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(It’s my last shift at the cafe/restaurant where I’ve been working and also my last shift in any sort of retail job before I go on to work in my chosen field. Two women are sat in the cafe already when this exchange takes place, their service dogs for the blind at their feet.)

(I’m talking to my colleague when a man comes up with his wife.)

Me: “Only 4 hours left of serving customers! FOREVER!”

Colleague: “You know, you’ll miss th-”

Man: “Oh, are dogs allowed in here now?”

Me: “No, of course not. This is a cafe.”

Man’s Wife: “Yes they are! There’s 2 over there!”

Me: “Those are service dogs, so the rule does not apply to them.”

Man’s Wife: “Why?! Why are they allowed in here?!”

Me: “Because those women need those dogs to HELP THEM TO SEE.”

Man: “Well, I have glasses, does that count?”

Me “… No. It does not count.”

Man: “Oh. You’re weird!” *Walks away*

Me: “…”

Colleague: “As I was saying, you know you’ll miss the stupid ones!”

Me: “Oh my days, yes, those ones I will miss!”

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I work seasonal in a red store known for the bullseye logo, stocking the consumables. Today I’m stocking cereal.

Customer: The buy one, get one 50% off is on the cereal, right?

Me: Yeah, all the cereal and granola.

Customer: All of it?

Me: Yes, all the cereal.

Customer: Even the ones on sale?

Me: Yes.

Customer: Why?

Me; *turned around, slamming my hand into my face* I don’t know.

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I had my picture taken with the giraffe outside of Legoland in Boston. Once I was finished, a few kids came running up to the giraffe and their mother wanted to take a picture of them. One child refused because he was afraid the Lego giraffe would pee on him. Totally pricelss!

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This customer came in at 3 pm on this particular day…

Me: “Hi, how’s it goin’?”

Customer: (as he mindlessly picks up a menu and tosses it back on the counter, immediately, without looking at it) You guys got any menus around here?”

Me: “… Yeah, you just had one.”

Customer: “You guys do smoothies?”

Me: “Yes, but breakfast ends at 11:30, and smoothies are on the breakfast menu, so – ”

Customer: (looking all over the place without really looking at anything) – What about bagels, you guys got any bagels?”

Me: “… We do, but breakfast ends at 11:30, sir.  I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Hm.  Wanna do me uuhhh salmon bagel with no onions?”

Me: “… Breakfast ends at 11:30.”

Customer: “Ugh, Jesus.”

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(I’m picking up my prescription at a pharmacy. I walk in on a conversation between a woman and the pharmacist. They are discussing a prescription she is picking up for her husband. )

Woman: Well this bottle won’t fit!
Pharmacist: I can put it into smaller bottles for you, if you want.
Woman: I requested that it be  left in the original bottles!
Pharmacist: I understand that ma’am, but maybe we can just put it in bottles about the same size as them.
Woman: I want to know who filled my prescription.
Pharmacist: Our pharmacy tech, Nadine, ma’am.
Woman: Well I want to talk to Nadine!
(A woman who is at the drop off counter working on the computer speaks up.)
Nadine: I’m Nadine, and I filled your prescription. I just count out the pills and put them in the bottle. If there are 30 in a bottle, I empty however many bottles it takes to fill the prescription.
Woman: Well I specifically requested that they be left in the original bottles. You don’t have to count them, just give me 9 of the original bottles.
Nadine: I don’t look at whose name is on the prescription, ma’am. I just count what the paper says.
Woman: But I requested the original bottles!
Pharmacist: We fill 300 prescriptions a day. That’s 1500 a week, and only one person who wants them in the original bottles.
(At this point, I am being helped by another pharmacy tech, and there are two people behind me watching the spectacle.)
Woman: Let me see the original bottles.
Pharmacist: (*retrieves a bottle*) Like I said, I can put it in smaller bottles if it will fit better.
Woman: I understand that, but I’m the customer, and I have requested that it be left in the original bottles. I expect that to happen next time.
Pharmacist: I’ll see what I can do ma’am.

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