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Unfiltered | July 21, 2016

(My brother and I are waiting for my cousin to pick us up from work. Normally I drive us but I loaned my car to my cousin who needed to run some errands. Instead of meeting us when we get out, we wait thirty minutes before we see my car speed around the corner. It then swerves and clips a car going the opposite direction. I see both cars pull over as we start walking toward the accident. Instead of my cousin I see my dad stagger out and nearly fall under the car. The police are called as soon as my dad tries to get back in the car this is the conversation we have.)

Officer: Your father has a suspended license, he should not be driving especially in this condition.

Me: I understand that. He has never been aloud to drive my car. My cousin was supposed to me and my brother up.

Officer: Well how did he get your car?

Me: I have no idea.

Officer: Well he is going to be arrested for driving on a suspended license and driving under the influence.

Me: Good could you keep him there.

(It turns out my cousin dropped my car off at my house an hour before we got off work. My dad was already drunk when he got my keys and went out drinking some more. Some how he remembered to pick us up. My car needed to be towed, my dad was arrested, and my brother and I had to wait another hour for our mom to get off work before we got a ride home. And no the police didn’t keep my dad.)

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Unfiltered | July 20, 2016

Note: we are all white. We listen to a mixed selection of music at the table during dinner. My two younger brothers (15 and 17) play a game with it, where the older one, who is extremely musically savvy, challengers the younger one, who really isn’t musically savvy, to guess the name of the song, band and albulm. The younger brother is really struggling with this one, to the point where the older one has given him the song and the albulm, but says he still has to guess the band. I have looked to see who it is.

Me: Right! I’ll give a clue!

17yr old: not too easy!

Me: Unclean… Handsome… People?

15yr old: Dirty Whites!

Me: well the dirty is –

Me and 17yr old: Whites?!

Me: You got whites from handsome people?!

15yr old: (looks rather ashamed) It was just an instant thought… (There’s a pause) So its not Dirty Whites?

Me and 17yr old: NO!

It was Dirty Pretty Things

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Unfiltered | July 20, 2016

I’m a pastor’s daughter who also loves to learn, so I’m very well versed in Bible facts. On this particular day, an older member of our church is filling in for our sunday school teacher.

Substitute Teacher: So the King James Bible was the first complete Bible written after Jesus lived, and that’s why it is the best one to use.

Me: (raising my hand) Um…actually that’s not true.

Substitute Teacher: Of course it’s true. The King James Bible is the oldest Bible, the closest to the original events.

Me: No, not counting Greek, the Latin Vulgate is technically the oldest translation. The King James Version is a translation completed in 1611 and is named after King James I of England. More recent translations are often considered better because they are in modern english and come from older greek and hebrew documents that weren’t discovered until more recently, like the Dead Sea Scrolls.

He continued to disagree and refused to believe that the KJV was NOT written in the 1st century. I had to go and find one on the shelf to show him the copyright date.

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Unfiltered | July 20, 2016

(I’m at the pharmacy of a different branch of the same superstore I usually go to. When I’m handed my prescription, I request a non-childproof cap, and am given a waiver to sign. Having done this before at my usual branch, I go to sign in the indicated area.)

Pharmacist: No, not there. I fill out the top part.

(He points to the bottom part, indicating for me to sign there instead. Confused, I read over the waver to see if this branch uses different ones. They don’t–the top part is signed by the patient to get the non-childproof caps, the bottom part is to be signed at a later point if the patient wishes to receive the safe caps again.)

Me: No, the bottom part is for if I decide if I want the childproof caps again.

(He looks confused, so I elaborate further.)

Me: *points to where it says that the signed is requesting non-childproof caps* This part is where I sign to say that I don’t want the childproof caps. *points to bottom part where it says that the signed is revoking the request* This is basically saying “I’ve changed my mind.”

Him:….I’ve been filling out so many of these wrong.

(At least he got it. And no harm done as long as those that signed it incorrectly still got the caps they wanted.)

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Unfiltered | July 20, 2016

(I work at a “members-only” Warehouse club, and our company places the Membership/Returns desk near the exit, not the entrance. I work at the One Hour Photo lab that sits where new members expect customer service counters to be. We were busy and had a line.)

Customer: I need to return these pants.

Me: Sorry, sir, this is the photo lab, If you go back out the entrance and in through the exit door, there the folks at the membership counter will be happy to help you with that.

Customer: What the Hell! I just waited in line for like 10 minutes, and when I get the the front you tell me I have to go somewhere else?!

(my supervisor stops what she was doing and drifts over to the counter prepared to offer backup)

Me: Yes, I’m sorry sir, we cannot process returns here at the photo lab. All returns are handled by the staff at Membership.

Customer: Why did they put the damn photo counter by the door?

Me: So you can drop off your order as you begin shopping and have it ready by the time you’re done.

Customer: Pretty damned retarded if you ask me. They should at least put up a sign!

(As if it had been rehersed, my supervisor and I look at each other for a moment of disbelief, then back up and behind us at the 3 foot tall letters spelling out “ONE HOUR PHOTO” and then back at the customer.)

Customer: You know what? fuck you. *storms off*

Me: No thanks, you’re not my type.

(The line of customers were stunned)