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Unfiltered | January 11, 2016

(This story takes place a couple years ago when I was teaching 3rd grade. We have just got a new student. He is dressed in a pink Ralph Lauren shirt, and khakis.)

Bully #1: “hey look! It’s that new kid!”

Bully #2: “and look, he’s wearing a pink shirt! Pink is a girls color!”

Bully #1 “yeah, he must be gay!”

Awesome kid #1: “that’s crazy. Just because he wears pink doesn’t mean he’s gay!”

Awesome kid #2: “yeah, and even if he is gay, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Bully #2: “yeah, b-but he’s wearing a pink shirt. Pink is a girl color.”

(The new kid comes over.)

Bully #1: “hey gay kid, how’s it going?”

Bully #2: “yeah, where’s your boyfriend gay kid?”

New student: “would you like me to get you a tissue [bully #2’s name]?”

Bully #2: “what? Why?”

New student: “because I thought you’d like something to wipe up all that s*** coming out of your mouth.”

Bullies #1 and 2: *stunned silence.*

(The new student did get a talking-to from me for using bad language, but the two bullies got an even bigger one from the principal on what it means to be acceptant.)

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Unfiltered | January 10, 2016

(I’m working on Cash #1, which is also where the lottery tickets are sold at a separate counter. I’m getting a lineup on the grocery side since the lottery machine does not seem to be scanning the instant scratch ticket. Finally I give the customer back her ticket to try somewhere else. The people in the grocery line are none to pleased and I apologize. I ring up the next customer.)

Man: The clementines are supposed to be 2 for $3.

Me: Okay, I’ll call someone and check.

(I call someone in produce who replies quickly and tells me that the clementines are indeed 2 for $3. Due to the Scanning Code of Practice our store follows, the customer recieves the item for free since it has scanned wrong. I ring up the other customers in my line and it quiets down, when i see a woman who i recognize was behind the man who bought the clementines with a smirk on her face.)

Woman: I’d like to buy these please.

(Since I already know that they’re scanning wrong, I’m allowed to manually change the price. I know she is just dong this to try and get something for free. So I ring up the clementines,)

Me: That’ll be $1.50

Woman: How do you know?

Me: I called someone earlier and confirmed the price.

(The woman gives me a look of disgust)

Woman: I changed my mind. I don’t want these. I just thought I’d try since I was waiting in line so long.

(I take the clementines and put them aside. My supervisor comes in and I start talking about what just happened, Suddenly the woman comes back to my cash).

Woman: I’ll take them.

(I ring the clementines through and she pays and leaves. Yet a few minutes later she’s back)

Woman: You know, some of these aren’t really good and I wanted to give these as a gift. I want to return them.

(I sigh and my supervisor does a refund for her and she leaves).

Supervisor: If she comes back and buys another case, I’m calling a manager.

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Unfiltered | January 10, 2016

My family and I go through a well known fast food chicken place famous for their Cajun spiced chicken biscuits. My mother is the one placing the order at the drive thru.

Mom: *reading the menu to my sister and I, not really placing her order yet* Chicken sandwich combo?

Manager: You want one chicken sandwich combo?

Mom: Yeah, make that 5 of those, please.

We go through everybody’s drink orders as well and everything goes smoothly through the rest of the transaction. I check the bag and see what I think is 5 sandwiches and we start the drive home. A few miles down the road, I decide to eat my sandwich. I pull it out of the bag, only to discover that they gave us 5 chicken biscuits instead of sandwiches.

Me: They gave us chicken biscuits

Mom: Are you shitting me? Are they all biscuits?

Me: Yep.

We turn around to go back and I decide to just take the food inside instead of going through the drive thru again. The cashier is ringing up another customer, but when she sees me with the bag of food she must know there is a problem.

Cashier: *in a sing-song voice* Oh miss manager!

The manager calls me down to the other end of the counter and I tell her the problem.

Me: We ordered 5 chicken sandwich combos, but you gave us chicken biscuits instead.

Manager: *with a snotty attitude* No, I took this order. She didn’t say sandwiches, I heard her say biscuits!

Me: *as calmly as I can* No, she definitely said chicken sandwich, and when you repeated it back to her, she said “yeah give me 5 of those!”

Manager: *still snotty* Well you’re gonna have to pay again because the sandwiches are more than the biscuits.

Me: *now angry* We’ll just keep the biscuits then!

I snatch the bag off the counter and storm out of the restaurant. When I got back to the car and told my mom what happened, she was angry.

Mom: Where is the receipt so I can at least see what it says I paid for?

We search through all the bags and don’t find one. She decides to pull back through to ask for a receipt to be re-printed.

Cashier: We usually staple the receipt to the bag

Mom: Well we don’t have one. Could you please re-print it for me?

She does, and the window is open enough that we hear the manager say “what do they want?”. The whole time the cashier is looking up our receipt and re-printing it, the manager is shooting us dirty looks and glaring at us.

Cashier: Here you go, sorry about that!

Mom: That’s fine, we just won’t be doing business with y’all anymore.

The manager never acknowledged her mistake or even tried to make it right. I have filed a complaint with their website, so hopefully the manager gets reprimanded in some way!

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Unfiltered | January 10, 2016

(I’m working two jobs and have stopped by my parents’ between shifts. My father pulls into the driveway just as I’m walking out the door.)

Dad: Hi. You finally got a day off?

Me: Nope. I got off (job 1) early, I just came to say ‘hi’ before I go into (job 2).

Dad: Well, why don’t you stick around?

Me: My shift starts in 15 minutes, so I have to leave now or I’ll be late.

Dad: C’mon have dinner with us.

Me: …uhm, I just got finished eating before work.

Dad: It’s barely 4:30, why would you eat this early?!


Dad: Oh! I didn’t know you had to work.

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Unfiltered | January 10, 2016

(I’ve stayed in touch with my freshman college roommate and am good friends with her and her now husband; both of them are people of science. At the time of this story, they are officially engaged.)

Me: (on the phone) I saw a story on NotAlwaysRomantic that was totally you and (Husband’s Name).

Her: Oh?

Me: Yeah; it was about a guy who somehow accidentally set a waterfall on fire at work and his wife not wanting to know how he did. Except if it was you and (Husband’s Name), he’d have done it on purpose, he’d know exactly how he did it and you’d want to know how he did it.

Her: (laughing) Yeah; that’s us.

(They have interesting plans about teaching their kids; something involving dissection I think.)