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(My boyfriend’s sister is helping me dye my hair, and he is watching.)
Sister: “I’m going to leave the dye in for about half an hour to fourty five minutes.”
Boyfriend: “But that’s such a long time!”
Sister: “Usually I’d leave it in longer, but I’m also usually covering grays. Which you don’t have.”
Me: (To [Boyfriend]) “Hun, you’re going to GIVE me grays.”

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I work in a toy store and at the time part of my hair was bright pink. A woman comes in and starts looking around while her 6 or 7 year old daughter gives me a long look.

Child (very matter of factly): Your hair makes you look like a witch.
Her mother whips around, :”Child’s name!”
Her daughter seemed to mean it as a compliment so I just laugh.
Me: “No it’s alright. Thank you *child’s name*”
She gave me a big smile and they continued shopping. When they finished the mom apologized and I told her it was no problem.
Child: “Can I have a hug?”
Me: “Of course!”
They became some of my favorite regulars.

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It is lunchtime on a cold wet Saturday and I decide to deliver some hot noodles using a food delivery app that I have used before with no trouble. I order my lunch at 12pm with an expected delivery time of 12:07pm. The order is picked up by the driver and I watch him on the interactive map so I know when he has arrived. I watch in dismay as he starts to drive in the completely wrong driectuon and then continues to circle around the suburbs adjacent to mine. Fed up, I message him via the app to tell him he is going the wrong way. He claims that his gps is broken. I see where he is and try to tell him what roads to go down. He doesn’t listen and keeps circling around and around. Half an hour waiting for my food, I message him again. He says he will use google maps instead of his company’s maps. He then proceeds to zoom straight past my house to the suburbs on the other side. By now, after 45 mins, I am starving and ring the delivery company to complain. They say they can’t do anything but wait for the driver. It is now 1pm and the driver has finally found my street, but not my apartment. It takes him another 10 minutes to find me. In this time my husband has gone out to buy me some food. The delivery driver finally finds me and makes a vague excuse about his gps. I don’t say anything in fear of losing my temper at him. I take my freezing cold lunch from him and dump it on the kitchen bench and wait for my husband to get home with some hot lunch.

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This happened several years ago.

I had taken my expensive tandem bicycle to a shop I’d used a lot; it needed some work, particularly on the gears.

When I got it back, I told the guy in the shop that I wanted to ride it around the parking lot to check it out before I took it home. He looked really annoyed.

Good thing I checked, because it didn’t work right, and I had to go back and have him make some adjustments. He was quite clearly annoyed with me this time.

Bear in mind that I’m just making sure that the work I’d just paid for was done right.

I got my bike fixed, but the experience was really annoying. I wrote to the shop owner, who worked in another location. They did the absolute worst thing they could have done: nothing. I never received any reply at all.

I don’t know about their main location, but the local one went out of business. I wonder why….

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I’m a reporter for a local news affiliate, shooting a story at the airport. The airport lets news crews into the baggage claim area to shoot video and interview passengers. I’m right by my tripod and camera, which is emblazoned with the station logo when I see a woman making a bee line right for me. She doesn’t look happy.

Woman: “DO YOU WORK HERE!?!?!?!”

Me: “No, ma’am.”

Woman: “… oh.”

She proceeds to slowly back away with a look of defeat on her face. Guess I’ll never know what she was upset about.

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