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Not a conversation. Would just like to tell you lovely people that due to customer complaints I have had to leave my job. I get on well with 99 per cent of customers but the 1 per cent that have complained (because I don’t salivate over them whenever they are in) has meant that I have lost my job. I would like to thank my daughter, for keeping me sane, my boss, for never standing up for me, and last of all, the customers, who think it is okay to complain at the drop of a hat.

I am not ‘sharp’ or ‘rude’ or ‘aggressive’. I am good at my job and will not blow people who are rude themselves. If you throw money at me, I am not going to smile and say thanks.

If you can’t be bothered to say hello back, I will not be nice.

If you can’t be bothered to put your money in my hand but just slam it on the counter then you get your change back the same way. Oh, and by the way, I always say thanks when I do that.

I am sorry if I am rude, aggressive or sharp but so are you, general public. You treat staff like shit but expect to be treated with respect.

Please publish this, NAR as I DO respect you.

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Me: Ok, sir it looks like you’re out of the city Versailles Kentucky?

Customer: It’s pronounced Ver “sails”

(I didn’t argue with him throughout the call and had to refrain from calling him out on that nonsense the rest of the call.

The Official pronounciation is ver-sahy and since the town was founded by French Immigrants I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced that way. >

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I work in a popular drug store, in an area with a large arabic population, although the country’s official languages are french and english.

I’m a cashier at a popular drug store. Because this area of the city has a large arabic population, in the pharmacy we have a sign written in english and arabic. A woman walks from the pharmacy to the cash and asks to speak to a manager. I call my manager, and I can hear them talking while I’m cashing out other customers.

Manager: What seems to be the problem?

Woman (in perfect, non-accented english): your sign in the back is in english and arabic, with no french. I’m offended by that. I want it in french as well.

Manager (nicely): Unfortunately, that’s our head office’s decision. You can call them and make a complaint if you want.

Woman: Go to hell!

Manager: Excuse me?

Woman: I saw the way you smirked at me! This is ridiculous! (scoffs and walks out).

Manager (to me): You mean the way I was smiling?

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(This happened to my manager, who is very fat and bald. A crazy, drunken man comes in.)

Crazy Man: “Can I use the bathrooms?”

Manager: “Well, that’s for guests.”

Crazy Man: “Aw, come on man. I really need to pee! Do you want me to PEE right here?! I’ll do it!”

Manager: *still jovial* “No. Please leave.”

Crazy Man: *full out yelling* “F*** YOU! YOU’RE JUST A PIG! A FAT POT BELLIED PIG!” *runs away screaming*

Manager: *to me* “Am I that fat?”

Me: “…”

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I am a bouncer checking ID at a local club. On this particular night, two hispanic teens, who barely look 17 at the oldest approach me.*

Me: Okay sir, can I just see your IDs?

Teen: Uhh…no habla ingles.

Me: Your ID sirs. Something like this? *I show them my staff ID, which has my picture on it.*

Teen: Uhhh…no habla ingles. Gracias!

*The teens attempt to move past me and enter the club, I move to stop them.*

Me: Uh, no I’m sorry but I need to know you’re both over 18 before I can let you in.

Teen: No habla ingles!

*I’m about to radio for a co-worker who speaks spanish, however, at this point the door swings open and two patrons leave the club. Behind them the comedian on stage can be heard making a very profound joke. Both teens promptly crack up laughing.*

Me: No habla ingles huh?

Teen: *snickers* Si! Si!

Me: But you apparently understand English well enough to laugh when someone tells a joke in English?

Teen: Si! Si….oh…SH**!

*They turn and scurry away down the street.*