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Unfiltered | October 25, 2015

My mom just ate at IKEA, but she’s nice enough to buy me a Happy Meal at McDonalds. I tell her what I want, which is a Happy Meal with apples, Fanta and cheeseburger. She repeats this to the order machine, but we didn’t check the screen to see our order. This is what happens at the drive through:

Worker: So Happy Meal with Fanta, cheeseburger and carrots?

Mom: No, apples.

The worker apologizes and press a few buttons and we pay.

We pull up and mom happens to see the other worker packaging the meal, holding a bag of carrots. Maybe the second worker didn’t do any correction at all.

Mom: No, sorry, we wanted apples.

Worker #2: Sorry. Here you go.

So three screw ups in a row. While not terrible, it’s kind of annoying.

And as usual, no napkins in the Happy Meal packaging.

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Unfiltered | October 25, 2015

(I was stocking the shelves of the small-sized supermarket I work in when a strange-looking customer approached me).

Customer: Exshush me, I’m lookin for the throileth trush.

Me: What?!

(I wasn’t being rude, I really couldn’t understand him properly. After going back and forth a while, I decided to try something out)

Me: Sir, could you repeat what you said, just a little slower this time?

(The customer does exactly what I suggested)

Me: (slapping forehead) TOILET BRUSH!!!

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Unfiltered | October 25, 2015

(This was during a combined high school and middle school field trip. The middle schoolers were talkative and a bit annoying, but one of the chaperones decided to have a bit of fun with them and tells us high scoolers about it)

Chaperone: “I managed to convince the middle schoolers to try and start a petition.”

Student #1: “ooh. About what?”

Chaperone: “to ban dihydrogen monoxide from their water.”

(We all laugh)

Me: “how were you able to do that?”

Chaperone: “well, Y’know, I told them that it’s found in people who die of cancer, it can be lethal in massive quantities, et cetera.”

Me: “well then. I wonder if they’ll actually start one.”

Chaperone: “[laughs] I haven’t told them the truth yet.”

(For those who don’t know: dihydrogen monoxide is the scientific name for water).

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Unfiltered | October 24, 2015

(Note: I am a senior in college, studying in photography. I am not majoring in Spanish, nor have ever taken a Spanish class.My dad comes to me, holding up a can in Spanish.)

Dad: You’re in college, how do you pronounce this?

Me: ……

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Unfiltered | October 24, 2015

(My school organises a trip to Iceland every year. I’ve just left my form room and bump into a friend from the year above mine, who went last year.)

Me: So, [Friend 1], how was the Iceland trip?

Friend 1: Terrible. The food was horrible, the Blue Lagoon was revolting and we caught weird diseases.

Friend 1’s Friend: I didn’t hallucinate!

Friend 1: Yes you did! You were talking about potatoes!

Friend 1’s Friend: Oh.