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Unfiltered | November 24, 2015

I’m working as a cashier when a ladies total is *.50. She hands me dollars, and a quarter and a nickel. The lady is a very old, wrinkly woman.

Me: this is a nickel.

Her: oh I’m sorry dear! My eyes are going brain ia going. What’s next I wonder? Boobs!”

*I wasn’t quite sure I heard her right so I just chuckled while counting out her change*

Her: boobs. My boobs will go next. I say that because I just had a mammogram! You know men should have doctors for their you know whats too!

*at this point the tranaaction was over and she wouldnlt leave. She was still rambling about boobs on her way out the door!

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Unfiltered | November 24, 2015

Our class was standing in a circle, ready to do warm up exercise.

Class mate: How are you?

Me: Just a bit tired. I didn’t get much sleep.

Teacher: What are you guys talking about?

Me: Oh, just that I’m tired.

Teacher: Well, that you get enough sleep is your own responsibility. You need to be able to keep up.

Me: …

I choose not to tell her that I had never accused anyone else of my sleep problem, or that I would be unable to do the work.

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Unfiltered | November 24, 2015

(Note: My sister has a habit of locking the car doors when people are trying to get in, when they’re trying to get out, or just need the door unlocked for some reason.)

Me: *parks car and gets out to get a bag in the backseat, leaving driver’s door open*

My sister: *locks the door, with her still in the car and a goofy smile, the driver’s door still open*

Me: *stares blankly at her*

My sister: *looks down in embarrassment, unlocking the car*

Me: Did you just…almost lock YOURSELF in?

My sister: I am ashamed.

(For the rest of the day, she was getting hit with static electricity when she touched the car. We joked about the car punishing her for her locking herself in.)

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Unfiltered | November 24, 2015

(People in my city drive like idiots. Of the worst things, they treat pedestrians like they’re invisible. This happened right after the power went out at an intersection near the train tracks. A train was currently crossing , on the same side as where I needed to cross. I tried to cross the street, only to have several cars make left turns in front of me. Finally, the traffic can’t go further, due to being blocked off from the train.)

Me: *finally crosses the street, noticing that one of the cars has their windows down* Why didn’t you look where you’re going?! I hope no one gets run over because of you!

Driver: I don’t think that’d happen.

Me: *practically yelling at this point* You’re not paying attention! You probably will if you don’t start paying attention when you’re driving!

Driver: Sorry.

(I really hope that he learned his lesson. I also hope that the 90% of people in my city who never stop for a pedestrian, ever, get their driver’s license revoked)

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Unfiltered | November 24, 2015

[I’m working the reference desk of a university library with one student worker assisting me.]

STUDENT: *Sneeze*

ME: Gesundheit.

STUDENT: What is that? Is that Spanish?

ME: Um, it’s German.

STUDENT: I don’t know any German.

ME: It’s — it means good health. It’s what . . . they always say it when people sneeze.

STUDENT: I never heard that.