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Unfiltered | September 25, 2016

(I walk into the public restroom out the front of a supermarket, located in a mall. After entering I come face to face with a man washing his hands…)

Man: *in shock* What are you doing in here?!

Me: *also in shock* This is the ladies room!

Man: *angry* How do you know this is the ladies?!

Me: Because a) there’s no urinal… and b) that *pointing* is a dispenser for ladies sanitary products!

Man: *in realization* Oh sorry, sorry! *quickly leaves*

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Unfiltered | September 25, 2016

(This happens during second grade at third period. Keep in mind that I was a very well-behaved kid during the year in second grade. I hadn’t committed a single misdeed.)

Teacher: ” Excuse me (My Name) please visit me in the hallway.”

When the teacher calls you into the hallway, it’s most likely because you did something wrong. But, I however, had no clue what I had done wrong. I was pretty sure I hadn’t gotten into any sort of trouble during the three periods. I follow the teacher into the hallway anyways.

Teacher looks at me with a very furious expression.

Teacher:” Explain to me why you did such a terrible thing!!!”

I am in utter shock for I know I hadn’t done anything wrong. I just started to cry and stutter.

Me: I don’t….don’t know what you are talking about miss…”

Teacher:” Don’t lie to me (My Name)!!!”


Teacher: “I will not tolerate for such behavior!!! This is your only and last chance, don’t ever do this again.”

I just nodded and went back to class.

(To this day, I have no idea what she was talking about. I assume a student had lied about me.)

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Unfiltered | September 25, 2016

(My older sister, who’s eleven, and I were babysitting our baby brother. I was nine, and I knew how to feed and change a baby, but my brother has soiled himself so badly that I don’t know what to do. So I decide to go tell my sister upstairs.)

Me: “Hey [Sister]? [Brother] has pooped.”

Sister: “So change his diaper!”

Me: “He did a LOT. It’s everywhere!”

Sister: “What do you mean he-” *gets up to check on brother* “-what the-?! Oh my God! Ugh! Gross!”

Me: “Told you.”

Sister: “And you just left him there?!”

Me: “I went to ask you what to do.”

Sister: “You take him to the tub, that’s what you do!, obviously!)

Me: “Ohh.”

(My brother was washed clean and I got scolded by our mom when she came home for leaving him for a few minutes. Now that I knew how much trouble babies were, the next time Mom asked me to babysit, I said, ‘no way!’)

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Unfiltered | September 25, 2016

The laundry mat that I go to has an attendant after 4 pm. It was about 3 & I’m at the wall of dryers checking pulling out my dry laundry & adding quarters to what still needs a little more time.

A woman 2 dryers down looks at me and says, “Excuse me, a do you have anything to clean out this dryer?”

“No, all I have is my own stuff.”

“Well it looks like there is a condom in here.”

I reply with, ” That’s kind of gross. Paper towels are in the bathroom.” She walks around the corner & I proceed to pull my laundry out of the dryer.
Her daughter (teen to early 20’s) then comes over. “Don’t you have anything to clean this dryer with?”

At this point I’m a little exasperated & I look at her. ” I am doing my own laundry. I don’t work here. If you want to clean it out, there are paper towels in the bathroom.”

“Oh, you don’t work here?”

“Nope, sure don’t.”

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Unfiltered | September 25, 2016

(I am a customer in this story. It is rush hour and I am at the end of what is very clearly a lengthy line for the women’s restroom. A woman starts walking past the line, then stops and turns to me.)

Woman: I have to use the bathroom. Are you guys waiting?

Me: …yes. The line is a line.