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Unfiltered | July 26, 2016

( I am a customer waiting in line when I hear this exchange, between a cashier and two other customers.)

Cashier: okay your total is $5.00

Customer1: thank you! I like your hair!!

Cashier:um…. Thanks?

Customer2: is it real?

Cashier: pardon?

Customer1: your hair, is it real?

Cashier: um…. No sir it is not.

Customer1 to wife: I told you, I knew it wasn’t real!!!!!

( he walked out muttering about how he knew it was fake)

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Unfiltered | July 26, 2016

My sons have always had unusually large vocabularies and twisted senses of humor. (Okay, they get that from me. lol)

I was taking a long time to get ready to go grocery shopping. When I was finally ready to leave, I said “I’m off.”

Without looking up from his book, the 12-year-old said, “You certainly are.”

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Unfiltered | July 25, 2016

(In social studies, we have just learned about the gaokao, which takes place in China and is the hardest test for any high school student to take. My teacher has us go to the computer lab and go to a website, where we take ten sample questions from the gaokao and see if we would pass, as if we were actually taking it.)

Student #1: *who is the typical class idiot* No way! I got a hundred on the gaokao!

Student #2: *who is usually the quiet kid* Well, that’s just bulls***!

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Unfiltered | July 25, 2016

(My husband grew up in Colombia. He has lived here in the US for many years and his English is perfect, but obviously his accent remains. He gets a new cell phone number, and numerous phone calls with it – typically debt collectors. We have worked at call centers before, so he usually tries to be nice so they know to look for a different number.)

Husband: “Hello?”

Caller: “Hi, Roberto [last name]?”

Husband: “Sorry, wrong number.”

Caller: *doubting tone* “You’re not Roberto.”

Husband: “No, I’m not.”

Caller: *sighs* “Okay, good luck with that.” *click*

(My husband was shocked for a moment, how the agent would just assume the accent fitting the name meant my husband was lying about his identity. He finally decided to block the calls from that particular number.)

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Unfiltered | July 25, 2016

(It was an ordinary summer day. I had just came back home about ten to fifteen minutes before this happened from doing something that is not related to this story. I sat down and started having some late lunch. Halfway through, the mailman came by. Normally, the mailman would just drop off the mail and then, leave of course. But today, the mailman hang around. So I put down my eating utensils to see what he was doing, especially since my dog was barking up a storm.)

Me: Hello.

Mailman: Hey.

He puts our mail into our mail box and after doing so, I noticed that he was rubbing the back of his head.

Mailman: Do you mind feeling the back of my head? I got stung by a bee back there and it’s giving me a headache.

Me: *Wanting to help* Sure.

I started sort of massaging the area that he indicated. There weren’t any swelling or anything to indicate a bee sting.

Me: Nah, it seems okay.

Mailman: Oh well, thanks.

Me: Hope you feel better.

He makes to leave my house premises, but considering the heat and the fact that he was a mailman, I got an idea. I also remembered that he had a headache from the sting.

Me: Hey wait, do you want some water? A water bottle maybe?

Mailman: Sure.

I take the mail from the mailbox, went back inside, put the mail down, and then got a water bottle from my family’s massive water bottle supply. I went back and handed him the water.

Mailman: Thank you.

He starts walking off.

Me: Good luck out there!

(He waves back at me with his water bottle in hand. I knew the water bottle wasn’t much, but I thought maybe it would help a little. Mailman, where ever you are, I hope that bee sting heals up and that you will feel better.)