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My seventh-grade (13/14-year-olds) math classmates and I are working on a series of math problems, having just learned some new math equations. Not a test, just a work sheet. The room is silent aside from the sound of pencils scratching away on paper.

Suddenly, the student next to me leaps out of his seat, points out the window, and screams, “THE SUN’S ON FIRE!”

All of us, including the teacher, panic for half a minute or so before we realize what he said. We went back to our worksheets, but for the rest of the class, we kept breaking out in giggles over his joke. Still makes me laugh two decades later!

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[My husband and I work in the same home decor store – I’m a cashier, he’s more of a generalized worker who gets asked to do anything from organizing the rugs to building displays to assisting customers.

A woman comes to my register, and I help her with the checkout process. She’s buying a few small tables, so per protocol, I ask if she needs help loading her vehicle and she confirms. I call my husband over the walkie-talkie and he says he’ll be up in a minute.]

Customer: My husband can help me unload when I get home.

Me: Great! And meanwhile, my husband will help you load.

Customer: Really?

[I nod. We finish the transaction and I tell her to pull her car up to the curb and my husband will bring her items out to her. He arrives as soon as she leaves and does exactly that. A few minutes later, he comes back in, chuckling.]

Husband: I have a lovely wife.

Me: What?

Husband: That’s what she told me when I was helping her load the car. “You have a lovely wife.” I mean, obviously, but still, it was nice.

[It sure was! That lady is one of the nicest customers I’ve had since I started working there!]

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I work at McDonald’s. We were short-staffed that night and I was assembling a delivery order when someone drives into my lane. Since I am busy, my coworker takes the order for me. I am capable of jumping into the lane at any point.
At this point in the night, I am quite tired and a little stressed.

Coworker: Hi, how can I help you?

Customer: (screaming at the top of his lungs) HEY CAN I GET A LARGE-

(I decide to jump in)

Me: Excuse me sir, we can hear you perfectly fine. There is no need to shout.

Customer: OH REALLY? (proceeds to take his order in a normal volume)

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My sister wanted to make dessert for our family the night of this story. She went to our grandparents house and my dad was late picking her up, so she was annoyed because dinner would be later than expected. It’s also Important to note that our family is watching the tv show The Umbrella Academy, so this will only make sense if you’ve seen it. I’m the most obsessed with the show, and my favorite character is Five

Dad: sorry I was late picking you up
Sister: It’s fine, I’m just annoyed cause we’re gonna have dinner late
Dad: Well, I can’t just Number Five back an hour later and pick you up then
(I wasn’t listening to them)
Sister: how did you not find that hilarious?
Me: huh? Oh I wasn’t listening.
Dad: repeats joke
Me: that’s hilarious! How did I not hear that though? How did I miss a Five joke?
(We ended up having our dinner late, but it was good! After that I watched umbrella academy)

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My parents met while working at a fast food restaurant known for their roast beef sandwiches. One day for his lunch break, my dad ordered a beef and cheddar sandwich with extra cheese sauce. My mom decides to play a prank on him, and makes a sandwich with lots and lots of extra cheese sauce. She then makes one with only a little extra cheese to give him after he opens up the first one. She gives him the first sandwich, but then a rush happens, and she is unable to give him the second sandwich. She goes back to the break room to give him the second sandwich, but he had already eaten the first sandwich, and the cheese sauce was all over his face, and dripping down his mustache.