten miles free, and yes I know you don’t have a car. Happy New Year!

Me: You realize this has been all over Facebook for a week, right?

Mom: The number your sister posted was only for Southern California, I wanted to make sure you had the right number!

Me: She constitutes less than one half of one percent of all my friends.

Mom: Guess you didn’t get the Asperger’s gene then!

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Unfiltered | October 21, 2015

(I recently started a new task and moved to a different building. A few weeks after starting the following is sent as a building-wide e-mail. Note: the 4th floor is “management land”.)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On a couple of different occasions, lunches from the refrigerator on the 4th floor kitchen were reported missing. Beverages have been consumed or emptied and put back as well as frozen meals removed and the empty boxes returned to the freezer. Our first thought was that these were mistakes or employees not paying attention and mistakenly taking the wrong meal/beverage. However, it has happened on too many occasions for it to be a mistake. Please be cognizant when taking things from the refrigerator and ensure you only take what is yours. If the culprit is caught (and we have our ways), disciplinary action will occur.

We sincerely request that all of us respect the property of our fellow employees no matter what it is.

We are open to ideas on resolution of this problem (please reach out to your HR Business Partner with suggestions).

Thank you,

Leadership team

(I’m glad I’m on a different floor, and our room has its own refrigerator.)

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Unfiltered | October 21, 2015

I was working as a wrangler at a resort ranch. Folks come up from the city to play cowboy for a weekend. I would take care of the horses, get them saddled, bridled and get the guests mounted up. I’d escort them on trail rides. One guy saw this entire process and I spoke to him for much of the hour on the trail. When I got him off the horse he actually asked me what I do for a living. I just dropped my head and said, “You tell him” to a fellow wrangler and walked into the barn. Surely barn doors are really just entries to alternate realities where horses go into stasis with no bodily functions. Kind of like parking a car. And who would want to be paid for dealing with the people?

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Unfiltered | October 20, 2015

(I am working on lesson plans for my school job at a local coffee shop when my sister, who lives across the country, calls me. As I am excited to speak with her, I admittedly forget social etiquette and proceed to talk enthusiastically with her on the phone. As I am in the middle of a story, a fellow customer walks up to my table.)

Customer: “What are you saying is really interesting…but I *don’t* want to hear about it.”

(I am stunned and promptly hang up the phone.)

Me: “Excuse me, but that was really rude. If you really had a problem with my phone conversation, you could have politely asked me to take the call outside and I would have done it.”

(A second customer suddenly intervenes from his tables. Bear in mind, both of these customers were sitting very close to me, so they would have even heard me whispering.)

Customer #2: “*You* were the one who decided to talk *loudly* in a quiet café and chase that woman out.”

(I am shocked into silence and mumble out an apology before packing up my things, hurrying out of the store, and having a good cry in my car. While I was in the wrong for talking on the phone in the middle of a small coffee shop, I dealt with horrid guilt for the rest of the day. You may have been successful in shutting me up, fellow customers, but as a result of your tactlessness, you also shamed me to tears. Thanks for that.)

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Unfiltered | October 20, 2015

(I am homeschooled with my brother and sister. Sometimes my mom teaches us supplemental lessons. In honor of October, we are learning about the Salem Witch Trials)

Mom: The Salem Witch Trials..(she is then interrupted by the front door being burst open, it’s my dad)

Dad: Hey Guys!

All of us: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!