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(I was standing way in the back, in the deli/bakery section, so from my vantage point, i could see most of the aisles in the store, as well as the signs above the aisles dictating what each aisle contained. Note that i don’t even remotely resemble an employee, as i am in a flowery sundress. A woman walks past 2 employees and goes straight to me)
Lady: excuse me, are you Mexican?
Me: …no.
Lady: (dejected, but then perks up) well maybe you can still help me! Where can i find taco ingredients?
Me: (stares at her in disbelief, then points at an aisle that says ‘mexican food’ on the sign above) Aisle 5.
Lady: can you show me?
Me: (repeats) aisle 5. (Walks away)
(I quickly got what i needed, then left)

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(I work as a supervisor in an online business. I received this call, until this guy realized an embarrassing moment by the end of the call.)

Me: Thanks for contacting [Store]. How may I help?

Customer: your BUYER is a scammer! Your buyer sent me a fake item! I want to get a refund and I don’t want to deal with scammers anymore!
(Had to lower the telephones volume because of his furious voice.)

Me: Erm, Sir…

Customer: WHATTT?

Me: I just want…
(got interrupted again)

Customer: Are you gonna defend this buyer now!? You guys are scammer too.
(His loud voice is shaking in anger….)

Me: I just wanna let you know that… (paused for 5sec) you are the BUYER…
(Moment of silence “I can hear him breathing deeply”…until he disconnected)

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(I’m the only one in the store on weekends, I work in a sports store in Parramatta. A family of three walk in and they’re looking around after telling me they don’t need help. The phone rings and asks about our stock and prices, after the phonecall I notice the father waiting impatiently for me at the counter.)

Father: Do you guys price match with *competitor*?

Me: No, sorry we don’t.

(He’s very rude at this point and I’ve grown intolerant to rude customers.)

Father: *to his family* Okay let’s go! *to me* Great customer service you have mate, turning your back to me when I was waiting for you.

Me: Well, it would be rude of me to hang up the phone on a customer because you wanted to ask a question. Have a great day!

(I hate customers!)

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I’m at a fast food court. Two tables over is a mother with two pre-teen girls. I suddenly hear the woman yell


I look over and see a fellow leaning over their table. I first think he’s with them and it’s some sort of family dispute. Then i notice the half-empty bottle of vodka in his hand and his face being an inch away from one of the young girls.
I’m about to go over there when the man sitting between me and the family beats me to it. He gently but sternly shoves the guy away.

man: “You need to leave, fellow.”

drunk guy: *incoherent mumbling,, just standing there.*

woman behind me: “Make him get that bottle of vodka and get him the hell out of here!”

man: *shoves the bottle in the guy’s hand.* “Beat it!”

Finally the boy stumbled away to the back of the food court. The woman and the girls seem pretty shaken up, and the man who helped them strikes up a conversation.
A minute later a waiter passes me, and I overhear another guy reporting to him that the drunk guy is now reeking havoc on the walkway behind the fast food court. Don’t know what happened with that, but I sure do hope he didn’t harass any little girls again.

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[I have greeted a customer with a question about an order she placed.]
Customer: I ordered a recliner from your other store yesterday, and I was told it would take over two weeks to come in, can you check to see if they’ve shipped it yet?
Me: Unfortunately, the order is in the other store’s system, I don’t have the capability to check it on our computer, but I can call them and ask.
Customer: But you can check orders right?
Me: We can, but only the ones placed through our store. [I pick up the phone to dial the location she ordered the chair through.]
Customer: I want to check my order!
[I ended up calling the other store. It hadn’t been shipped yet.]