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Unfiltered | October 18, 2015

“I’m 8 years old, I’m going to visit a friend of mine. He, his dad and his grandfather all have the same name”

*ringing the doorbell*

[his mom on the interphone] : hello? who’s there?

[me]: Hi!, is there [name]? *realizing there are 3 [names] there* … [surname]? *realizing all 3 have the same surname* … junior?

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Unfiltered | October 18, 2015

(My cousin’s daughter just got a new Disney princess castle toy set for Christmas. My sister is playing with my cousin’s daughter while I’m watching and taking pictures.) Cousin’s Daughter: *points to a candelabra sticker on her princess castle* Do you know what this means?

Sister: No… what does it mean?

Cousin’s Daughter: They’re Jewish!

Sister: *speechless*

Cousin’s Daughter: Well, it’s a menorah so they’re celebrating Hanukkah, so they’re Jewish!

Me: *stifling laughter*

Sister: Well I’m sorry, but that’s not possible.

Cousin’s Daughter: Why?

Sister: That menorah only has 6 candles, it’s supposed to have 7.


Sister: Oh. So all your princesses are Jewish?

Cousin’s Daughter: Yes!

Me: *now in tears trying to hold back laughter*

Sister: Santa brought you a Jewish princess castle?

Cousin’s Daughter: …Yep!

Sister: Okaaaaaay.

(My sister and I leave the room to go crack up)

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Unfiltered | October 18, 2015

Blunder on my part.

It’s late, I’ve had a long day working the dining room counter, and then they switched me over to drive thru after the dining room closed.

After the message plays

Me: Good evening, will this be for here or to go tonight?

A few seconds of awkward silence.

Customer: To…go?

Me, realizing the blunder: I’m sorry Ma’am, I’m not sure why I said that.

Customer: *chuckles* It’s alright. [and then proceeds to order]

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Unfiltered | October 17, 2015

(I work at a clothing store but I don’t shop there as I am rather tall and women’s jeans are seldom long enough. I was shopping at a different store when another customer came up to me with a handful of clothes she had tried on.)

Customer: Here you go! (holds pile of clothes out to me.

Me: (Note: I am trying on jeans that have several tags hanging off of them and a Doctor Who graphic tee) Er… I don’t work here.

Customer: (Turns bright red and shuffles away)

Apparently I just seem like a sales associate, even when I don’t actually work at a store!

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Unfiltered | October 17, 2015

(I’m in a class who is known because of a student who gives a lot of trouble. The following happens in class during a storm)

*thunder rumbles*

Student who gives trouble: WHAT IS THAT!?

Me: Maybe it’s your I.Q.

Friend:*dies of laughter*