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I work as a front desk agent for a popular hotel in my area. During the morning shift we check out the guests and make sure everything was okay.

Lady: We are getting our things and then leaving

Me: Okay, How was everything?

Lady: Oh it was goooood

(Stands there staring at me)

Me: Glad everything went well

(Lady leaves to get a rolling cart for her things and then returns to the desk)

Lady: I don’t know where I am..

Me: You are in (Name of City)

Lady: No I know that, I just don’t know where I am

Me: (Name of the hotel)

Lady: Oh yes!! I want to stay at another place that will give me a discount card or something

Me: I have a list of our hotels in other locations if you know where you will be stopping at today

Lady: No no I can get that off the internet, I just want a place that has a discount card

Me: Well there is AAA discounts among others if you have that

Lady: No I have old people discount

Me: (blankly stare)

Lady: Well I got to go

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So, I was working the cash register in the garden center. and this girl came threw my line. she had some gold spray paint and it was the kind/brand that wanted their age. since they had to be 18 to get it. now this girl looked under 18

me: can I see your ID, I need it for the paint
customer: I don’t have it with me, can’t I just give you my birth date
me: no,
customer: but I’m over 18, i need it for a wedding
me: I could get in trouble for not checking. without an ID i can not sell it to you.

so she ends up buying the flowers and leaves. she goes to her car in the parking lot and drives off. so she was driving around without an licenses or

shortly after my co-worker walked by and i asked them if they could bring the paint inside and i told them what happened. It was in case she came back and tried anything funny.

co-worker: Did you know that Gold is the most common color people use to huff paint.

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(My store sells products for home entertaining. We are clearing out our summer lines to make way for the fall/holiday lines.)

Female customer walks into the store

Me: Hi there, can I help you find anything?
(customer says nothing, goes over to the display of silicon glass covers, which are part of our summer sale)
Me: Those silicon glass covers are on sale right now. They’re great because they prevent bugs from getting in your drinks on the patio.
Customer: I know. I am a woman and I have been using these for years. *storms out of the store*
Me: ….

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(I work as a dry cleaner. Its a Saturday, and on Saturdays I’m the only one in the store so I don’t do production (so no cleaning, ironing, etc.) on Saturdays. Its all pick-up and drop-off.)

Its around 1:30pm and man comes in with a shirt and a pair of pants.

Man: I just want a press-only and can I get it back this afternoon?

Me: We don’t do production on weekends.

Man: Okay, then can you just iron my shirt then?

Me: We don’t do production on weekends.

Man: *looks around and sees an ironing board in the back of the store* No, no, just iron my shirt.

Me: … Its just drop-off and pick-up only, we don’t do anything else on Saturdays.

Man: *looks around again seeming confused and then leaves*

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(For the record, law states I have to ID anyone who looks under 25, and I have reason to believe will be one of the people using the product. A girl who looks around 16 brings several bottles and cans of cider up to the till, walks away, returns a few moments later with her parents, younger brother and some more shopping.)
Me: *about to scan the alcohol* If I could just see some ID please
Mother: WHAT? She’s not drinking it?!
(The mother instantly becomes hostile, yelling at me and interrupting me when I try to explain that I am just following the law. I am terrified at this point, and serve them just to get her out of the store. All the while the rest of her family is telling her to calm down. They leave, the mother still ranting that she’ll report me. I am in tears.)
Me: [coworker], can I please go on my break…please.
Coworker: oh god yeah go, go, breathe.
(My manager comes in later and I explain to her what happened. She was fully on my side, and will support me if I choose to not serve that woman again.)