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USA | Unfiltered | May 26, 2017

(I apply for and get hired by a well known store that sells mattresses, and the other new hires and I have to go to a ‘school’ to learn how to sell. The ‘teacher’ is a very charming white guy in his 30s or 40s, dressed in pressed pants and neat shirt and most of the ‘class’ are guys in their 20s and non-white, and dressed in jeans and t shirts.)

New Hire: “Excuse me, I gotta question: how much money can you make here?”

Teacher: “It depends on you! Myself, I make oh, about $100,000 per year.”

New Hire: *hoots* “D***! You gots skilllllzzz!”

(The class buzzes with excitement at the thought of making so much.)

Teacher: *pumps fist in air* “Yep! I got SKILLZZZZ!!”

(Everyone laughed, and teacher went on with his lesson, shouting, “I GOTS SKILLZZZZ” every so often and pumping his fist. It was hilarious!)

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We’ve just put out freshly baked bagels on the shelves, so there are a small amount of sesame and poppy seeds on the ground around the bagel shelf. Obviously, we sweep after setting up, but hadn’t done so yet when customer walked in.

Customer: This is unacceptable! I’ve told the owner many times to sweep this up! I’m calling the health department!

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Woman: (Speaking to a group of us) This Army man is trying to date my little girl! I won’t allow it!

Me: OMG. How old is he?

Woman: Nineteen!

Me: (Thinking she was talking about her 12 year old daughter) How old is she?

Woman: … Eighteen.

Me: Oh…

After that, the conversation died out. Going on about an army *man* trying to date a little *girl* is one thing, but when it turns out the female is a consenting adult… it’s a bit less dramatic than what her mother was trying to make it out to be.

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(I’m a college athlete. The student parking lot at our college is a half mile away from the gym, so it’s a bit of a walk. We’re lucky enough to have practice at 6:00 am every day, when no campus shuttles are running. On this day, it’s absolutely pouring rain as what’s being called the storm of the century hits town. The wind is also howling in our faces as I walk to the gym with a couple of my teammates.)

Teammate 1: what’s up boys? (Jumps on teammate 2’s back)

Teammate 2: please get off me

Teammate 1: aww don’t be such a sour puss. Isn’t today such a beautiful day?

Teammate 2: only good weather for ducks and dicks man

Teammate 1: don’t put me out of my good mood. Go to hell man.

(Suddenly a huge downpour picks up and drenches us.)

Teammate 2: fuck it man. Hell cant be worse than this.

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(My friend and I are having dinner in a fairly up-scale restaurant. She is a transgender woman, but her transition was almost twenty years ago. Although she is about six feet tall, there is nothing about her that looks particularly masculine in my opinion. She has long hair and is wearing a tank top and skirt. When the server brings our food, this exchange occurs:)

Server: Would you like another drink, sir?

Friend: No thank you.

(After he leaves)

Me: Did he just call you “sir”?

Friend: Welcome to my life.

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