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Unfiltered | May 20, 2016

(customer calls the store)

me:*******, this is ******* how can i help you?

customer:Hi, i was wondering if you had a particular gaming pc in your store.

me: sure, can you tell me which one your looking for?

the customer gives me a model that is only available online.

me: I’m sorry sir we only sell that model online.

customer: What! I’m on your website and it doesn’t say that!

me:sir, i am on our site and it is marked as online only, if you are interested in purchasing it i could order it from our kiosk and have it shipped to you?

customer: no thanks, i’m going to call someone who knows what they’re doing.


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Unfiltered | May 20, 2016

(My older brother moved back in after some issues with his roommates. He brought his girlfriend with him, while he finds a job. She takes my iPod when I decline her invitation to go to the park with them. On my iPod, I have a few songs that I liked from a Nickelodeon show and a few songs from Disney movies. I had my earbuds in, but a song was on pause. My brother even tried taking my laptop, but I got it back.)

Brother’s girlfriend: *to me* “Come on, let’s go to the park.”

Me: “I’m fine. You guys go ahead.”

Brother’s girlfriend: “You’ve been in here all day.”

(In fact, I had been outside giving our pets some water, skimmed out the pool, and put some stuff up.)

Me: “I’m fine.”

Brother’s girlfriend: *takes my iPod* “You’re not even listening to anything.”

Me: “…”

(She sits down on the other couch and starts scrolling through the songs on it. She plays a song and starts singing along to it. She stopped and started to look through the bands I have.)

Her: “Camp Rock?”

Me: “Only two songs.”

Her: *looks through it, calling out band names* [Band]. They’re okay.” *She continues naming the bands and pointing out if they’re okay or not. She even stopped to laugh at some Christmas songs I have on there. After a few minutes she looks at me.* “Zac Efron?”

Me: “Only one song.”

Her: “There’s no band on there that will go over him.

Me: “…”

Her: *goes through it* “[Band]. I guess that kind of blows him out of there.”

(By now I feel a little near tears in embarrassment. After she picks threw my songs she starts playing a game. I don’t want to be rude and tell her to give it back. I go take a shower and come back. After a few minutes, she hands me back my iPod.)

Her: “You need to charge this up. The battery is almost dead.”

(After a few more failed attempts to get me to go to the park after I decline, they leave to go to the park. I guess it’s safe to say that they made a little paranoid on leaving my stuff alone with them and I found another reason that I dislike her.)

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Unfiltered | May 19, 2016

(I’ve been battling a particularly bad case of mono for the last 5 weeks. I needed to go to the store and, as I don’t drive, I had to walk. I knew before I got 1/4 of the way to the store that I shouldn’t make the walk because I was feeling poorly, but I continued, because the trip HAD to be made. Halfway home, I got so exhausted and dizzy that I had to sit and rest. After about 5 minutes of sitting, this took place:)

young woman (yw): ‘Hey are you okay?’

Me: Yeah, mostly. I have mono and I just overexerted myself.’

YW: ‘do you need any help? Can I carry anything for you?’

Me: *long pause* ‘I really want to say yes, but I live a couple blocks up’

YW: ‘Where do you live?’

Me: *gesturing* ‘The apartments at the end of the street.’

YW: *brief pause* ‘I can help you with that! If you need to, I can carry these to your door.’

(She carried my bags to the end of the street–I was feeling well enough by that time to get them from there, and didn’t want to put her out more.)

On the off chance you see this, “S”, your help meant more to me than you know.

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Unfiltered | May 19, 2016

(We’re at my TWIN brother’s house for Thanksgiving and the subject of birthdays comes up, as my wife’s birthday is in a few days.) Brother’s wife: (to me) “Now, when’s your birthday again? I know it’s close to [brother’s name].”

Me: “…”

(The rest of the family was dying of laughter.)

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(Our store manager is abysmal at spelling. One day we come in to find that the elevator is broken.)

Sign on elevator: Elevator is temporally out of order.

Coworker: *excitedly* Look, you guys, we got a TARDIS!

(We wish.)